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Adriana Rose Jun 2021
My husband and I stood in line
To meet his hero.
After shaking hands,
We realized
They had on matching shoes.

I said “you’re sole mates”
No one laughed.
Adriana Rose Jun 2021
Why is it I can forgive you
For mistreating me.

But not myself
For staying.
Adriana Rose Jun 2021
I don’t speak.
It’s easier that way.
Not because I’m not brave,
Or have nothing to say.
But because my tongue was cut out
By you know who,
The day he locked the door
To my bedroom.
Adriana Rose Feb 2016
This isn’t the first time
she has been here,
washing away the day,
as if scrubbing the
top layer of skin off
would make all the
wrongs go away
Adriana Rose Mar 2015
I want to go away.
Lay me in the Earth
And let my body decay.

My mother isn't a cryer,
She would rather fold my body up
To lose it to fire.

Would they sprinkle my ashes somewhere-
Or place me in a jar,
Leaving me on a shelf without a care?

I would rather be put in a box-
Placed underground
To be covered in a mold frost.
Adriana Rose Mar 2015
I use to be good at this thing called talking.
I would open my mouth and
It just happened.
Now when I part my lips
All that comes out is a cold, dead, cough.
Where did all the words go?
Adriana Rose Mar 2015
I've never felt so safe letting someone in my head.
You had a way about you that took away all the dread.
You spoke with such clarity,
Looked at me with such sincerity-
And put my heart in your own chest
Leaving me with a bare breast.
Does my heart weight you down-
Or make you smile instead of frown?
Do you feel it in there?
Having it's quite rare.

I knew you wouldn't stay-
Yet I gave it to you anyway.
Call that vain,
Yet I'd rather feel all the pain
Than never to have said anything
To you who makes my soul sing.
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