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Audrey Cave Mar 2015
Life is like a railroad.
A song that never ends.
Its given and its taken.
Life. It has no end.
People live from day to day.
Without a single clue.
Of what will happen in days end.
The mist beyond the blue.
Audrey Cave Mar 2015
The sweetness of honey.
The coolness of breeze.
The death in your eyes
Doesn't scare me.
The bright light is gone.
Its dark in the skys.
The scar on your face.
The black gloomy night .
I'm here now and then.
The blood in your hand.
The light in the dark
Has gone back to dim.
And now that you know
That one life is gone.
You turn and you flee.
Your mission is done.
Audrey Cave Mar 2015
Bright red tears
Slip down her face.
Eyes are beaten, bruised.
The sweat-beads form
As brother comes,
To beat her black and blue.
The cry she gives.
Is quickly silenced.
By agony and fear.
He takes her arm,
Raises it high.
And cracks it without tear.
Her ear-piercing cry
Is once silenced again.
By life or death decision.  
Brother blows.
Pounding her down.
And to heaven
That little girl goes.
Audrey Cave Mar 2015
My little sister.
My sweet little treasure.
Was lying close to death.
Asleep, on the sheets
Of heaven.
My hand over hers.
Her pale, fair face.
No hair over her head.
Sweet, shallow breaths,
Are all she can take.
The time is soon to bend.
A tear slipped out,
Of my sea-blue eye.
And landed on her cheek.
I went to wipe
That tear away,
And saw a golden streak.
A warm breeze soon came over me
A feather stroked my cheek.
I looked around.
Saw nothing there.
And then I heard the beep.
My little sister,
Lay still as could be.
In gold dust covered sheets.
An angel took my little sister.
But Jesus she would meet.
Audrey Cave Mar 2015
The Blare
Hurts your eyes.
Your so used to the dark.
The fear and the hurt
And the pain.
You had nowhere to go.
Just sitting alone.
Darker than the darkest of nights.
But here
Is your chance!
A light in the dark.
A way
To get out of this mess.
You turn and you flee.
Away from the bright.
To scared to take
The risk

— The End —