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Izzie Mar 2019
is creating
Or maybe,
It’s just waiting
I’ll never be the same
my life is just a game
I could’ve just
Been killed over and over again,
All my life

Never is forever
Or maybe,
Forever is never
I’m found without no dress
When I could be
living in success

True love lasts for life
But maybe,
it only picks your knife
I’m always loving,
But never loved
Or it could be like
I have never loved anybody
But always have been loved,
By everybody

I’m drowning in a sea of tears
Or dying of laughter, year after year
I’m running away from home
But maybe,
home catches me
when I’m far away,
All alone
I’m stepping on my own feet
Or I’m really just changing seat
I ain't in love with the feeling
Yet,i can smell your aroma it's seeping through my veins like a cobra
Words tries to be in arrangement , lines telling stories that i couldn't
Bad memories gnaws my mind, day and night freaking me out
Clouds tries to take me high
Sun is shining , screaming loud
Please just come and give me a hug.
trying to write again..

— The End —