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Mary-Elizabeth Oct 2016
I moved far away
To try and better myself
But what is the point?
I just realised wverything happens for a reason and I made these mistakes to learn from them
Mary-Elizabeth May 2016
My choices
My life
I put them before you
Before your life!

You aren't here
I ended your life
Before it had even begun
I'm sorry

The only words I have

You're my child
You always will be
Even though you
Will never be born

I love you my child
I may be young but i made my choices. Some good, some bad. I love you my child! ❤
Mary-Elizabeth Apr 2016
I'm learning

learning to be free
learning to love myself
learning to live

I'm living

living my life
living without you
living with love

I'm loving

loving my life
loving myself
loving you
The last few months have been tough but I am learning, living and loving!  I am accepting my mistakes, my choices and beginning my life again
Mary-Elizabeth Apr 2016
How can I live here?
One day I will escape
Maybe today or tomorrow
Every experience matters
I am leaving, finding an escape
Mary-Elizabeth Apr 2016
I was never able to accept
The position was was in
At eighteen I am stupid
I left myself vulnerable.

In under 4 months
You were gone
The hardest decision I made
A choice, a life

The trust of my friends
The secret out.
I was stupid.

I took a pill,
it was over,
But my pain
My regret

You will always be
on my mind
in my heart
on my conscience

You are a reminder
of my power
my choices
my mistakes.

I have to accept
You were me
I was you
A life never lived.
I have had a tough time recently. A lot changed for me I put myself in a difficult position and even though i regret my choice I believe it was the right one
Mary-Elizabeth Jun 2015
My father's love
Is like a
guiding star
That shines brighter
Through my
**darkest hours
Although I know he won't read this, he knows how much I love him. He is my star. Forever a daddy's girl
Mary-Elizabeth Jun 2015
Find me a window,
Find me a door,
Find me a corner
To hide in

I need to escape
This unfortunate life
My house, a building
Not a home

My sister's are my rock
Well what can I say?

What is a family,
When there's no love?
It's emotional
It's my stability,

Well maybe not.

When can I escape?
Without any money
I can only hide
Hidings what I'm good at.
It's been a long day full of hurt and emotions, I just can't face. I really need to escape
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