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Ayush B Jan 2016
No matter how much I resisted it,
The one word I've only said once,
Ayush B Jan 2016
The old veteran waiting at the corner of the street,
Often seen all alone on his wheelchair,
With a flag on the back, a smile on his face,
Even during the coldest winter nights,
Seems like he's waiting for someone to arrive,
But who knows,
Maybe someday I'll ask the story.
Ayush B Jan 2016
Can just for one moment we stop by,
Sit alone in the corner of a coffee shop,
And just look at every passerby?
Every single one of them has a story to tell.

A reason for their decisions,
The consequences of their choices,
About their love and heartbreak,
Their dreams and nightmares,
Their moment of joy and glory,
The night they were weeping till morning,
The one thing they pray for every night,
All the precious things taken for granted,
The list of places they'd like to wander,
And the one place they often call home,
I believe none of them should apologize,
For all the ways they chose to survive.

And maybe then, just maybe then,
The world will seem to be a better place,
Can just for one moment we stop by,
And appreciate this beautiful sonder of life.
  Jan 2016 Ayush B
wyatt rabbit
it's not your fault baby bird
they never taught you how to fly.
you were forced out of the nest
while they watched you fall and die.
Ayush B Jan 2016
The stars they often wondered,
In constellations they often clustered,
Until one day they realized,
That they just found their universe.

This beautiful pattern time, space and gravity weave,
It is what is called the universe.
For everyone who looks above,
They are the centre of the universe.

For what was the end of space,
Was the begging of time,
And what emerged from a Big Bang,
Was born from a blackhole.

For what is a lifetime for us,
For him was just a moment,
The only one place we've seen is so timeless,
Imagine about the whole universe.

The invisible force they call gravity,
Even without touching it keeps everything together,
For the universe had to make up for,
The isolation that was left there somehow.

For light years those photons had traveled,
Across an infinite of solitude and emptiness,
Just so that they can create a picture,
And reflect themselves in the iris of an eye.

Everything is always in motion,
It had to expand to thrive and grow,
There is no concept of fixed in the cosmos,
For something moving so fast it's barely moving.

A mind so tiny relative to celestials,
Could think about the entire universe.
The only thing aware of its existence,
The universe is just looking for its purpose.
Ayush B Jan 2016
How naive are those who often confuse,
With loneliness,
The taste of solitude
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