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 Dec 2015 courtney
 Dec 2015 courtney
We have to wither and die a little.

Prune, snip off all the bad, no-good things.

Even the parts that grew another home in your veins and bloomed roses around your ribcage.

Thing is, it is a place you need not visit anymore.

Burn down all the empty houses
light-bulbs still on & unlocked doors.

You need not wait.

From the ashes and bones,

there, you're *blooming.
Hihi sunshines!
How have you been?
Melbourne weather is going to be 42 degrees tomorrow!!
Time to bust out the cookies & cream ice-cream AND chilled water.
Night night!
 Nov 2015 courtney
My flame
 Nov 2015 courtney
Your touch seers my skin
You are an eruption in my chest
Pouring through my veins
Fueling my limbs and burning me from inside out
You are
 Nov 2015 courtney
Mike Hauser
When the moon forces night

I'm knocked down to my knees

Memory fading from sight

Promises I'll never keep

I go and do it again

Order round after round

Might as well be a gun in my hand

Deadly shots with no sound

As the snake in the pit

Takes a bite out of me

I am chewing my lip

So much wanting to scream

Falling off of the cliff

Cause my ledge is too weak

Craziness must admit

Taking the best out of me

Sunlight makes it's first peak

Over the waters edge

In the gutter I sleep

I have made my own bed

In which I now lie

If only I were able

To give up and die

On this, my torture table

The snake in the pit

Will not let go of me

I try and shoot from the hip

To try and bring some relief

I stare at the cliff where I fell

The climb is too steep

Alcohol has a mighty grip

That brings me no peace
Each and every one of us has important dates in our lives from births to marriages, graduations to retirement and so much more. Today is important to me as it's been 25 years since my last drink (Thank you Jesus!) Not realizing it that day, as it was a terrific struggle I went through for months if not years. (You don't realize the hold alcohol truly has on you until your head clears) I pray that if anyone is struggling with this or drug issues that you seek help (there are few if any that can do this on their own) AA is a great organisation or better yet Celebrate Recovery at a local church. But wherever it is you choose to seek help please do...this is one decision you'll never regret. I know I don't!
 Nov 2015 courtney
 Nov 2015 courtney
            sing to
                   me a  song
                           so melodious...
                               •one of  sweet so-
                                    unding timbre•let it
                                        ••   capture and numb
                                           ••             me senseless•
                                            ••        ­          take me to a
                                             ••                ­       place and
                                             ••              ­             time so
                                              ••                               fami-
                                            ••             ­                    lia-
                                           ••               ­                   r•
where fond       ••                      
memories linger free•fr-                                  
om all worldly constraints•                                    
where our ears can see•the                                      
passing bliss in heaven's                                      
godly paint•                                      
Concrete Poem 16 of 30

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 Nov 2015 courtney
I remember one night we shared a bottle on your kitchen floor
"Love doesn't always slam the door on her way out"
At the time that was comforting, almost peaceful, and I loved you for it
But lately I've been thinking about it over and over again, the thought haunting my mind
I should have asked "What happens when she leaves quietly in the dead of night without a word? How long would it take to notice her absence?"
Now I wish she had slammed the door behind her, at least then I would have noticed she had gone
I can't lay claim to his words, and neither can he. They belong to another
You're beautifully unique,
No need to envy anyones physique,
Afterall beauty isn't  specific.
It varies,if not;the world would be boring hence pathetic!
Someone somewhere finds you perfect,flawless
So don't stress.
For everyone ;)
 Nov 2015 courtney
Madison Y
The same houses, the same desks with little chairs, the same road signs,
But nothing feels familiar;
And the people, heaven knows who they are,
Are smiling and laughing and kissing and
I'm so sad I can't breathe.
I've always wanted to be far away,
But now the distance breaks my heart,
And there's no comfort in coming home
Because I don't have one. I don't even know who I am—
I am tired, I am crazy
I am lonely.
I am a girl who can't stop thinking:
Why is everybody so different
And how did I become this person without noticing?
The worst part is that no one sees how dark things are—
They wake up married with two kids who wake up married with two kids, And then they're alone in a house by the beach
Because everyone said they would be happy, but they're not
And no one really is,
And they just want to do it all over because
All the **** houses, desks with little chairs, and road signs are the same but nothing feels familiar.
I'm just so sad I can't breathe.
I always find myself asking, "Where did the time go?"
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