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Jun 2021 · 447
Best joke I ever made
Adriana Rose Jun 2021
My husband and I stood in line
To meet his hero.
After shaking hands,
We realized
They had on matching shoes.

I said “you’re sole mates”
No one laughed.
Jun 2021 · 949
My own worst enemy
Adriana Rose Jun 2021
Why is it I can forgive you
For mistreating me.

But not myself
For staying.
Jun 2021 · 813
Adriana Rose Jun 2021
I don’t speak.
It’s easier that way.
Not because I’m not brave,
Or have nothing to say.
But because my tongue was cut out
By you know who,
The day he locked the door
To my bedroom.
Feb 2016 · 2.0k
Bubble Bath
Adriana Rose Feb 2016
This isn’t the first time
she has been here,
washing away the day,
as if scrubbing the
top layer of skin off
would make all the
wrongs go away
Mar 2015 · 528
Lay Me in Earth
Adriana Rose Mar 2015
I want to go away.
Lay me in the Earth
And let my body decay.

My mother isn't a cryer,
She would rather fold my body up
To lose it to fire.

Would they sprinkle my ashes somewhere-
Or place me in a jar,
Leaving me on a shelf without a care?

I would rather be put in a box-
Placed underground
To be covered in a mold frost.
Mar 2015 · 1.2k
Adriana Rose Mar 2015
I use to be good at this thing called talking.
I would open my mouth and
It just happened.
Now when I part my lips
All that comes out is a cold, dead, cough.
Where did all the words go?
Adriana Rose Mar 2015
I've never felt so safe letting someone in my head.
You had a way about you that took away all the dread.
You spoke with such clarity,
Looked at me with such sincerity-
And put my heart in your own chest
Leaving me with a bare breast.
Does my heart weight you down-
Or make you smile instead of frown?
Do you feel it in there?
Having it's quite rare.

I knew you wouldn't stay-
Yet I gave it to you anyway.
Call that vain,
Yet I'd rather feel all the pain
Than never to have said anything
To you who makes my soul sing.
Jul 2013 · 655
The Moment We Were Gods
Adriana Rose Jul 2013
Imagine this if you will-
Us perched in a forest somewhere,
Throwing pebbles downhill,
A certain energy in the air.

Our feet were dangling,
Our hearts entwined.
My words-strangling.
Your eyes-blind.

Sitting in a still isolation,
We heard Natures applauds.
The world truly was our creation.
That was the moment we were Gods.
Jul 2013 · 728
Out of Love
Adriana Rose Jul 2013
I feel better out of love.
Clingy as I am,
It's something I never made use of.

Love drags us down,
Paranoids us,
Like a loner in a ghost town.

Yes, it makes my legs shake,
As if I were standing on low
Ground during an Earthquake.

Perfection at my finger tips,
They always leave,
And I just bite my lips.

"It is better to have loved and lost,
Than never to have loved at all,"
They say, eyes glossed.

That would be true if you were gone,
But my mind,
lost in its own way, can't move on.

To be in love
With a figment
Is something I cant get rid of.

This is why I feel better out of love,
Clingy as I am,
It's something I never made use of.
Apr 2013 · 635
Adriana Rose Apr 2013
Do you ever wonder what could be
If cold stones in the street
Brought you home to me?

Do you ever wonder why
Eyes burned down to be blind?
It's what brought me to lie.

Do you ever wonder how
We smiled and laughed?
My dear, it was just a show.

Do you ever wonder who?
Cursed with untitled emotion,
It was always you.

Do you ever wonder when?
When was the point
Where I'd not know where you'd been?

Do you ever wonder where I am?
Spaced between continents,
The love sale was a sham.
Apr 2013 · 822
Adriana Rose Apr 2013
Upon the summer days,
We’d run around in a craze.
Fears and worries set aside,
We set our souls free and glide.

Young and blind,
You know our kind:
Wild like a new born pup,
Only wanting to grow up.

We mature into our ears,
And dance across the years.
We pounce together,
Feet as light as a feather.

Our energy runs out,
And our lips begin to pout.
We slowly being to wilt,
And our posture starts to tilt.

Dancing to a slower beat,
We feel not so complete,
Our childhood has flown by,
And time forces us to comply.

You’re old now,
With a bead of sweat on your brow.
Should have held on tighter,
Should have proven you were a fighter.

Your eyes still show that twinkle,
As you earned every wrinkle.
You’re still a child inside,
Two parts of you like Jekyll and Hyde.
Apr 2013 · 2.3k
Infertile Soul
Adriana Rose Apr 2013
Do not lay your body upon my heart.
Quivering as it is would be a bad start.
You wont grow, for I have an infertile soul,
But I assure you I'm quite whole.
Problem is the lack of sunshine,
And a consciousness drawn by a thick line.
While I love you,
As you wait for our debut,
Do not lay your body upon this work of art,
For it simply would not be smart.
You wont grow, for i have an infertile soul,
But I assure you,  I'm only partial troll.

— The End —