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courtney Dec 2017
Pour, drop, splash
- a flash -
over your head
- sudden crash -
louder, louder;
rolling thunder,
beating the sky;
a raging cry.
Plants are drowning
- a gunshot lightning -
all seems chaotic
but there's no stopping.
Lost in it all,
bend and fall;
trees all snapped
or horizontal.
Yet here I hide;
my watchful eye -
I'm protected
and sheltered -
I'm calm and dry,
Danger - what danger?
This weather
- I smile -
Beauty, beauty,
let it stay for a

(C) C Lawrence
courtney Jul 2017
I am like one who has come across gold,
But I'm richer and happier than gold could afford.
I feel like a person who is restored of their sight, yet this life is much brighter than surrounding daylight.
I smile like someone
who sits by the sea; beneath the sun,
overlooking the beach.
I laugh like I'm swinging the tallest of trees -
flying below clouds and soaring valleys.
My joy is fervent and my soul knows peace.
I am like one who has been set free.
(C) Courtney Lawrence
courtney Jan 2017
My soul sees but one star in the sky above -
one light, one hope, one truth.
Days so numbered I'd choose with you -
Surpass thousands that differ in view.  

(C) 23/1/17
Courtney L
courtney Jan 2017
I don’t think I could ask for more if my
kitchen window was an open door -
stretched across Kenya, over viewing Columbia,
swamped by Uganda, wrapped in Moldova.
I’d spend days admiring the Dead Sea, the tops
of trees and everything I couldn’t see through the
snow in Russia.
But maybe I’d want a back door that
doubles as a portal to lost parts of the world,
its corners and beyond.
There I’d go, smiling and broke, because I’d
sell just about all I’ve got to see
what yet one man on this blue
dot has not.
Every continent, every country,
every ravine, every gum tree.
See I’m an adventurer; homesick,
but still lit with fire when my
heart desires the sensation of tasting
new ground.
A penny, a pound – the currencies I’ve found;
for thirty bob
(about all I’ve got)
they’ll drop me off in a spot
I’ve not been before nor
dreamt existed.
And as vivid as my dreams, I am yet to
foresee each day and the moments that follow.
But my feet wander forward, drawn forth
by the dawn to
places my eagerness perceives.

(C) 3/7/16
Courtney L
courtney Feb 2016
To spend a day sailing in the sky
and flying through wind and blue;
thoughtless and weightless, fearless and thinking
only of such a rush.

I'd spend a day flat on my back amongst
the longest grass - above all the leaves
but beneath the trees;
I'd listen to nature's gentle hush.

A night with bright things and the moon as it sings:
how transfixed we are at the stars.
I'll escape the city, for the buildings are pretty,
but nothing's home like a clear sky.

(C) 25/2/16
Courtney L
  Dec 2015 courtney
We have to wither and die a little.

Prune, snip off all the bad, no-good things.

Even the parts that grew another home in your veins and bloomed roses around your ribcage.

Thing is, it is a place you need not visit anymore.

Burn down all the empty houses
light-bulbs still on & unlocked doors.

You need not wait.

From the ashes and bones,

there, you're *blooming.
Hihi sunshines!
How have you been?
Melbourne weather is going to be 42 degrees tomorrow!!
Time to bust out the cookies & cream ice-cream AND chilled water.
Night night!
courtney Nov 2015
Some nights mum comes banging on my locked door -
she won't let me miss the sunset;
and it's beautiful
as we sit outside in our matching dressing gowns -
gazes totally fixed.
People say that God isn't real, but who painted this?
Where are Evolution's arms?
What incredible imagination could Mother Nature have?
No: this kind of beauty stands alone,
unparalleled and more than enough to
capture attention for hours as
it gracefully descends.

(C) 27/11/15
Courtney L
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