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But I am made of circles
And you are made of squares
And maybe we were never meant
to fit together
My stomach, my heart, my mind
are all lost in a sea of maybes, of what ifs
And the possibilities swirl around me
as butterflies erupt from my ribcage
and flowers take their place.
Everything needs roots to grow
but you are not roots
barely even a seed
yet there you are, my barely seed
settling somewhere in the earth of my soul
keeping me lost in this sea
dancing with chances
flirting with unformed ideas.
There is something in me
that urges me to shore
yet here I stay swimming
holding on to something
some way, some why
holding onto the thought
that I think you might be my maybe
Perhaps the sun-kissed wanderings of an Old Fool
will reach us the way the Summer Wind does
Touching our souls
and stealing away the Lovers kiss
which while playful and passionate
holds no grounds in reality
but is born and settled
in those fleeting emotions
made giddy by sunlight and time off

His travels ramble the way their love does
there is no purpose, no destination
only the right now
and perhaps these Young Summer Lovers
This Timeless Old Fool
are meant to teach us something
about the right now
about life and moments and destinations
before we are all wrapped up
and swept away by the Summer Wind
Everything needs roots to grow
but you are not roots
barely even a seed
yet there you are, my barely seed
settling somewhere in the earth of my soul
I once knew a girl
who lived in fairytales
and who walked in dreams
always keeping her feet planted
firmly in the clouds
I once knew a girl
who understood how to hope
who could comprehend
that in every dream
there is reality, because realities
always begin with possibilities
which are nothing more
than delicately phrased aspirations
nothing but dreams.
I once knew a girl
who learned how to fall gracefully
in pink satin shoes and wrapped in humor
an impenetrable armor
an armor meant to hide the pain
and protect from cutting words
that slash like swords
and bite like monsters
and leave a soul broken and bruised.
Because she believed that the pen
was far mightier than the sword
but when the sword is what’s accepted
when it is what’s expected
the pen doesn't seem so strong after all
and doubt spreads like wildfire
consuming the mind, burning the soul.
However the heart is not so easily persuaded
and human determination
is almost always victorious
and it is the best of people
who are always hardest to destroy.
I once knew a girl
who walked in fairy tales
and lived in dreams
carrying a pen
and telling stories
so that she could be free
Ribs crack and flowers grow
Life, rising up from death
as easily as day from night

We are all wild flowers
who have no contract
with the word
and who pay no regard

but who whip and whirl
with the wind
staying rooted
yearning for more

Sometimes loosing petals
sometimes blowing away completely
We are our own collateral damage

lost to the universe, lost to the stars
If I could shatter
into a million pieces
I would spread myself across the world
So that there could be a part of me
Settled in every place
Maybe then I’d find a home
For each little broken bit
Because if I don't belong
In one place
Then maybe I can find
Safety in many  
Maybe then I’d finally feel whole
For if no place has all of me,
Then nothing can break me

But that's not exactly true
Because there is still the Earth

And perhaps the wind will sweep
A fragment of me up
And drop me in the ocean
Maybe the ocean will take it
And work me down to nothing
Maybe somewhere else
A fire will burn me up
Or maybe the rain will come
To wash me away
Maybe a storm will pound me down

Maybe I will turn to dust...

Dust that covers this earth
Dust that will spread
across the Universe
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