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 Oct 2015
The comments you make,
The laughter and sniggering
Drive me so insane!
When people get you down fight back. Stand up for yourself... don't go crazy with worry, I promise you will pull though
 Oct 2015
Side by side
      Or        Miles       Apart
Will always be
Connected by the heart
Love my sisters wish we all lived closer. Edinburgh to London is too far!! Miss my big sisters
 Apr 2015
Any assistance for me,
The mild, meek, ugly me?
When will I be...
What I see...
In all those magazines.

A guy like you,
A girl like me...
Naa never going to be
I know what you want.

You want the "perfect" girl,
With the perfect smile.
A girl, skinny and tall
What am I?

All I see is rolls of fat
A short, ugly waste
Have your princess
The girl you want

Please just leave me be, in peace
Without assistance, you or us
You had your choice of me and her
The perfect or just me

Plain old boring me
 Jan 2015
Falling words
I see you slowly disappearing
under all the weight
I want to hold your hand
and tell you it’ll be okay
we both know that’s a load of bull crap
and I don’t want to lie
please don’t disappear
please know you are the brightest star
you taught me how to think
you taught me how to frown
you taught me the beauty of vulnerability
and I don’t want to hold you down
please know that I love you
and even if you need
me to let you go
i’ll do that cause I love you
but please
don’t leave this world alone
Written to my best friend
 Jan 2015
A limp and lonely boy,
A lively loveable girl,
One bench,
One day.

A bench where strangers meet,
They glance,
They look,
They stare.

A simple stare,
But more than that,
A new beginning,
Of an old ending.

Would it be love,
Or friendship,
Or nothing,
Only days would tell.

As everyday they sat,
They stared, but neither said a thing,
This then changed one day,
When the girl was not there.

The boy just stared,
At the place she should be,
Waiting for her to arrive,
She never did.

Three weeks later,
She finally turns up,
He says "where have you been,
I was worried about you"

He sits closer,
She goes to back away,
He holds her,
Then noticing the bruises and cuts.

One cut still bleeding,
Had she run,
He looked,
He stared.

He stayed!
Kept this poem private for a long time as I couldn't find an ending I liked... finally finished it.

Title- if anyone has an idea for a title pkwase message me the suggestions
 Jul 2014
Aoife Teese
i know this is just what i'm like because this is how i've felt every time i've gotten emotionally close to someone and i don't want to tell you what's wrong and i don't want to admit that i am sad inside because you like me well enough as it is and i don't want to ruin that. i don't want you to worry about me because i know i'll be fine and i'll be better and this sadness i've felt inside for the past six years doesn't define me and doesn't determine whether or not i should be loved. if anything love is something i know i deserve and maybe will help the effects the sadness has on me but i know how it feels to be hurt and my mind tries to pick and choose certain moments to try and disprove everything that you've told me because how? i look in the mirror and i can't see what you see and although that doesn't mean it isn't there they say seeing is believing and how can i believe something i don't see? my legs ache and my stomach hurts and the emptiness in my chest wants me, begs me to find some sort of control and i can't. this isn't something that is able to be controlled or manipulated. it happens or it doesn't, and that's just it.
Philophobia is defined as the abnormal, persistent and unwarranted fear of falling in love.
 Jul 2014
The Last Wordsmith
I'm so sick of lying and saying I am fine
All this happiness and smile they aren't mine
I'd like to say I'm happy, but all I want to do is die
Nobody still cares enough, for me to need to say goodbye
 Jul 2014
don't make me
don't make me pull the trigger
don't I don't want to please
I'm just
I'm scared
my hands are shaking
can't you see my han-
don't please don't move
don't make this hard
just stay still please
you're all insects tonight.
I heard a robbery down the road.
 Jun 2014
Just Remember
No Matter How Sad You Are
That Tomorrow Maybe More Brighter
Than Today

Just A Random 15w Poem!!! :) ~~~~<3
Hope You Enjoy It!! ~~~<3
 Jun 2014
Irving MacPherson
If you're going to ride my ***
you could at lease pull my hair.
She was pushin' 55 when
the bumper sticker caught my eye,
she was at the controls of  
a disturbed yellow Datson
with Nova Scotia plates,
a combination of rust red and bright yellow
sliced down the middle with one wide strip of black,
heel to toe, and tinted windows to boot.

1970 Northern Canada, hundreds of kids
thumbin' from East to West and from West to East.
I shared the Impala with two young ladies  from Ontario,
and  the driver was friendly as hell, as well as being deaf...

The Datsons bumper sticker now a pleasant memory..
Today there are fewer travelers and many being unemployed ex-cons and dyed in the wool Hobos harboring severe alcohol and drug problems... you could say that it's no longer safe.

My travelling days are  over..
I left them 30 years in the dust.
I really have seen the last of those,
today when I go, it's not long before I want back..
I miss the ocean, and the Atlantic  is my choice.  
The Pacific smells of dank wood with all the tall furs
and the logging industry.  Give me my camp fire on the beach,
I'll wash the salt away before I jump in the sheets at the days end.
My skin being golden brown from a close enough Star.
 Jun 2014
Andrew Tinkham
My new favorite poet is a fifteen year old girl.
Margaret is clever it's astounding.
I knew youth was coming like this but usually when I saw it up close they we're just these maniacal computer wiz kids but this girl seems to party.
I hope she meets Alex Turner someday.
I hope she meets Andrew VanWyngarden too.
I don't know why, but I guess it's because they're dashing and she deserves the best.
I hope the world don't tangle her up too much and don't sit on her like a fat bully.
I know she can dodge it though and we need her and her vision of peace like a checkpoint.
My favorite new poet is a fifteen year old girl.
Shine on Margaret, light up the world.
 Jun 2014
Its sad really
Because the only reason I haven't killed myself yet
Is because I don't want to hurt anyone
But the reason I want to **** myself is because everyone is hurting me
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