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pink scars
peppered her lithe limbs
flower petals incised
on peach skin

moss coursed
withered yellow-brick channels
sloping loosely down
the crooked river mouth

clouds bulged
glazed heavily over the sun
like a flashlight
engulfed in sheets

lightning sliced
the pane of sky splintered
air ignited instantly
and danced around us
 Jul 2016 Audrey Maday
This is for you

To all Poets
The once who scream through painful silence
And the depressed wishing for an angel

The troubled souls, lost in self war
And some others mourning a lost one
Then the endless nights that bring tears to your eyes
To the molested one
Drunk in misery
And the others who is searching for a friend

I see you everyday in your words
I hear your Silence written in Ink
I feel your hearts yearning to be mended
I may not be a friend
Or family
I am a poet
I relate too
Don't curse yourself
Keep dreaming
Keep moving
Life happens~
But at the end
You will come out In success
Never give up
Look to the sky
Than that
Watches you
Just keep looking
Keep looking

Ovi OdieteĀ©

May your rough road be smooth
I don't know you, but this is for you
she was once so beautiful.
her skin would glow,
her laugh was contagious,
her presence in a room would never be unnoticed.
but then.....
so much pain filled her life in such short time,
she lost control
and she lost herself.
she decided numbness
would be better
than feeling all together.
she concealed the scars on her hands.
her secret wonderland would be her escape.
the sting of the needle,
the rush of pure nirvana....

she is no longer beautiful.
her skin clings to her bones,
thirsty for a fix, hungry for the sting.
her presence is still noticed by others,
but the glares now radiate disgust.
she doesn't notice,
she is too numb to understand my pain,
she is too lost to feel my tears,
and she is too far from my reach
for me to
save her.
 Sep 2015 Audrey Maday
If love is blind,
then may I never see again
 Jul 2015 Audrey Maday
 Jul 2015 Audrey Maday
People who fight
their battles alone
either lose the battle
or lose themselves.
the first
innocent to the core, a
stolen love through
the words
of my brothers

the second
long after had only loved
for an exact amount,
none left to give
after a deadline was met

the third
a ****** drunken night
resulted in a quick
of my decisions

the fourth
stuck needles where he
shouldn't have, a
heavy river spilling
on the rocks
and ghostly waters

the rest had no love to give
only advice to spare, a
game lost, a game
all in the same vein
****** little poem for ****** little tears
 Jun 2015 Audrey Maday
 Jun 2015 Audrey Maday
let me learn the sweet poetry you
wrote on my skin with your fingertips and
let me taste the new galaxies that


and spin from your
 Jun 2015 Audrey Maday
She watches them together,
as her breath stops with a catch,
and her heart aches, pulled by tethers
made of love and lonely sadness.

He laughs. Briefly she can't help
but think that they'd be better.
She watches by herself,
and slowly drives herself to madness.
It's strange, the little things that can make her cry.
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