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If loving you is a sin
Tell the Devil I'm in
 Feb 2016 Ayush B
Teresa garza
Falling down a deep hole
dark and lonely
until you find that rabbit
you were chasing after
no longer lonely
no longer dark
you fall into this bad habit
I found my rabbit
you are my bad habit
I'm falling
pushing every one away every day
just for you
your all I need
I'm handing you my heart
now just grab it
cause your my bad habit
I'm falling down this dark hole
just a lonely soul
your my bad habit
I wanna spend every minute safe in your arms
with you I feel free
your pulling me in even more now
I need you so much more now
your my bad habit
I'm getting addicted
thought I had control over my bad habit
but the longer I'm away
the more I want to play
with my bad habit
About drugs and love
and fighting
with teary haze
remembering days
on reynolds and baird
that trim little white lair
a world bigger on inside
love and order multiplied
children's favorite retreat
family's sanctuary sweet
built by grandpa's hand
and grandma filled it in
with nurturing so wide
always on your side
wish i could restore
a hole in my core
missing them so
wish i could go
back and see
west liberty
as it was
i miss
 Feb 2016 Ayush B
His eyes weren't grey,
They were a faint azure blue
That faded into mercury.
Pools of molten silver,
Glistening like diamonds
Capturing me in his trance.
A glint of steel; a hint of teal
His eyes weren't stormy,
They were bright and rich,
Shining in the night.
Light dancing like waves
In their inky depths.
I'm drowning.

His eyes weren't grey,
and I'm drowning.

His eyes are beautiful,
and I'm drowning.

I'm drowning.
Another poem about beautiful eyes... feedback is always appreciated!
I miss


And my
Free time.
 Feb 2016 Ayush B
Bianca Reyes
You were never to blame
For it was I who wrapped
myself around your finger
The warmth there pleased me
It was I who chose to eat
Off the palm of your hand
Everything tasted better there
Shared on Hello Poetry on February 2, 2016
Copywrite under Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved
Blah blah blah
 Feb 2016 Ayush B
 Feb 2016 Ayush B
You remind me of the moon
so beauteous
so bright
yet so far away
7 weeks of sadness
7 weeks of "i hate this and me and everything"
7 weeks of scars on skin
and 7 weeks of hell

7 days of perfect
7 days of "i can do anything and everything"
7 days of brash decisions
7 days of heaven

7 weeks of no and 7 days of yes
or so it seems
i think its in my head
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