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5.2k · Dec 2014
Where I belong
Zavid Dec 2014
Where is there to be
other than with you
if I’m breathing it is
where I want to be
because nowhere else
fills me with such
love than there
which is where I belong

How could I look away
if the main attraction
is right in front of me
when the only thing
worth looking at
is not to the side
of me but in front
which is where I belong

What is there to do
other than spend time
with you and smile
while doing so because
there is nothing better
to do than what I’m doing
now with you
which is where I belong
5.0k · Mar 2015
I don't draw, physically.
Zavid Mar 2015
I just can't get the curl right
on that question mark
and my straight line
is more of a straight curve

But look at those words
that are forming pictures
in your beautiful mine
that's my kind of drawing
3.2k · Feb 2015
I believe
Zavid Feb 2015
I believe
in words and what they stand for
but not why they are used

I believe
in fire and the way it burns
but not the pain it causes

I believe
in love and how it feels
but not living without it

I believe
in hope and the way to trust it
but not in hope itself

I believe
in socks and how they cover feet
but not the heat they're suppose to provide
2.0k · Feb 2015
Zavid Feb 2015
Let fire consume the world
the it wash away your soul
let it burn you away like coal
let it prosper
let it spire
let it burn you away
like fire
1.7k · Sep 2014
Unheard of
Zavid Sep 2014
time is important
to those who use it wisely
and use it like it should be
instead of staring at a clock
just watching minuets
and seconds just fly by
but that's unheard of

art is to be looked at
not stared at nor studied
for a message
it is merely eye candy
not the newest puzzle for someone
to try and solve
but that's unheard of

music is to be listened to
and enjoyed
to be treasured and loved
as upbeat poems combined with
flying notes that escape from
speakers and headphones
but that's unheard of
1.7k · Feb 2015
Zavid Feb 2015
a book with oh-so-wonderful words
is a life of no other
with taste and smells
that you've never experienced

a girl with the most beautiful eyes
that break through you r skin
that makes you smile
for no reason at all

a slice of pizza with so much cheese
it steams as you put in your mouth
taste like you want to feel
but the girl is always better
1.5k · Apr 2015
in a crowd
Zavid Apr 2015
an aglet bouncing
to an unheard beat
those fingers tapping
on her phone
a baggy shirt
flapping in the wind
hair everywhere
following her head
she is dancing
like no one can see her
1.2k · Mar 2015
I run
Zavid Mar 2015
I run to drown out fear
and to block out pain
no I do not run from them
I run for them

I run for heartbreaks
and nightmares
that cannot stop me
for I run

I run from love
and hate
because you cannot know one
without the other
I'm a runner. It is what I do. Nothing stops me from running. Well maybe the cold, but that's just personal preference.
1.1k · Mar 2015
terrible romance
Zavid Mar 2015
I trip but not in the physical sense
and my mind stutters phrases of unthinkable
from pillows and water
to smiles and ice cream
which is the best
1.1k · Sep 2014
a glass slipper of no one
Zavid Sep 2014
sparkles of blue green gold
and red flow around
in four inch death machines
as they twirl in small circles
of beating rhymes and
musical conspiracies

tight jackets in plain colors
of black white with an
occasional bright color of
shy blue of daring pink
that unbutton going down
into slacks of the high quality

bodies press together in
slowing moving paces
that circle and twirl around
a hardwood floor that
clicks with all the death machines
steps and shiny scuffed
unpolished foot aches

holes of endless happiness
that go on forever
never ending in
bright happy colors as
pairs of two fly seamlessly
in a circle around
a glass slipper belonging to no one
952 · Jan 2015
Perfectly Still
Zavid Jan 2015
Eyelashes flutter
in series of opening to beautiful
eyes that can captivate
anyone in a single glimpse
because they belong to her
and who doesn't
love her and her beautiful
eyes that only look at you
keeping you perfectly still everywhere
but you heart
930 · Dec 2014
The end
Zavid Dec 2014
The end of a sentence
is a period.
The end of a life
is a death.
The end of a road
is a dead end.
The end of a book
is a last page.
The end of the light
is the dark.
The end of a fire
is water.
The end of time
is nothing.
The end of the truth
is a lie.
The end of a person
is a gunshot.
The end of me
is you.
The end of lunch
is an empty bowl.
The end of a poem
is a message.
The end of a hello
is a goodbye.
The end of this poem
is this.
920 · Jan 2015
I dream
Zavid Jan 2015
Gunshots and poems
is what I dream
as the press into
hearts and pages
of sad lonely
notebooks and people
that just need a
word or a wound
to feel complete
one last time

I dream of
church bells and screams
that drown each other out
as their finest moments
in wailing agony and
peaceful chimes to
let us know that
everything could
change in the
blinking of an eye

Thunderclaps and steak knifes
fill the nightmares
that I dream
creating death-filled settings
full of evil laughs and
clowns to haunt
everything we could
ever want to
ever be

I dream of
the future full
of me and you
with smiles and
giggles of tickle
fights and cheek
kisses galore and
sparkles in two peoples'
eyes of nothing but
pure happiness
872 · Jan 2015
Like water
Zavid Jan 2015
Flowing down
hot and steamy
as you pound into
my skin to the
deepest level of
relaxation calming
ever pore you touch

You wash away
my pains and fears
with kisses placed
upon my mouth
and cheek and
make me forget everything
as you **** away my breath

You fit next
to my body filling
inn all the open
space as you lay
beside me with
your head on my
shoulder and eyes on mine
821 · Dec 2014
Different yet same
Zavid Dec 2014
He was different
yet he was the same
as everyone else
in every way with
the looks and the
hair to the way
he thought and

She was the same
yet she was different
she tried not to fit
in with anyone she
pushed everyone away
she laughed at peoples
attempts to talk to

He got to her
he did talk to her
getting away with
saying things that
she’d **** others
for saying and doing
things no one else
could imagine doing
for her

She let him
she didn’t want
him to leave her
he made her smile
and laugh and stop
thinking about all the
bad things that could
ever trouble her and
she loved it
813 · Jan 2015
I'm in a well
Zavid Jan 2015
If no one listens
how can anyone hear
my pleas for help
I'm scared wet and
mad at the person
who put me here
in this well

The walls are
covered in moss
and I couldn't
climb if I tired
please oh please
get me out of
this well

Its filling up
fast as my tears
pile up I'm on
my knees yelling
please oh please
let me out of...
oh look a ladder
795 · Feb 2015
Zavid Feb 2015
In beautiful shades of red
while no one is around
so no one can hear
your blissful cries that escape
no matter how hard you try
because everyone has the right to bleed

Bleed because you can
just as everyone can
nothing makes it special
it's just yours unlike everything else
just remember
that everyone has the right to bleed

Bleed because of sorrow and happiness
because those laughs
that you pull yourself off the ground with
because those tears
that you bury your love one to
because everyone has the right to bleed
720 · Apr 2015
a drop of water
Zavid Apr 2015
my tear will drop
into an ocean
because no one cries
over one drop of water

my tear will swim
through the hearts of no one
because it is lost
in the sorrow of others

my tear will die
with its owner
because he is the only one
who held it dear
Zavid Apr 2015
I wish I was no one
but then I could be anyone
as someone might say I would be everyone
if anyone at all

I wish I wasn't so blue
oh if I twasn't so sad
I could jump and fly
but I am a blue no one
699 · Apr 2015
My hate
Zavid Apr 2015
A flood of hopeless souls swallow me
Down these endless prison walls I still walk
While shuffling past Him, at Hate I plea
Ending me gladly, that remorseless Hawk
Berating me as i attempt to block
Infects my inner, that out visage
My outer stiff, my inner longs to talk
That dreaded Hate, destroying my image
Angles, Demons, in a constant scrimmage
Thoughts, bright, red, fill my once beautiful head
My former sanity, now a vestige
My only cause, Hate, the reason i've bled
My love, He hates, as I begin to cry
As I realize both him and I must die
This was written by both my friend and I whose name I will not release to public as my name isn't real on here either we will call him George
677 · May 2014
Like Them All
Zavid May 2014
Strong like the wind
blowing in your face
Strong like the sea
pounding into the cliffs
Strong like the mountains
towering into the sky
Strong like the bullied kid
still dragging himself to school
Strong like a forest
standing after a hurricane
Like them all
you are strong

Smart like the doctor
keeping people alive
Smart like the supercomputer
solving countless problem after problem
Smart like the hunter
tracking his prey
Smart like the student
making another A
Smart like the mouse
finding his way through a maze
Like them all
you are smart

Fast like the bullet
speeding out of a gun
Fast like the track runner
crossing one of many finish lines
Fast like the tornado
rushing through the country side
Fast like the cheetah
chasing down victim-less prey
Fast like the heart
pounding fiercely in your chest
Like them all
you are fast

Beautiful like the sun
gleaming in the sky
Beautiful like the landscape
running off into the horizon
Beautiful like the model
walking down the runway
Beautiful like the words
spread across the page of a love letter
Beautiful like the strokes
of a painting hanging high
Like them all
you are beautiful

Unique like the child
born with purple eyes
Unique like your heart
belonging only to you
Unique like the wings
of a bird flying to no where
Unique like the fire
burning in its pit
Unique like today
for it only happens once
Like them all
You are unique
623 · Feb 2015
All but the compared
Zavid Feb 2015
A picture is worth
but a thousand words
just as a footstep
is only as far
as the mind allows
them to be
because a mile
in someone’s shoes is the
words of someone’s picture

A kiss is the love
that is said
without saying anything
just as a clock
counts down to
the death that
always comes
because a kiss can be
a loved ones’ death

A headache is painless
to those who live it
every day just as
a bird’s song is long
to those who never
hear its sweet sound
because what headache
could ever resist
a sweet bird’s song
556 · Mar 2015
What did I do right?
Zavid Mar 2015
Didn't I hit the note wrong
or use incorrect grammar
yet here are praises
for what but the wrong thing?

Weren't you offended by my sarcasm
and don't you want to yell at me?
but here I am
walking away free

Aren't you tired?
of reading my ****** poetry
yet there you are
holding my notebook....

Maybe I'm wrong
about being wrong
and we all are right
about being ourselves
550 · Aug 2014
Zavid Aug 2014
Devilish and creative
with flurries of twisting
wild tangles that flow down
backs into messy ponytails
You must be a brunette

Sassy and outgoing
turning heads of strangers
straight down past most
shoulders seamlessly
You must be a blonde

Unusual and weird
a stranger to all
draped flat against heads
as if it were all one piece
You must be a red-head
Zavid Mar 2016
She is laughed at
As they grab away
Pinching at skin
And tearing at clothes
But no one will stop it
Because no one can see
The warrior she's meant to be

She cries when they don't stop
And just leave her alone
But alone she always was
For friends she had none
Because no one can see
The warrior she's meant to be

In a world full of love
She was the one hated
No one ever said hello
As they were to busy saying goodbye
Because no one ever saw
The warrior she was meant to be
499 · Aug 2014
Be a
Zavid Aug 2014
Be a wallflower
why be anything else
No drama no fights
just understanding
Problems are  in the past
with few side steps

Be a ****
why be anything else
Drunken parties wreak less fights
just football and girls
School isn't a worry
Dads shop always has an opening

Be a prep
why be anything else
Drama galore clubs
just sweater vest and slim hair
Private schools the dream
parents flipping the bill anyway

Be a goth
why be anything else
Dark clothes death aura
just hate people
Screamo and death metal
will drown any problems out

Be a gamer
why be anything else
Role play first person shooter
just mountain dew and Cheetos
Where else is there to be
on a Saturday night

Be a geek
why be anything else
Grades glasses
Just band and study sessions
Being picked on isn't so bad
when you're not alone

Be an emo
why be anything else
Shy lost
just hate the world
Nothing a few razors and pills
can't solve

Be you
why be anything else
Personalities favorites
just love who you are
You are what best friends
are made of
460 · Feb 2016
A Lonely Winter
Zavid Feb 2016
Frost bites at an empty hand
Snow covers and empty land
Hats cover hairless heads
Tombstones cover the freshly dead
Familiar faces wear stranger's smiles
I've been lost for many miles
My old home forever lost
A new one found, but at what cost?
459 · Feb 2015
Zavid Feb 2015
another sorrow-less high to drown out sorrow
with a fit of rage to late continue it
as a fist hits her face and a bruise swallows it
what an unforgivable monster you are
437 · Dec 2014
Zavid Dec 2014
I have heard
the question
Why do we fight?
I say we fight
for what we
believe in what we
understand or love
but fighting is meant
for the strong of which
I am not but I do not
stand alone so for those
who are not strong
I am asking
Why do we write?
434 · Sep 2014
Zavid Sep 2014
Love is a simple minded
selfish word
It is an emotion
that is rarely found
It is a way to express yourself
to the deepest meaning
It shouldn't be thrown around
to random things or people
It should be for that special one

Love is the way we
secure our trust
It can be deceiving
It can be the best feeling
in the world
It is unique
Love is a simple minded
selfish word
So, let us be selfish
388 · Apr 2015
Zavid Apr 2015
If a battle were waged
and my side were losing
I couldn't find myself
doing anything but standing tall
but then again, I don't stand

If a day were to pass
and I were not to breath again
I wouldn't cry out
in a rage of unfairness
but then again, I'm not angry

If a note were to be sung
and by a sweet voice other than mine
I wouldn't doubt
that an angel of no other sang it
but then again, I'm not religious
369 · Jan 2015
Zavid Jan 2015
What happened
to the bright-filled future
with college and boys
that could let me be
stupid and wreak less
but I guess I
already am

That's my dad
telling them I'm his
as tears stream down
his lone face into my
mom's hair which is pressed
into his chest while
they cry together

That's my body
in a wooden box
going into the
sad wet ground
that people surround
saying their last goodbyes
as I say mine
368 · Nov 2014
in the way of the dark
Zavid Nov 2014
The darkness is
my only friend
because it is
the only thing
that is true
the light can trick you
it can be deceiving
and it can hurt you
but in pitch black
everything is the same
and that is why
we should all see
in the way of the dark
360 · Mar 2015
I've only just started
Zavid Mar 2015
My lips meet yours
magic is happening
I'm the luckiest person in the world
it's a short kiss
but I've only just started kissing you

Our finger tips are barely touching
your hand is slipping away
I love you's fill the air
you're walking inside
but I've only just started saying hello

Another page is turned
a final period is placed
the book was amazing
my favorite
but I've only just started reading it
347 · Mar 2016
My Religion
Zavid Mar 2016
From the teen that died in a car crash
To the solider who died in a violent flash
From the drag a depressed teen takes
To the suicide decision a loved one makes
These are my people

From the mirror a beautiful model sees
To the honey of the sweet bees
From the trees in the wind
To the way aluminium bends
This is my world

To the stock market crashing
To political parties bashing
From taxes full of hate
To a presidential debate
These are my politics

From breakfast in the early morning
To a funeral full of mourning
From the way I sing my sad song
To the night for it is long
This is my life

From the people
To the world
From the politics
To my life
This is my religion
This is just a way I see religion and I do not wish to offend anyone. I believe that everything around us control religion because, for a decent sized group, religion controls how they act and such.
330 · Nov 2014
Zavid Nov 2014
To feel the danger in a twisted
steep mountain road
to see the world above a city
I want to climb the hill
that life has to offer
I want to take life on
at its steepest
like a mountain
I wish to live
in the mountains to life
at a heightened experience

Life is twisted and steep
like a mountain pass
I want to climb that pass
I want to test my strength
against the mountains’
I want to show that
I will not quit at the sight|
of problems twisting
left and right, because
I know that up
is where I’m going
each step would take an hour
but be worth the knowledge

The world we live in
is scaled down, softened
so we don’t get hurt
I want to live
dangerously on that mountain
to show I don’t need protection
I want to be hurt
and scared I want
to be mortally wounded
so I can stand up
as if it were nothing
more than a scratch
to what I could be

I want to reach the top
and smile at the hour long
steps I took to get there
to be able to overlook
everything that I have
just overcome to sit down
and finally be able
to take a break
from what has been
my life to look at the
sharp turns and the
boulders I have just climbed

I wish to live
in the mountains to live life
at a heightened experience
to know what life feels like
at its fullest
to overcome all the challenges
and to be able
to look down and smile
322 · Sep 2014
Zavid Sep 2014
you are not good enough
never were and never
will be you are a failure
through and through
inside and out no
matter how hard you try
you will always be in last
because what is first
to you anyway
a title and a figment of
your imagination that you
wish someone would see you
but they don't
you are invisible
and you know it
nothing more than just
another kid dragging their self  
down a lonely hallway
318 · Apr 2015
what i have left
Zavid Apr 2015
nothing hurts more
than my lover's dying wish
of putting together the puzzle

death is only the beginning

a baby's crying
is the happiest moment
to see that new life

birth ended it all

her mother is gone
she has her eyes
to remind me everyday

life laughs at me
314 · Oct 2014
Zavid Oct 2014
What is a friend
without a shared laugh
it’s a person without blood
it’s a life without a point
it’s a jacket without sleeves
it’s a rollercoaster without a down
it’s a mountain without an up
it’s a life without you
it’s a person I don’t want to be
Zavid Sep 2014
unspeakable words that
burn with such a passion
in your throat waiting to
burst letting them know
what it is that has you
in the ever silent gaze
into their pale gray eyes
that glow with undying
trust and affection
for what you believe to be
unrealistic but they find
to be the most deep
and understanding feeing
that has ever crossed their
mind as an emotion as if
they know exactly what
you are thinking and
dying to say but the words
choke in your throat over
and over again while you
watch them slip into
what will be your ever demise
and your forth coming death
288 · Mar 2016
Fear me
Zavid Mar 2016
sleep fears me
this is why i can't find it
hiding and taunting me
with hopes of having a dream
but with satisfaction of knowing i won't
it whispers to me that i am tired
yet it will never come
to put me out of my misery
274 · Jun 2014
Zavid Jun 2014
Bright summer green haloed the pupils of her eyes
as wisp of yellow flames found their way
into the crease and creases that the green bypassed.
Her eyes pressed sooth and silkily
into her smooth soft skin.
Her lips parted slightly
but remained closed
showing no teeth as she smiled.
A smile that could warm and calm anyone
but you knew it was meant for you.
268 · Jan 2015
The path
Zavid Jan 2015
No one knows where they're going
or how they're getting there at all
because all they know
is the path they've taken so far
and how oh so wonderful
it has been

Smile hard and wide
because you never know
which will be your last
and that is the most
fearful thing
in the world

Pass on the joy
before it ever turns to sorrow
because a laugh is much better to see
than that
loved ones tears
running free
260 · Sep 2014
Zavid Sep 2014
They cannot take my speech
for it speaks my opinion
it is my way of seeing
as is my religion as it
defines my beliefs
no they will not see the same
but that is why
they are my words

They cannot take my arms
for they defend me
from who you may ask
and I will always answer
from them and what
evil they do to me
and what I believe in

They cannot live with me
for it is my house
that they wish to live in
under my roof without
providing anything
in return for this great
deed I would've done for them

They charge me for one
and are wrong
but find a second
and try to charge again
they wronged me
and won't get away
with charging me again

They were wrong
the first time
what makes them think
they'll be right
the second time
after all they put me
through and they want me
to go through it all again
253 · Dec 2014
245 · Sep 2014
In the cover of darkness
Zavid Sep 2014
Valles of blue and green flowers
spread out before you with arrays
of paths and trails going
in each and every way
sun glowing high in the sky
birds chirp high in tress that go on
disappearing into clouds that fade
away into nothing

Smoky mist surround
graves of the dead
as howls terrorize ears
in deafening screeches
like nails across a chalkboard
bone piles found about
laying in dismay and sorrow
moss hangs from once
living tree branches that now
resemble boney fingers

A smile across her face
with a loose strand of hair
dangling in her eyes
and arm around her and a
body pressed against her in an
affectionate manner with care
and grace with no thought of hurting her
242 · Feb 2016
Zavid Feb 2016
A red orange blossom, on a tree it grows
Over my head as the wind blows
The sweet less scent, being carried away
The last cold of the year, beings to fray.
230 · Sep 2014
In the hands of others
Zavid Sep 2014
I give them my heart
in hope they will treat it well
with care and compassion
so that it may comfort them in
their time of needs
when all hope is lost
and they need a friends' love

I give them my mind
to help in time of
puzzled minds and lost
thoughts while they are
bending over clutching their heads
with pounding thoughts and
seamless ideas

I give them my body
for protection and for that comfort safe presence
for manual labor
to exploit for their needs
and their needs only
so they may accomplish what
it is they desire to have accomplished

I give them my emotion
to take my feelings
as if to replace their own
and fill themselves with happiness
instead of sorrow or grief
to fulfill their expectations of
what it is like to live

I give them my soul
the last part of me
that is worth anything to
anyone or anything
to show them what it is like to
be more than one
I am not me
for I live
in the hands of others
223 · Jan 2015
My love
Zavid Jan 2015
The sun rising
is one of the most
beautiful sights that
may ever exist but
somehow your eyes
beat it with their beauty
and swirls of color

The cool waters
of a running river
is the most peaceful
sounds ever and yet
here I am listening
to your voice and
disagreeing with it

If a nap makes
you live longer
than a nap with you
must make me live
for eternity because
that's what it must be
like with you
love river sun nap eternity peace her
212 · Aug 2014
Once Broken, Twice Fixed
Zavid Aug 2014
Fixed is a normal that everyone wishes,
broken is the different that everyone wants.
Fixed is the laughing and playing in a sun,
broken is the crying and shooting of a gun.
Fixed is a gift under a tree,
broken is a frightening plea.
Fixed is the love of a mother,
broken is the lost child.
The fixed want to be broken,
the broken long to be fixed.
The fixed want to feel pain,
the broken don't want to feel anymore.
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