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Jan 2016 · 424
Ayush B Jan 2016
No matter how much I resisted it,
The one word I've only said once,
Jan 2016 · 665
The Old Veteran
Ayush B Jan 2016
The old veteran waiting at the corner of the street,
Often seen all alone on his wheelchair,
With a flag on the back, a smile on his face,
Even during the coldest winter nights,
Seems like he's waiting for someone to arrive,
But who knows,
Maybe someday I'll ask the story.
Jan 2016 · 1.7k
Ayush B Jan 2016
Can just for one moment we stop by,
Sit alone in the corner of a coffee shop,
And just look at every passerby?
Every single one of them has a story to tell.

A reason for their decisions,
The consequences of their choices,
About their love and heartbreak,
Their dreams and nightmares,
Their moment of joy and glory,
The night they were weeping till morning,
The one thing they pray for every night,
All the precious things taken for granted,
The list of places they'd like to wander,
And the one place they often call home,
I believe none of them should apologize,
For all the ways they chose to survive.

And maybe then, just maybe then,
The world will seem to be a better place,
Can just for one moment we stop by,
And appreciate this beautiful sonder of life.
Jan 2016 · 697
Story Of The Universe
Ayush B Jan 2016
The stars they often wondered,
In constellations they often clustered,
Until one day they realized,
That they just found their universe.

This beautiful pattern time, space and gravity weave,
It is what is called the universe.
For everyone who looks above,
They are the centre of the universe.

For what was the end of space,
Was the begging of time,
And what emerged from a Big Bang,
Was born from a blackhole.

For what is a lifetime for us,
For him was just a moment,
The only one place we've seen is so timeless,
Imagine about the whole universe.

The invisible force they call gravity,
Even without touching it keeps everything together,
For the universe had to make up for,
The isolation that was left there somehow.

For light years those photons had traveled,
Across an infinite of solitude and emptiness,
Just so that they can create a picture,
And reflect themselves in the iris of an eye.

Everything is always in motion,
It had to expand to thrive and grow,
There is no concept of fixed in the cosmos,
For something moving so fast it's barely moving.

A mind so tiny relative to celestials,
Could think about the entire universe.
The only thing aware of its existence,
The universe is just looking for its purpose.
Jan 2016 · 793
Taste Of Solitude
Ayush B Jan 2016
How naive are those who often confuse,
With loneliness,
The taste of solitude
Jan 2016 · 470
Slowly Damaging You
Ayush B Jan 2016
You should know that you're beautiful,
You'd never say but you make it obvious,
You see I would too love to ask you out,
Take a walk and lie under the sky,
And when the moment comes kiss you goodnight.

But you know every piece of my story,
A faint, distant and fading memory,
In every single face I search those traces,
Every single perfume I find her fragrance,
On every single crack I trace her kisses,
Her words rhymes with every single note,
It's lacking her beauty; every place I go,
I have wounds now where she used to touch,
Deep, invisible, old and rust,
Her name in every single wish I now repeat,
Haven't talked to god ever since,
In a divine entity I no longer believe.

Half of my heart is the best I can ever do,
But for the other half is what I'd be living for,
You see I would too love to ask you out,
But in the process of trying to fix myself,
I'd be slowly damaging you.
Ayush B Jan 2016
The fire that burned everything?

Every single thing I carefully amassed,
My diary of thoughts and poems,
Every song I wrote and my acoustic guitar,
The moments trapped in those photographs,
My cheap telescope my cosmic time machine,
My passport, doctor's note, my social security,
All those drugs I took to stay alive.

I burned my hands trying to extinguish,
Until those little snowflakes assisted,
The clouds of ashes took a while to subsidize,
After I lost everything; what I had I realized,
That beautiful ivory box that you loved,
Something very valuable was kept safe inside,
Only our handpicked set of memories survived.
Jan 2016 · 553
This Is Why I Write Poetry
Ayush B Jan 2016
When the night is cold; it's cold and numb,
Snowflakes they touch; they touch your skin,
You run to yourself; from yourself you run,
That's how solitude feels; solitude never felt like this.

Somehow I had to die; die to be reborn,
To find a map; a map of where I went,
Where the stars they shine; they shine brighter it seems,
Did this one thing; one thing it did for me.

To communicate the intensity; intensity of my inner world,
And be besides something; something I created,
This is why I write poetry; This is why I write poetry.
Jan 2016 · 353
Ayush B Jan 2016
Who is high enough to love her like this?
If it were that easy,
everyone would be high.
Jan 2016 · 13.8k
The First Snowflake
Ayush B Jan 2016
Few people have heard the story,
Of the first snowflake to make the journey,
To hug and save the heating earth,

He travelled with wind for many miles,
To reach the ground he thought he missed,
He was dead as soon as they kissed.
Jan 2016 · 480
Just a Fascinating Thought
Ayush B Jan 2016
Forged in the furnace of stars,
That died a billion years ago,
We are remnants of those stars,
Staring back at ourselves,
Living on a floating piece of rock,
Around a giant ball of fire,
Casting a shadow on a white marble,
In nothing but infinity,
Thinking about our place in the universe,
And that thought is just fascinating
The intent is to make the reader wonder about how astonishingly the universe works. Something that helps me get up every morning.  Thought it was worth sharing
Jan 2016 · 730
Ayush B Jan 2016
A thousand wishes were sent to the stars,
Along with lighters in the sky.
Jan 2016 · 448
Erase You From My Memory
Ayush B Jan 2016
Hey love,

How have you been? It's been a long time you see,
This is my last letter so bear with me,
I hope you don't rage and get angry,
You know last few years have been in vain,
Full of hopeless dreams and pain,
I believe there is still time to change.

There is ecstasy to the point of melancholy,
That your plight was replaced with melody,
I recently came across this technology,
To erase you from my memory.

By destroying a few neurons,
They can erase anything I want,
But there's a risk if things go wrong,
Complete amnesia could be lifelong.

I'm going to forget everything you betrayed,
From assuring hugs to times we were afraid,
From words of love to curses of hate,
The way the light played with your face.

I had to hide all the photographs,
The ones we often saw and laughed,
Deep in my basement with broken glass,
From you, I though have one last request,
Would you come and smile and greet,
If you see me across the street?

And I know somehow I will know you,
As a reality I once loved endlessly,
I can't believe I have to, I have to, I have to,
Erase you from my memory.
Jan 2016 · 484
You're Cosmic Poetry
Ayush B Jan 2016
The entire universe,
Adapted from your eyes,
Galaxies are made,
With a smile on your face,
Supernovas explode,
Every time a teardrop flowed,
Supermassive black hole,
That swallowed my soul,
Constellations became,
At the sound of your name,
You're stardust,
Recycled unparalleled,
Alas! every single day,
You're light years away.
Jan 2016 · 878
The Best and Worst of Me
Ayush B Jan 2016
When the gravity around had lost its pull,
And my universe was falling apart,
Stars they led you to my heart,
The best thing that ever happened to me

Nostalgic of something I am yet to loose,
Melancholy is the companion love would choose,
The ephemeral nature is what I refuse,
Of the best thing that ever happened to me

The pain is real and the wounds they bleed,
Time is a witness of everything I feel,
Only my pillow has seen me weep,
'Coz of the worst thing that ever happened to me

Eons to forge, moments to fall apart,
It's something that aches, something that is,
The way It was never supposed to be,
That is the worst thing that ever happened to me
Jan 2016 · 11.4k
Hey There Nephew
Ayush B Jan 2016
Hey there nephew, you're precious to me,
You're only six and life is yet to be,
But here let me tell you a thing or two,
I want you to live it before you get here too

Your world is small but your mind is free,
Ride that bicycle all you can on the street,
Hit that ball as far as the eye can see,
Slow the world down and be an athlete

Let your mommy give you kisses you need,
Cry and hug her when your fingers bleed,
Her laps are the best pillow indeed,
She will always love you, that is guaranteed

Your dad is going to be your best hero,
He will protect you today and tomorrow,
I too love you a little too much,
Somehow it can heal me, your touch

You too will someday love someone,
Kiss her lips and touch the sun,
Love her heart with all your soul,
Pity, impermanence is something you can't control

You are young and still have a lot to learn,
When you get to my age one or two things you really love,
No there kid I don't mean to make you cry,
When it gets hard just give it one more try

You see, all these things I too had once,
I see you and I see a piece of me,
Life is long and life is short,
You make me relive my memories
Jan 2016 · 2.8k
The Sailor Who Went Down
Ayush B Jan 2016
The Sailor Who Went Down

There's a frown on the sailor's face,
Who lost the sight of shore,
He knew how drowning felt,
Though he never swam before.

In a distance far too far,
He saw a faintly shimmering light,
He found the lighthouse to lead him home,
Or an old trick by his head, played through his eyes?

The saltiness of the water,
Mixed with the one in his eyes,
With bones melting and heart pumping,
For a brief moment, he was alive.

The mist however made him lose his sight,
But he would just wait for the light to shine,
He lost it way too many times,
Once more, I promise and I'd never look back.

The starry night granted him a wish,
"Let me see my salvation one more time"
But some wishes they never go through,
The sailor never saw the light.

Old and drunk the sailor thinks about the shore,
The warmth of the sun felt like her breath,
He gets kissed on the cheeks by the waves,
Playing with the sand like his lovers hair.

But as the storm came crashing in,
Cold water stabbed him multiple times,
The sailor who never swam before,
Was drowning once more.

— The End —