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Christina May 2015
Even though my heart
Is black and blue
The only one who lost
The game- is you.
Christina Apr 2015
And I'll love you
From now until forever.
You always brought sunshine
To imperfect weather.

You will be my bestfriend
Until my heart stops its beat.
It breaks my soul to know
That we will never meet.

No words bring to life
The bond that we once had.
Knowing we can't speak
Makes me so much more than sad.

And if you took the time
To stop and say hello.
It'd mean the world to me
And turn my legs into Jello.

Because we were so much more than friends
Talking during all hours of the night.
But I guess I wasn't much to you
Seeing how you gave up this fight.

I miss you so much right now
And you're happy I guess.
You left with so many questions
Now I cannot express.

They said I found my one and only
True love to live my life.
But now I'm here, broken
And you're living without strife.

So to my everything
I hope you see this.
Know that I am sorry.
What I'd do for one more kiss...
Christina Apr 2015
All I get are messages
"But please I've changed
Christina don't do this."
Don't you know that I hate you?
Everyone says go back.
**** that. *******.
Get the **** out of my life.
Haven't you done enough damage?
I know your'e insane, but this is severe
Just please stop, you're
Kidding me right?
Leave me alone!
Man I thought you'd be cool.
Never would I have guessed this.
Overall this has been nothing but
Pain. Why don't you just
Repetition in your apologies
Show me you aren't sincere.
Take your memories and throw them
Under the train that already hit me.
Very seldom do I break down.
Well now I have no choice.
Xeroxes of my mothers picture that
You burned in an angry rage
Zip through my mind. *******.
I had to do an abecedarian poem for a cw class.
Christina Apr 2015
I'm Homesick
For the life that almost was

But never will be.
Christina Sep 2014
I just cant sleep
My mind is locked up
Let me drown these feelings
With just one more cup
My breath becomes ragged
Tears pour down my face
Please just let me get out of this place
I want nothing more
But your love and embrace
But i cant let myself beg
With another door in my face
And tomorrow the routine is back
Every word hitting my heart
With the sharp ***** of a tack
But i cant throw this away
Too much time has gone by
Too many secrets shared

I never should have said hi.
Christina Jul 2014
Pristine silence here
Every sound above muffled
Cosmic beauty under water
The distorted crash
From a body jumping in
Crackles from splashes
A sudden tightness, burning
Sensation from the lungs
Goodbye beauty
Goodbye heaven
Burst through the surface
Gasp as you **** in air
Catch your breath
And sit on the bottom again
Back to beauty
Back to wonder
Once again amazed
That you could stay forever.
Christina Apr 2014
Its days like these
That i wonder why
Girls are waiting
For that special guy.

They call him their prince
Because their king
Has been there since

Their fathers are kings,
Waiting for them to grow
Waiting for them to realize these things
Their kings know.
I love my dad. He hasn't adopted me, but that wont change anything. Nothing like a fathers love.
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