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hannah Nov 2015
I remember one night we shared a bottle on your kitchen floor
"Love doesn't always slam the door on her way out"
At the time that was comforting, almost peaceful, and I loved you for it
But lately I've been thinking about it over and over again, the thought haunting my mind
I should have asked "What happens when she leaves quietly in the dead of night without a word? How long would it take to notice her absence?"
Now I wish she had slammed the door behind her, at least then I would have noticed she had gone
I can't lay claim to his words, and neither can he. They belong to another
hannah Jun 2015
I need to stop collecting kisses from paper mâché hearts
I need to stop my constant fleeing before it even starts
I need to pull up my socks; I need to hide my pride
I need to find your reckless arms before I die inside
hannah May 2015
Baby drip drip drop
You're in my veins
The sweetest poison
My hearts in pain

Baby drip drip drop
You're in my bed
Said I'd avoid it
You're in my head

Baby drip drip drop
My eyes pressed shut
Pains sharp as daggers
Dance in my gut
hannah Apr 2015
She is the type of person you may only meet a few times in your whole life;
always in brief encounters.
The type of person you could fall in love with in a heartbeat,
who opens up a world you didn't know existed.
You may catch her doing something mundane -such as filling a kettle-
and that's all it takes to fall in love again.
And if you're careful, very careful, you'll still recognise yourself when she leaves.
Because she will leave.
She is the sweetest poison and the body has habits of flushing out toxins.
hannah Aug 2014
Caught in-between
Lines blurring to grey
What's right and what's wrong
Is there another way

'Don't think, just do'
I heard you say
The day before what was left
Fall away
hannah Jul 2014
I fell in love with you the moment I saw you
And every moment after that
And every time you bared your soul and confessed your thoughts
I fell a little further
Until I was so out of my depth for you I drowned
And you let me
old poems, old memories
hannah Jul 2014
I felt you
I felt your soul slide into mine
And our thoughts intertwine
In only a glance
Imagine what we could have if we took the chance
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