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I ain't in love with the feeling
Yet,i can smell your aroma it's seeping through my veins like a cobra
Words tries to be in arrangement , lines telling stories that i couldn't
Bad memories gnaws my mind, day and night freaking me out
Clouds tries to take me high
Sun is shining , screaming loud
Please just come and give me a hug.
trying to write again..
you smile and wave.
(like you never broke my heart)
stop. it's too late now.
Late night thoughts
                       turn into
                    ­                 honesty
      everything I'm afraid of
¤ It's true that sometimes we need some support to keep going.. darling You can be your own supporter, don't you ever count on poeple. ¤
I can taste the unfaithfulness on your lips.
Your sensuous nibbles do naught but solidify my fears.

You’re a liar and a heartbreaker
But right now, you’re all I have
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