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 Jul 2020 archwolf-angel
I have never thanked you,
for the conversations.

I have never thanked you,
for the smile.

I have never thanked you,
for asking me how i'm really doing.

I have never thanked you,
for staying alive.

Thank you,
thank you.
 Nov 2017 archwolf-angel
 Nov 2017 archwolf-angel
Something is wrong,
something's amiss today.

Sun shines duller,
and everything seems so ill-fitting.

Walking in all directions,
failing to find the way.

It's beyond this fog...
I know but I'm just not seeing.

It's like a rope,
tied in a noose and knows no fray.

Something's amiss...
and I think I'm losing.
 Nov 2017 archwolf-angel
 Nov 2017 archwolf-angel
I dream of the night

That I'd sprout new wings

I'd then take to the sky

In search of new things

I'd flap them hard

I'd crest over the moon

I'd map out the stars

I'd claim the boon

But the wings, feathers they shed

More till first sun's beam

I'd falter back into this shell

Till it's time for a new night's dream

 Nov 2017 archwolf-angel
Dusting off the dirt
from my shoes well worn.

They've travelled far
and had tasted all manners
of earth.

Soles now parched,
and leather all beaten.

Eyes laced close,
scuffs and tears
crying for a mend.

Tongue lolled limp,
dislocated and misplaced.

These shoes,
they beg for a life
much different.

But these feet
knows and wants
the only ones
that fit.
 Nov 2017 archwolf-angel
The rage that surged...

The coal in the furnace that
drove heated words.

The years before had converged
and all it needed was a mere
little pin-*****...

To blow this situation
wide open...
To usher the birth of
a broken fist.
 Nov 2017 archwolf-angel
 Nov 2017 archwolf-angel
Inclined to wonder

If time is worth rewinding

To rewrite the past
 Nov 2017 archwolf-angel
You don't see my eyes...
They look away whilst my cheeks
with a band worn thin,
hold up this mask.

With effortless ease,
I maintain this smile
plastered upon the sheen
of cheap mouldable plastic.

Fooling others
with a face acceptable by default,
when my neck and collar
stain wet.

Protected and hidden
are my innermost thoughts
and emotions - a morbid
sense of oneness and freedom.

I, therefore, cannot shed
such an accoutrement.
This mask - a fort I will hold and
a bastion, I will not compromise.

Because behind it I feel safe, hidden
and unjudged.
 Nov 2017 archwolf-angel
Days with deficits
Let me give you what you need
Take all you can get
 Nov 2017 archwolf-angel
This time I have,
is but a gift.

Meant to heal
broken skin
and fractured bone.

But I realise
that there's more...


What if,
repairing physical damage
is but a facet of
unanticipated tribulation?

What about...
Shattered thoughts?
Disjointed ideals?
Misplaced hopes?
Askewed trajectories?


This time too is meant
to get my stars in alignment.

But right now there just aren't any...
 Nov 2017 archwolf-angel
I hope you understand
when my lips seal shut
and my touch,
empty and cold.

I hope you understand
when my words are hardly
voiced and my silence
grow thick and bold.

I hope you understand
when I appear disconcerted
and this skin just rubs me irate.

I hope you understand
that I am in battle
and the demons
are at the gate.
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