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Andrew Tinkham Oct 2015
Being in love is like following a voice through chaos.
Now I've lost the voice and choas has disappeared.
The voice may come from different speakers throughout your life, but it's always wisdom, soothing and correct.

She's told me hold on and all that.
Why'd she go I don't know.
We were making it.
We were.
Oh well, I'll know her when I hear her again.
It will be some time, though, as I recognize I still have a significant distance to fall before I can pick myself up and prepare myself again for chaos, chaos that holds the voice. I'm gaining a lot of weight.
Andrew Tinkham Oct 2015
Hope you like my rhyme.
I'm done with that.
Love is a purple dinosaur.
His name is Barney.
Get it?
Too young?
Oh, you do get it.
Just didn't find it funny.
I see.
Night sweetie.
Andrew Tinkham Oct 2015
I heard it on TV.
What u have for dinner.
She says.
Except, ... for the tv.
That's still on, then making mom laugh.
Home alone, two.
My sister is gorgeous.
Tmi, duderino.
Love it!
Andrew Tinkham Oct 2015
My profile be like. ..



So what?

So umm.

I heart you?

Andrew Tinkham Oct 2015
I hate you.
Then I'm lying.
Drama king.
Andrew Tinkham Oct 2015
I don't care
If you don't
If you do
**** **** ******.
Suns of *******
And whatnot.
Gall ****.
Ya know?
Andrew Tinkham Sep 2015
"That's a thing that I do in the back of my head"

Ilove you, baby.
So very much.
I'm tempted to write this in tongues.
I wanna kiss you so much.
So very much.
This is my love poem, baby.
I guess I never wrote one before.
Feels kinda good.
Ok it feels great.
I love you, darling.
Say when I can use your name.
I hope you make friends.
I know you are philosopher Queen.
Don't need friends.
It's okay.
I'll never be your friend.
I'm your man.
Time to listen to more Graceland on a walk to the school and its overgrown baseball field.
Mom's up.
Sherwood Park Elementary
Misquouted, fwiw
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