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24/M/South Africa    Writer | This is ancestral, past-life reading; this is meditation & prayer; this is future telling. always becoming. The undying soul in a decaying case. ...
Coleen Jade
18/Bigender    1998 -
Nigeria    My words will tell my thoughts
Jessica Leigh
C H Watson
East Coast, USA    I grew up in New England, USA and have always been a big fan of the English language.
Kaitlyn Bradbury
Oklahoma City, Usa.    Im 14. I have been writing poetry for a few years now, I have a long twisted backstory. But I make it through life because ...
Tee Hee
Sexyton, DC    Tee hee, I just love playing beach volleyball and reading hot poet guys like Eliot, Joyce, Neruda, and Thomas! I get spiritually moist just thinking ...
25/F/Japan    Hola ❁ I love green and flowers
21/Non-binary/another world   

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