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Chase Anthony Oct 2016
For a long time, I’ve had a fear of writing poetry.
A weird fear, I know.
But when you’re as self-conscious, anxious, and self-deprecating as me, you’ll find that it’s hard to voice… just about anything.
You see, I would never raise my hand in class, because what if I was wrong?
I would never sign up for weights, because what if I’m not that strong?
That pretty girl in class? Don’t even dream about it.
If you ask for her number, she’ll leave you without it.
She’ll think you’re weird, creepy, or even ugly.
That is why I stayed away from poetry.

What if what I have to say is not all that important?
What if what I write is bad, boring, or people find it abhorrent?

So I stayed away from it.

I kept everything I wanted to say bottled up inside.
Until one day, I sat.
And I cried.
I wondered to myself
What went wrong in my life?
Why am I the way I am?
How can I fix myself?
What is my plan?

It all started with typing.
And even though I’m still an anxious wreck
Aren’t you reading my writing?
Chase Anthony Oct 2019
Often times
When I closed
My eyes
I saw nothing
But dark

Sleep was somber
To daydream
Was likewise

Until I saw
My favorite color
Resting within
Your eyes

When we lock lips
Or touch fingertips
I see all that I need

A colorful future
With you and me
Chase Anthony Dec 2015
I feel like a ghost walking around unseen
in the backdrops of these other happy lives
I feel like I'm trapped in a ravine
in a darkness that never leaves
Chase Anthony Feb 2020
You're the color green
Therefore you are half of me
I'm the color blue
Chase Anthony Nov 2015
Perfectly fine
I'm anything but
Upset or
I'm always
Smiling since you've left
It's hard to catch me
With tears in my eyes
Every night I sleep,
I am totally fine
It'd be a lie if I said
I think about you all the time

"How're you?"
This has a totally different meaning when read backwards. Representing both an external facade and inner turmoil
Chase Anthony May 2018
It’s a beautiful day out

It’s sunny, bright, and warm
But not too warm
The breeze blows my windows curtains
But not so much as to disrupt the clutter of my room
Birds are singing
But not enough to drown out the sound of my quiet TV
Nature is moving along with the world
But I am not
I am comfortable in my bed
But I am not comfortable in my skin

If only my mood matched this beautiful day

But I am alone.
Chase Anthony Sep 2015
I haven't seen her in awhile
Heard her voice or seen that smile
So I'm staring at my phone
Thinking "maybe I should dial"

But I can't
Things aren't the same
I don't know when it went wrong
Or why things even changed

I hope you're doing well
Better than ever before
Life without you is hell
But I think it's time to close this door

And I hope that this can reach you
Just so you know
I'll never forget you
And how you made me grow

If I could turn back the hands of time
I'd fix all the broken
Keep us in our prime
With you gone, I've awoken
And realized the problems were all mine
But now we're over
Goodbye to cloud nine
Chase Anthony Nov 2015
Back space
All I see is your face
I spend hours pondering what to write you
Have I been replaced?
Do you miss me too?
Do you remember how much I love the color blue?
Or have you simply forgotten
Forgotten all of these trivial things
Because I remember everything.
I remember how much you love the show skins
And how you would always tell me about it
I remember the day you got your permit
How could I forget?
You were so nervous
But I knew you could do it
I remember your birthday
May 21st
I remember that your mom was a nurse
Your eyes are a beautiful brown
You have a scar above your lip
Oh goodness, how could I ever forget?
You love to act, model, and use your brain
You're so ******* smart
And I've always seen you to be so brave
You're so beautiful
And I miss you dearly
I can picture you so clearly
Please tell me you can do the same?
Because not a day goes by where I don't think of your name
I never send you these letters
-Love, Chase
Chase Anthony Dec 2017
As I lie in bed with my body engulfed in darkness
And my face illuminated
I reminisce on the picture that my finger summons
In front of my face is me
A younger me
One where I have not yet burned a whole in my favorite shirt from shooting fire works
One where I had no worries and plenty of friends
One where I did not know this is where I would be


I'm so lost

Maybe I can find myself in this picture
Maybe I'll stare just a bit longer
Chase Anthony Nov 2021
The ears of a hound
The face of a pit
Your fur brown
And your body fit

An oddly placed triangle
Right behind your head
White, acute angle
Like an arrowhead.

Bark loud and vicious
But love to give kisses
Playful and affective
Yet so protective

An ear twitch
And an eye quiver
A strange hitch
Took you over river

Between us
A river as big
As a blue sea
I will walk
The bridge
To see my dog

My dog Lucy was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy in July of 2021. What we thought was epilepsy, had turned into brain cancer. Lucy had to be euthanized 11/29/2021.

I love you, girl.
Chase Anthony Jan 2019
I sleep near a dam
With cracks in its walls
Water is slipping out


I cannot sleep
I am going to die
Everyone I know
Is going to die
Chase Anthony Mar 2017
You broke me

So you could use my pieces

To fix yourself
Chase Anthony Nov 2015
Tell me you love me
It's all that which I desire
It's all that I need
*Set me free
Chase Anthony Jul 2015
A soldier, on the verge of giving up
Once proud, arrogant, and war ready
Now torn, battered, and stuck
His aim no longer steady
And his voice no longer crisp
He was once a proud man!
But now, he feels as if he's only a wisp.

The war had taken its toll
The soldier had grown weary
he is no longer whole
And his eyes had become teary

He doesn't want to fight
It is a war he cannot win
The man who was once a soldier
Had now lost his thick skin

The woman he had loved
no longer feels the same
The war is over
And another soldier is left in shame
Chase Anthony Feb 2016
She used her skin as a canvas
She didn't want to be on this planet
Her emotions were void
Her heart was destroyed
If only I knew she had planned it
Chase Anthony Jul 2015
I'm in a quiet library pondering
What would happen if I told her how I felt
I look around to see her wandering
If I tell her, she might make my heart melt
I don't want to go heart broken
I want my heart to sing
Love isn't as easy as finding a token
It's as hard as finding a ring

— The End —