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 Feb 2021 Fearless
Grace E
Pale Moon
 Feb 2021 Fearless
Grace E
Pale moon
You glittering orb of ice and sand
Reflecting sundrops
Cascading on our darkened land

Pale moon
What secrets you know
Lovers stolen kisses
And the torment of the human soul

How we’ve wailed to you moon
How we’ve cried
How we’ve confided in you
Things we dare not bring into the sunlight

Pale moon
Rising is your ancient duty
We crave you moon
You’ve bewitched us with your ghostly beauty
 Feb 2021 Fearless
 Feb 2021 Fearless
Putting pen to paper
My thoughts begin to flow

From a quarry of memories
I know longer wish to hold

They blossom into flowers
Once trampled by my soul

Now nourished by a feeling
I never thought I’d know
 Sep 2020 Fearless
Thomas W Case
My daughter talks to
her blueberries like
they're her friends.
My soul smiles
and I never want
it to end.
my daughter eating breakfast, she's two and a half.
 Sep 2020 Fearless
Norman Crane
From the eleventh floor
the world looks small
and possible

The cars
     black and white
     parked perpendicular
          to the curb
          to each other
are keys
     ebony and ivory
I reach out
through the window
and play the street like a piano
She slipped clumsily in a café
Looked all around her
from the corner of her eye
Felt all eyes upon her
Bit her lip
and flushed crimson
most disconcertedly.

He was sacked,
literally fired
Got down in the dumps
Was down and out
and was left feeling
blue so gloomily.

He gave her a blossomed rose
Blood rushed to her cheeks
She blushed a deep red
so very joyously.

She watched her rival from afar
Summed up her envy in reflex
and she turned green jealously.

It looked hale and hearty
Ooh the cherubic chubby cheeks
Baby looked in the pink
as it babbled away innocently.

She heard of a loved one's demise.
That was a shock indeed
She went white as a sheet
as she then wept so woefully.

She saw a teeny-weeny spider on her skirts
Talk of arachnids and phobias, yikes!
She turned a pale yellow in fright
as she screamed so fearfully.

He found his sweetheart
in another man's arms
Doubted his own charms
and his face went purple with rage
almost immediately.

He faced his lifelong enemy
Hate brimmed up in him
as his bitterness found a vent
He shot him a black glare
how very scornfully

Well, well, it might seem that the worst of all the human hues
are the melancholic depressing blues
But I think being green for jealousy
and the black of hate
top the list in deserving poohs.
Mind you these human pigmentation of emotions
are a matter of reflex
for you can't choose
which of the human hues
you'd like to wear, on party day
and which you'd rather not use.
The colours of our emotions, each stanza describes different emotions and the colours they are represented by in English.
 Jul 2020 Fearless
 Jul 2020 Fearless
she burned every bridge
because the heat from the fire kept her warm
and the danger of the flames were better than emptiness

she burned every bridge
and sank every ship
before she realized she was on an island
 Jul 2020 Fearless
Imran Islam
Look up to the blue sky
with some tears for me,
and find the happiness
O Mom, look up for me!

Mama, if you feel hurt
Forget all the pride
Forgive me as your son
for breaking your heart!

It's the truth of my youth
to stay on the right path
I will overcome the fear
with confidence, O Mom!

May all your prayers
be granted by the Lord
Wipe away all of your tears
Just smile, smile for me, Mom!
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