Wren Myers Aug 23

I was scared.
I didn't know what to do.
I didn't care.
And I didn't tell the truth.
      Until you made me brave,
                You're showing me the way.
And now I owe it all to you.

You've shown me what can happen as long as Im brave.
You've shown me what you can do.

As sure as the dawn breaks.
I know I'll be okay.
Because it just what you do.

You make me BRAVE.

Another song of mine. Bunches of love!!❤️❤️
Wren Myers Aug 17

In the beginning was the word,
and you breathed breath into man.
We messed up, so you sent your son and he died to save his land.
And yet, you still now who I am.
Because you created me through him.

You've saved me many times before.
Many times you'll do it again.
You saved me from no hope,
My shame my sin and in you I'm forgiven.

Your the creator of the skies,
Son of god and man.
Savior of my life,
ThE lion and the lamb.
People wil say they don't see it.
      All they have to do is just believe it.
             Because he, he is, and
                     He'll always be.


Another song. Bunches of love!!❤️❤️
Wren Myers Aug 16

When life get tough,
and times get hard,
there's just one thing to do.
Take a breath, do not stress.
Put your faith in the Lord.
And he will help you.

You are the king who broke my chains.
You are the one who reigns.
You find the lost and make them found.
There is no cost, just trust in him.


A friend helped me with this one. Bunches you of love!! ❤️❤️
Wren Myers Aug 13

I don't know who I am.
But I know who you are.
With your all perfect plan.
You are healing all the scars.
They say your crazy you don't mind.
But you know that it is true.
It is is God you will find
everything you'll ever do.

I'm an unclean immortal.
Someday I will surely die.
But because you sent your son
you're giving us eternal life.

And I stand in awe of you lord.
And I am an unclean soul.
I mess up
        You forgive
                            ­  Nothing less
I'm made pure.
I am Yours.

This is also a song I wrote. It's about someone who is confused with themselves and their life right now. But they just trust in God. If you haven't noticed, I'm putting #musictomyears on all the songs I write. It say music to my ears. Not music tom years or anything like that. Lol. Bunches of love!! ❤️❤️
Wren Myers Aug 12

When temptation comes your way
and you can't get out of the past.
You keep your focus on worldly things, but how long will these things last?
Now life is made of pieces
of your brocken heart.
They're glued together but they won't stay
you need a healer and a place to start.

In need you start your search.
But things on earth, they won't work.
Then you found out how you can come clean.
Now life has been renewed
and it's all that you can do.
You've been a slave and now you've been set free.

The son, he gave his life
as a living sacrifice.
And three days later he rose again.
The spirit lets you see
that all you have to do is believe
that Jesus is the son of God.
And, God, he gave us this:


This is actually a song that I wrote. But songs and poetry are very similar. If you love poetry, give this a ❤️!! And if you love music and poetry, maybe you should consider songwriting. Learn how to play an instrument. Piano is really easy. Look up a video on "How to chord on the piano" on YouTube. Then your all set!! Bunches of love! ❤️❤️
ryn Nov 2015

            sing to
                   me a  song
                           so melodious...
                               •one of  sweet so-
                                    unding timbre•let it
                                        ••   capture and numb
                                           ••             me senseless•
                                            ••        ­          take me to a
                                             ••                ­       place and
                                             ••              ­             time so
                                              ••                               fami-
                                            ••             ­                    lia-
                                           ••               ­                   r•
where fond       ••                      
memories linger free•fr-                                  
om all worldly constraints•                                    
where our ears can see•the                                      
passing bliss in heaven's                                      
godly paint•                                      

Concrete Poem 16 of 30

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