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Zavid Apr 2015
If a battle were waged
and my side were losing
I couldn't find myself
doing anything but standing tall
but then again, I don't stand

If a day were to pass
and I were not to breath again
I wouldn't cry out
in a rage of unfairness
but then again, I'm not angry

If a note were to be sung
and by a sweet voice other than mine
I wouldn't doubt
that an angel of no other sang it
but then again, I'm not religious
Zavid Apr 2015
my tear will drop
into an ocean
because no one cries
over one drop of water

my tear will swim
through the hearts of no one
because it is lost
in the sorrow of others

my tear will die
with its owner
because he is the only one
who held it dear
Zavid Apr 2015
I wish I was no one
but then I could be anyone
as someone might say I would be everyone
if anyone at all

I wish I wasn't so blue
oh if I twasn't so sad
I could jump and fly
but I am a blue no one
Zavid Apr 2015
A flood of hopeless souls swallow me
Down these endless prison walls I still walk
While shuffling past Him, at Hate I plea
Ending me gladly, that remorseless Hawk
Berating me as i attempt to block
Infects my inner, that out visage
My outer stiff, my inner longs to talk
That dreaded Hate, destroying my image
Angles, Demons, in a constant scrimmage
Thoughts, bright, red, fill my once beautiful head
My former sanity, now a vestige
My only cause, Hate, the reason i've bled
My love, He hates, as I begin to cry
As I realize both him and I must die
This was written by both my friend and I whose name I will not release to public as my name isn't real on here either we will call him George
Zavid Mar 2015
I run to drown out fear
and to block out pain
no I do not run from them
I run for them

I run for heartbreaks
and nightmares
that cannot stop me
for I run

I run from love
and hate
because you cannot know one
without the other
I'm a runner. It is what I do. Nothing stops me from running. Well maybe the cold, but that's just personal preference.
  Mar 2015 Zavid
Coleen Jade
It hurts me when you say,
that no one will ever stay.
Coz when the day turns to night,
I will be the moon, your light.

They say “People come and go”.
So I’m here to let you know.
I will prove them wrong
and sing with you every song.

I will dance to every step;
all the secrets will be kept.
I will not let you go,
until all deserts bear snow.

No matter what happens,
your darkness, I will lighten.
My back will only turn,
if the sun will cool its burn.

xoxo cj
My friend said no one will ever stay. Little does she know what I'm capable of defying.
Zavid Mar 2015
Didn't I hit the note wrong
or use incorrect grammar
yet here are praises
for what but the wrong thing?

Weren't you offended by my sarcasm
and don't you want to yell at me?
but here I am
walking away free

Aren't you tired?
of reading my ****** poetry
yet there you are
holding my notebook....

Maybe I'm wrong
about being wrong
and we all are right
about being ourselves
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