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Jul 2021 · 133
Jesus Loves You!
Fearless Jul 2021
In the beginning when He created you and me
He only wanted us to always be happy
to have amazing fun, and relationships that last
not to have sins that we're escaping from our past

everything was good when He made it at the start
except for one thing, and that's a lonely heart
when it was all still perfect, nothing had gone bad
He created companionship, so our hearts would not be sad

All the lies you hear, that you are not enough
when things don't go your way, and life is kinda rough
you think He doesn't love you, that He doesn't care
you question whether or not He's even really there

You think you're being punished for everything you've done
but that's the very reason that He sent His only son
if you just accept you're loved, and go about your life
giving love to others, without fear of pain or strife

let God fill you up, then let those walls come down
don't protect yourself with walls built all around
open up your heart, and let them all come in
that will give you victory, that is how you win

the battle of the lonely heart, a paradox at best
push away, but long for love, just like all the rest
we're all in this together, if we could only see
reach out and love today, help change this world with me
Apr 2021 · 107
The Bipolar Rock
Fearless Apr 2021
I'm so angry I cut off an ear!
I'm so sad in denial and fear
I'm so happy and cocky and free
everyone should all be looking at me
walking on water, my faith is so strong
but it never seems to last me too long
ups and downs and ins and outs
smiles and laughter, then tears and pouts
why am I such an emotional mess
do you know who I am? I'll give you one guess.
I'm Peter, the disciple that followed the Lord
Who loved Jesus, right down to my core
hot tempered and passionate, all over the place
but Jesus was patient, love shown from His face
He took an emotional, and hot-blooded dude
spouting off at a slight, and who may have been rude
He saw the potential, strong man I could be
and never once did He ever give up on me
He built his whole church on this foundation
showing us anybody can enjoy His salvation
If your ups are real high and your downs are so low
and you can't seem to be happy wherever you go
if you're out of control and don't know what to do
Just ask Jesus, and He can help your moods too
The name Peter means "Rock" and was given to him by Jesus when he was still an emotional mess, because Jesus knew he would become SOLID! Unmovable, unwavering, unshakable. You can find his story in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. :)
Mar 2021 · 104
Happy Days Are Here Again!
Fearless Mar 2021
I went on a dark and bitter road
carrying with me a giant load
of anger, fear, and huge regret
and things I wanted to forget
relationship dissolved in fights
so I had to book some flights
to escape my mistake
when I had finally come awake
to see that there was no love here
filled me up with giant fear
I spread that fear all around
by air and sea and on the ground
drowning in puddles of my tears
Jesus reached down through my fears
He took my chin and raised my eyes
but I latched onto unhealthy guys
I prayed and prayed and pushed my way
But God said no, so I couldn't stay
this brought me to a choice, you see
do I trust Him or be angry?
I didn't get the thing I wanted
which could have left me lifelong haunted
Instead I chose to have some faith
not to try to play it safe
All the things I've ever tried
and all the stupid tears I've cried
have lead me to this place I see
where Jesus just wants to love me
When He said no, it was for my good
and now I'm in a much happier mood!
He brought me to battles I couldn't face
took me on runs I couldn't race
He put walls up I couldn't climb
and ran down clocks till out of time
so He could guide me along the way
to a beautiful, and happy day
because His plans for us are great
and with Him, it's never too late!
You won't be happy when you win
so you can go right back to sin
you win when you are already happy
I know it sounds a little bit sappy
So praise the Lord with all your heart
that is the first place to start
praise Him when you've got no reason
and soon you will, in it's due season
Thank Him when it makes no sense
especially when feeling tense
He will give you peace inside
so you don't have to run and hide
He fights our battles when we trust
and does whatever that He must
to show His love and abundance too
He wants you to know, that He loves you!
Fearless Feb 2021
He heals the broken hearted and sets the captive free
I know this to be true, because He's done so much for me
I cried I giant puddle, till I had no more tears
some are broken for a month, I was broken down for years
to shut out the whole world, I hardened up my heart
and then I let one in, and he shattered it apart
but Jesus picked me up from the broken place inside
where I had run away, to isolate and hide
He showed me how to grow, and fill the holes with Him
and let go of my past, and turn away from sin
He showed me how to live, and what I had to gain
He took away my hurt and fear and washed away my pain
He put loving people in my life to bolster up my hope
and He showed me happy is a choice, now I don't want to mope
we think that when we win, we'll be happy and be free
but actually, victory comes, because you chose happy
so next time you make the choice to curse God and complain
instead ask Him to help you make something good from pain
Feb 2021 · 125
Fearless Feb 2021
Valentines for some may mean candy, flowers, rings
attention, love, and laughter, and lots of shiny things
Valentines for others may be a day to dread
the desperate and the lonely, who only want to wed
Valentines for some is a piece of Roman history
but much like real life love, it's a bit of a mystery
Valentines for others holds no joy at all
frantic restaurant workers or a nurse that is on call
Valentines in the end is really just a day
another one the Lord has made, whatever comes my way
Feb 2021 · 222
Jesus Loves Me
Fearless Feb 2021
I know Jesus loves me
It's in everything I see
when I have a bad day
I know it'll be okay
we're here for a time
short like this little rhyme
but when things do go bad
and I find I'm really sad
just take my eyes off this life
and the struggle to be a wife
and know thankfulness is key
then love's in everything I see
Feb 2021 · 468
First the Kingdom
Fearless Feb 2021
Seek ye first His Kingdom
and that's when you will find
all those other things you chase
that run around your mind
they really do not matter
this life is but a breath
and when you die at the end
you will have nothing left
but if you seek His Kingdom
and store treasure up above
instead of struggling alone
you can rely upon His love
if you look upon this life
as a foundation for the rest
and work as hard as you can now
in eternity you'll be blessed
We think retirement happens
around when we turn 62
but what if it happens when we die
and we don't have a clue
are we not willing to risk
a few years when old and grey
for an eternity of joy and fun
that makes this life look like one day?
Feb 2021 · 104
Busy BB With Me
Fearless Feb 2021
I first went out to dinner to have a little chat
I went out with my friend who has a little cat
then came the weekend and camping was the theme
my friend that I went with, we made a decent team
after that was Monday, I worked as best I could
trying to be an adult, as I know I should
days are kind of dragging; season's kind of slow
and the sunlight outside beckons with its warming glow
but Wednesday we went dancing all in one straight line
and now I am determined to make that new dance mine
then another weekend, and I could not sit still
didn't seem to have direction, or a strength of will
but went out in the wilderness to catch a little break
and every time I do that, it's never a mistake
I talked to God and told Him all the things that bother me
and tried to put it in His hands, 'cause the future, I can't see
Then I paced around the house, doing random stuff
but I ate too much sugar so the restlessness was rough
then I got invited out with the boys to shoot
and I could tell that one of them thought I was really cute
I've had a few fun weeks, and busy ones for sure
but missing you's what ails me, but for that there is one cure
I know you're missing me as well because you told me so
but do you want to BE with me? that's what I want to know...
Jan 2021 · 116
Journey of Words
Fearless Jan 2021
A wandering thought across a page
like meandering deer trails through the sage
you don't know where they will go
but you follow just to know
what mysteries may lie in wait
locked behind an iron gate
or in a pirate chest in the sea
words are always a journey for me
Jan 2021 · 83
No More Miss Friend-Zone
Fearless Jan 2021
I'm behind a wall and I'm trying to break through
I wonder what you'd think of me, if you only knew
I'm not always behind it, sometimes I'm right out front
It's always when I'm feeling brave, like it's a big stunt
I opened up my heart and I let you walk inside
but the wall is still there and sometimes I run and hide
I go for a long drive just to get away from fear
but no matter how long or far I ago, it always seems so near
I want to be the one that you hold in bed each night
I don't want to be in this mode of constant fight of flight
why can't I just be normal and affectionate and free?
why do I always overthink stuff and never just be me?
I know I have to tell you, or it will never work
and if I don't let it out, then I'll feel like a ****
I want to believe in myself and the love that's in my heart
to promise loyalty and love until death do us part
So if you really love me, as you said you do
I hope it can be in the same way, that I love you too
Dec 2020 · 55
Fearless Dec 2020
Up and up and up we go
but somehow we always know
that down again comes suddenly
and that is why I wish you'd see

some things are not good ya know
I know you think you want them though
but they're not working for a reason
and everything comes in it's season

a time to love and a time for goodbye
and it may make you want to cry
but if you make a little room
Jesus can give you the moon

you can't explain the joy inside
it bubbles out and it won't hide
friends will come from all around
to see your frown turned upside down

'cause everyone wants to see you hope
not to hide and fume and mope
they want to see you love your life
they want to see you find a good wife

they want to see that you are loved
and know you're taken good care of
that somebody protects your heart and mind
never leaving you behind

that someone works to keep your trust
and does whatever that they must
to show you what you're worth to them
that you are not like other men

that you are special, strong and brave
and you're the only man they crave
keeps your reputation intact
doesn't lie or skew the facts

so time to stand and be a man
time to execute that plan
that rollercoaster once was fun
but let her go, her time is done
If you are in a relationship with somebody who is draining your emotional energy, but you just want to love them until they understand love. Until they finally learn to reciprocate it, and you know that if you just treat them with kindness, one day it will all turn around...get out. Stop worshipping the ground they walk on. You are enabling them to be a monster by letting them get away with everything with no consequences for their actions. Hold yourself to a higher standard. Love God first, and worship Him only. Then they will lose the control they have over you. Accept His love, and you won't have to earn theirs. Be free!!!
Sep 2020 · 52
Love and It's Opposite
Fearless Sep 2020
I traveled round the world
to study love and fear
and took it upon myself
to write about it here

first I studied love
'cause I fell for this bloke
then I was afraid
and thought love was a joke

then I studied fear
because it gripped me so
it followed me about
wherever I would go

I ran and ran and tried
just to get away
but it was always there
like it was here to stay

then one day it happened
while searching for the cure
I realized how to get it
that feeling that was pure

confident and brave
and no longer afraid
there's nothing in this life
that I would ever trade

I know it will sound simple
it really is quite odd
love will cure your fear
when you accept that you're not God
Fearless Sep 2020
Once upon a time
we worked on a boat
I just mostly cleaned
while you kept it afloat
I never would have thought
thinking way back then
how lucky I really was
to have you as a friend
came to see me in Seattle
when I was all alone
and you always answer
when I text your phone
lending me your car
cuz I was walkin in the sun
and dinners out were great
talkin to you is always fun
you probably find it annoying
that I made you read a rhyme
so go drink a *** and coke
and don't forget the lime
Sep 2020 · 53
2 Years Gone By
Fearless Sep 2020
2 years gone by, since I sat here with the dead
back then, I could not get you outta my head
drove by the Battery where I used to run
when I was depressed, while you had your fun
you liked that girl, but it's all just the same
you want their attention, it's just a dumb game
I'm over you, and you don't even know
because you're in a cycle and you'll never grow
you're like the dead that are locked in these graves
you don't know Him, the only one who saves
you try to rescue these girls from themself
by hoarding up money and using your wealth
then you complain that they're after your money
well, what do you expect with that attitude Honey?
but you can't change them or save them from fear
because you're not God's gift to women my dear.
I will say this though, I pray for you each night
I hope you escape from your endless fight
I hope you come to understand what is love
it's a gift filled with joy and it comes from above
Sep 2020 · 63
Duck Huntin'
Fearless Sep 2020
Drive down the dirt road
In my lifted grey truck
I steady my shot gun
and aim for that duck
big pond on my left
and a field on my right
black eye a bit sore
from my big fight last night
pullin the trigger
I laugh at my luck
as down she falls
that beautiful duck
Pirate the dog
jumps out of the back
he's off like a shot
put my gun on the rack
duck in his mouth
he comes back with joy
and I pat his head
cuz he's such a good boy
back in the truck
and we ramble on
there's no tellin' at all
how long we'll be gone...
Fearless Sep 2020
Why am I anxious, no I don't know why
the spinning thoughts, they make me cry
Not good enough, the devil's own lie

Filling your mind up with all of this stuff
making you feel like you're never enough
TV and social media, making things rough

shut off all the noise and enjoy sweet release
with none of that clamoring, anxieties cease
let yourself make room for God's loving peace

Imbalance comes next, after your mental intake
all that time spent dwelling on a past mistake
will keep you stressed out, and always awake

let it go, it's no more, just push it away
don't repeat it! It's past, and it had it's day
the price not an endless thing you have to pay

One thing that's awful is indecision
this can be an unending prison
a jumbled up mass of creative vision

anxiety comes because you can't control
you try and you try to but it will take it's toll
just make a choice, and then work towards a goal

Integrity's a place where anxieties start
it's when you are not being true to your heart
you'll feel torn, like you're falling apart

put others first and scatter some joy
don't treat others like they are your toy
be patient, and not easy for them to annoy

another thing, is check your intention
don't strut around, oozing pretension
this one is an act of anxiety prevention

you're responsible for the reasons you act
YOU are responsible for the things that you lack
don't be a victim always feeling attacked

watch what you imagine inside of your head
replace negative thoughts with happy instead
or your heart will feel heavy as a bag of lead

Don't stay isolated, it's the worst place to be
it's where all of this takes root, don't you see?
Being alone will drive you up a tree

people need companionship, friendship, and love
and never forget to ask for help from above!
Aug 2020 · 49
Backwards doG
Fearless Aug 2020
I'm sad I had to leave you
I hope you understand
I loved you oh so much
your wish was my command
I know you're sad I'm gone now
but you don't have to be
because I know a secret
and I want you to see
there's this place called Heaven
and that's where doggies go
with endless parks and milk bones
I thought that you should know
there also is this big guy
His name is kind of odd
because it's my name backwards
and so we call him God
now you know I'm safe here
where dogs go when they die
I hope you get a new friend
'cause I don't want you to cry
Aug 2020 · 37
Little Sister
Fearless Aug 2020
The day that you were born my life was not the same
because on that day, everything became a game
you can't play games alone, so I'm happy we are two
cuz life would never be as fun, if I did not have you
no one makes me laugh the way I know you can
not my friends or our parents, or my favorite man
we played barbies, rode bikes, and then some hide and seek
lift each other up and help when the other's feeling weak
punched each other in the face, and cried a lot of tears
we had a lot of ups and downs and struggles through the years
but you're the only one that's been there and gets me like you do
and I hope you know that I'm the one that really gets you too
my life has been so blessed because you're in my life
I can't wait to stand beside you, as you become a wife
you're the best thing that could have ever happened to me
being an only child would have driven me up a tree
so have a happy birthday, on your special day
and to your happiness and hope, to God I always pray
Aug 2020 · 84
Empty Shell
Fearless Aug 2020
folded in upon herself
round curves and sharp lines
her brain all fuddled by it's grief
and her circumstance defines
she feels an empty shell
and so I've drawn her so
a girl without a face
for nobody can know
a person not themselves
but what others think they want
crushed inside this empty shell
the bravest soul to daunt
the empty loneliness engulfs
though surrounded by her peers
afraid to breathe or move or talk
locked inside her fears
and so she's sketchy pencil lines
for I have drawn her so
because one is not in color
until they can just let go
there is freedom in worship
but not if we are bound
we cannot even love ourselves
when worshipping those who walk the ground
Aug 2020 · 39
Moonlit Mermaid
Fearless Aug 2020
The sea is calm right 'fore the storm
I swim along, the water's warm
the moon so bright it calls my name
I answer as a moth to flame

a path he draws me with his light
I follow the trail of pale white
the stars are sparkling high above
all bathed in some creative love

up from the depths I swish my tail
catapult through air I sail
arch my back to dive back down
a simple joy my heart has found

hurricane's hold no fear for me
for I live deep within the sea
but if a sailor starts to drown
I hope it's where he can be found

for I would like a prince you see
a pirate man who loves the sea
bring him down to my watery home
where he and I can ever roam
Fearless Jul 2020
Do you wanna build a treehouse?
I just wanna play
we've no friends anymore
I feel it to my core
'cause we're all at home to stay

we used to be so social
and now we're not
only ******* reasons why

so do you wanna build a treehouse?
it doesn't have to be a treehouse

(Put on a mask!
Ok, bye...)

Do you wanna build a treehouse?
ride our bikes just where we choose
I know some social life is overdue
I'm so done listening to
the stupid freakin news!

(hang in there folks!)

It gets a tad bit lonely
with a covered face
watching our lives pass by...

Hey...I know you're out there.
we all probly feel the same
they say stay home stay safe
but see, I have this faith
and it's too big to tame

We all should help each other
there is always hope
so what are we gonna do?

Do you wanna build a treehouse?
sing to the tune of "Do you wanna build a snowman"
Jul 2020 · 64
My Friend
Fearless Jul 2020
He listens when I speak
and He's always filled with love
He knows I'm very weak
and He knows what I think of
He walks right by my side
and He helps me when I fall
He always will provide
each and every time I call
when I laugh I know He's near
He's the architect of mirth
He comforts when I fear
He's been watching me since birth
When I have lots of stress
and my anxiety is high
when I'm feeling like a mess
and I really don't know why
I think about my friends
and how they want my trust
and how it all depends
on doing what we must
a friend is one you talk to
with shared experience
and no matter what you do
there's built in resilience
He wants the same thing
time spent in conversation
He just wants us to bring
some shared communication
So, treat Him like a friend
trust the promises He makes
and you'll be happy till the end
'cause He gives way more than He takes
Jul 2020 · 78
Little Bits and Pieces
Fearless Jul 2020
a ragged little hand-me-down
a knotted ball of string
lots of broken pieces
of a copper clocky thing

the rain is coming down outside
her dress is ripped and torn
street cats scramble off to hide
while the wedding party morn

piano keys all broken
not a sound is heard
conversation felt not spoken
because sound would be absurd

a finger lifts her chin
to meet sparkling deep green eyes
in her he's found the twin
of his heart's mirror in disguise
Jul 2020 · 49
Fearless Jul 2020
rainbow painted across the sky
but it's sunny so I don't know why
when I feel out of sorts sometimes
and sit here writing silly rhymes
I wonder at things that I don't know
and I ask God to help me grow
there's more to life than what you see
I know there's more inside of me
To grow in faith and hope and love
is a gift straight from above
a rainbow's a promise many forgot
but many others were never taught
a promise God wouldn't destroy
dunking the world like a bathtub toy
a sign of patience in the sky
though His wrath we test and try
He just wants to love and save
and He wants us to behave
and do things that we know we should
behave the rules of OUR own good
We're the architects of our own pain
But He can save again and again
Jul 2020 · 58
Love God
Fearless Jul 2020
Love the Lord with all your heart
this is a great place to start
if you love Him the most of all
He picks you up each time you fall
He lifts you up and honors you
and shows you things that you could do
to live a happy, abundant life
not giving in to stress and strife
if you chase after things like drugs
or living life with other thugs
if alcohol is more your speed
trying to fill an endless need
He pursues your heart for Him
releasing you from all this sin
the empty holes you try to fill
following after the devil's will
will only grow more empty still
for they are all designed to ****
architected for your demise
but so enticing to disguise
that they bring you more pain than not
starting small and spreading rot
your brain and body start to give
sometimes even your will to live
you don't know why you're upset
you haven't reached the bottom yet
chasing after girls and boys
treating people like your toys
but if you love the Lord your God
this might seem a little odd
but you find happy deep within
when you're forgiven for your sin
you don't need a thing to chase
it just shines out of your face
and all the things you wanted bad
all the things that made you sad
they don't draw you anymore
they seem different than before
but good things that you really wanted
things in the back that always haunted
they will come straight after you
you won't even have to force them to!
So stop torturing yourself with stuff
never thinking it's enough
stop dulling pain and fear with "fun"
your life hasn't even yet begun
God loves you no matter what
this feeling might be in your gut
but do you love the Lord right back?
this is where we get off track
If you love Him, trust is key
He has better plans than you and me
Jul 2020 · 54
Fearless Jul 2020
I do not want to have this rage
I just want to start a new page
I cannot move along with hope
and at the same time sit and mope
Can't have an open heart that's free
while thinking of what couldn't be
the friendship just never stuck
i'm left here thinking what the $#%@
I don't understand why you ignore me
then seek me out continuously
I don't want a thing from you
but you still haven't got a clue
are you expecting me to chase?
well that just is not the case
All you want is my attention
nothing else that I can't mention
you want your ego soaring high
but for me it's time to say goodbye
Jul 2020 · 33
Social Distancing
Fearless Jul 2020
Stay away, no don't get close
fear the things that matter most
don't hug or love those around
just side step with stringent frown

don't give a hug and don't shake hands
wear a mask and make demands
watch the news to get a clue
of all the things that you should do

our world is the devil's playground
his dastardly deeds abound
isolate humanity and make us feel alone
the only human connection lies within our phone

filled to the brim with fears
nobody to wipe away our tears
fear produces anger, and anger leads to hate
we will just destroy ourselves, moving at this rate

God is love and hope and peace
His goodness and mercies never cease
but if we're so distracted with life
then all we can see is our temporary strife

the first thing in the Bible, God said was bad
was for man to be alone, isolated and sad
social distancing is the devil's tool
so you have to decide, will you let him rule?
Jun 2020 · 44
My Little Rust Bucket
Fearless Jun 2020
rattle rattle squeak squeak
oh no I think it sprung a leak
broken plastic on the dash
I only paid 500 cash
tires on the front are new
it stopped running, what to do
don't want this dumb ol' car no more
but I got more than I paid for!
Jun 2020 · 36
Fearless Jun 2020
Wheat bread has your fiber, to move things right along
Then the egg for protein, to make my muscles strong
the berries for antioxidants, to keep cancer at bay
bananas for potassium to wash the salt away
a little almond milk, fortified with vitamin D
then put in some OJ, for your immunity
add a little yogurt, for your digestive tract
healthy breakfast is important, yes, that is a fact
wrote this in my head while I was eating on my patio, and thought I'd write it down haha
Jun 2020 · 69
Dumb Men
Fearless Jun 2020
I just don't freaking understand
what it takes to make a man
they're insecure and needy too
but if you are, then they hate you
what they can't have, they always want
tease and flirt and sometimes taunt
but they don't really have a clue
whether or not they like you
want your attention and your touch
if you want more, then that's too much
when it's safe, chase after an ex
but it's always just for ***
been there before, so good to go
why are they so afraid to grow?
to be a man and make a choice
to find their *****, and their voice
to want the thing that's right for them
I don't understand these stupid men!
Attention ****** they always chase
roll my eyes it's such a waste....
they just want to conquer them
these people that we're calling "men"
Men should be courageous, not afraid
not putting their faith in what they're paid
men should be strong, helpful, kind
not run away when you speak your mind
men should value their own bodies more
not just always looking to score
I don't want to go on, no, I just can't
so I am done with this dumb rant
May 2020 · 71
Dead and Gone
Fearless May 2020
Smooth and hard with vacant eyes
staring back from this disguise
you'll never even recognize
a being long after it dies

the lies they told to reach a goal
the innocence they may have stole
the stress that took it's deathly toll
we're made of the same stuff as coal

all the money you have made
all those bills you somehow paid
getting rich just to get laid
work to the bone 'cause you're afraid

have to prove that you are tough
but never feeling good enough
always needing some more stuff
life can be a little rough

worry will get you no place
while putting wrinkles on your face
running in this sad rat race
until you're gone, without a trace

but eternity is yours to take
it is real, it is not fake
the choice is only yours to make
choose wisely now, before your wake!
May 2020 · 56
Fearless May 2020
Mom you're the one who dried up our tears
who reassured us through all of our fears
you scolded and spanked us but did it with care
you showed that you loved us and always were fair
you listen as we talk your ear off on the phone
and remind us when hurting, we're never alone
you pray for us, and encourage in all that we do
that's why you're the best, there's only one you
you cry like a girl when you're watching some flick
but you're strong and smart, and a really cool chick
We're so happy to have a mom filled with love
and we know that God fills you with it from above
Fearless May 2020
I'm sad your heart is hurting and I want to take your pain
I feel a little guilty try to push away my gain
I want to wrap my arms around you hug your hurt away
but I know that now is not the time, but maybe yet someday

I want to tell you Jesus saves and heals the brokenhearted
but I don't know how to share this, how do I get it started
I wish I could show you how to find the joy that I have found
but half the time I lose it too, and have to look around

You're my best friend, always there, happened out of nowhere
and I don't want to lose you, make you think that I don't care
I don't want to chase you away by caring over much
I just don't know what I should do, how do I handle such?

I want you to love Jesus, with all your heart and soul
this is first and foremost, my loving purposed goal
I want you to love me too, and maybe spend our life
in a partnership where we're husband and wife

round in circles thoughts are spinning, can't make sense of it
with all of my intelligence, I've seemed to've lost my whit
so I will give it up to God, He said victory's His anyway
and I'm sure that if we trust Him, it'll all make sense someday
Apr 2020 · 54
Mental Olympics Part II
Fearless Apr 2020
Diving off the high dive into the dark unknown
sometimes in life, we think we're all alone
the silence of the water as it closes o'er our head
giving us the peace that we'll feel when we are dead
worried about what others think, we walk along a beam
feeling so frustrated, that we just want to scream
I just don't want to care, what they think of me
I just want to finally be opened up and free
joy sparks up inside, flipping through the air
finally, things going right, I'm free without a care
until the gun shot rings and I'm running for my life
jumping over hurdles of pain and fear and strife
gliding over ice in a sparkling white dress
but one fall from grace, will put me in distress
overanalyzing all the twists and turns of fate
is the one thing about me, that I really seem to hate
I wish I didn't think sometimes, wish I didn't want to know
I'd be so much happier if I could just go with the flow
Apr 2020 · 56
Mental Olympics
Fearless Apr 2020
Where does it all start, I don't see the beginning
but when there are 5, it's a symbol you are winning
round and round they go, seamless but entwined
and if you are like me, they're invading your whole mind
these circles in my head, they spin out of control
it makes it difficult, to focus on just one goal
they all seem interlocked, connected to each other
so which should pick first? Is it this one or another?
one is for relationships, it constantly seems to spin
it's in the center of the others, and we always want to win
to win the guy or girl, have the perfect combination
most of the time, this leads to nothing but frustration
'cause people aren't a prize, that you can conquer and move on
once you win their heart, they don't like it when you're gone
another ring's career, and this one can be tough
especially when your identity is wrapped up in this stuff
what if you choose wrong and it doesn't seem to fit
what if it's too stressful and you just can't handle it
what if you get bored and want something that is new
or you waste too much time, on trying out a few
then there are your hobbies, another choice to choose
trying to pick out something, you know that you won't lose
you want to be good at stuff but you don't know what to do
'cause you like too many things, but none of it is "you"
your friends are an important circle that you want to trust
and you will cut them out, if they hurt you, 'cause you must
push them away or pull them close depending what they do
they have to be the ones who are always there for you
the last of these great circles that wind around your head
is the identity you're trying to find before the day you're dead
who are you, what do you want, when will you feel ok
each day you wake up feeling that this is not the day
there's one more hoop to jump through before you will be there
and then you'll finally walk through this life without a care
it's hard to navigate this life through these olympic rings
circling through your brain, they pack a punch that stings
they sing a little song telling you you're not enough
that if you figure all this out, then you will have the stuff
then you will be miss confident, or mr. got it right
then you'll know you won, you're the victor in this fight
but the circles will keep spinning till you realize this ain't true
you've always been enough, you just need to see that too
Apr 2020 · 56
Present Moments
Fearless Apr 2020
Someday I'll look back and see
this time spent between you and me
watching movies every night
wondering if this could be right

a friendship blooms between us two
and I don't know what I should do
'cause love is blooming in my heart
but I don't know if this will start

the future's not where I should focus
there is no magic hocus pocus
that will make this into something more
and I've done this times before

So I just want to take each day
thankful for the passing way
we giggle, eat tacos, and talk each night
and take each moment with delight

so you're my friend and I will stay
through good and bad, come what may
whatever God has planned for us
I know in Him, I put my trust

whether there's a first kiss coming soon
or holding hands beneath the moon
or if you're just a trustworthy friend
that I can count on till the end

'cause I'm not leaving, never will
until you make me, had your fill
then I'll go, if go I must
but in me you can always trust.
Apr 2020 · 56
Guilty Happy
Fearless Apr 2020
A cheerful little bike ride
along a sunny road
doing chores around the house
am I reaping what I sowed?

I have peace and hopefulness
when all is going crazy
people losing jobs
and I'm chillin out here lazy

dinners with a group of friends
watching movies with my roomy
I feel so bad for all those out there
feeling oh so gloomy

I had a rough and stressful time
over the last 3 years
and now I'm happy and content
I'm crying no more tears

baby iguana crossed my path
I saw a butterfly
these hard times will pass for you too
but it's ok for you to cry

the sun comes out tomorrow
just like it did today
and God is always with us
in all times come what may

I always sabotage myself
whenever I am happy
I make myself feel miserable
but now I'm being sappy

because I fell in love again
nearly impossible to believe
but you just never know
what God has up His sleeve

penance you try to earn
but closure you can find
there's just one thing you must do
stop trying to rewind

the past never makes sense
nor will it ever change
it's best to just move forward
till it is out of range

Then giggles and rainbows
and butterflies and birds
will cheer your every thought
and you won't be angry with my words!
Apr 2020 · 55
Fearless Apr 2020
There was a perfect man
who lived a perfect life
this was not an easy thing
but filled with temptation and strife

He had a group of friends
and they traveled all the land
healing lame and blind
or with a crippled hand

He was kind and he was funny
His friends loved Him so much
because He cared for all
with a gentle, healing touch

He turned water into wine
and He ate and drank with sinners
He was criticized and attacked
for having prostitutes at dinners

He was ridiculed and laughed at
they didn't like that he was right
it was bruising to their egos
and made them want to fight

they didn't like his teaching
His perfection made them look bad
they couldn't see it was for them
and this made Him very sad

so when He stood accused
and they threw things in His face
He just sat there quiet
and extended loving grace

when He died some would turn
and realize what He'd done
that He really was the Son of God
and Heaven had just won.
Apr 2020 · 73
Love and Sacrifice
Fearless Apr 2020
6 days He worked and the seventh He rested
Throughout all His life, and even when tested
one church will tell you that this isn't so
that we worship on Sunday 'cause that's when He rose
But even in death, He rested on seven
His work here was done, on earth and in Heaven
A horrible death, He died for our sin
He did it so LOVE would always win
when we make excuses for all that we do
we think love lets you do whate're you want to
love sets boundaries on behavior that's bad
because those sins will just make you sad
wake up with a hangover and you don't feel good
or sleep with that person just because you could
there's no consequences for a minute of fun
but what happens next, when this is all done?
He paid the price for every sin that you make
and all you can do is take, take, and take
it's never enough, you always want more
you don't even know what you're searching for
freedom, escape, from this hole that's inside
try to fill it with stuff, or numb it, or hide
accept His sacrifice, His love fills your soul
this is what's missing, this is your goal
we don't understand it, 'cause it's not a thing
like money, career, or a big diamond ring
but it fills you with confidence, freedom, and love
because it's a blessing, a gift from above
when you think of the empty things in your life
bleak bank account, no husband or wife
seek above all, the kingdom of God
and He gives even more, it's really quite odd
Think of His life, His death, and His love
and let it protect you like a well-fitting glove
Apr 2020 · 71
Fearless Apr 2020
Hugs are strange for people like me
I'm a little bit awkward so I can't see
a way to show you how much I care
without physical touch, 'cause I don't dare
I want to be close and cuddle up tight
but I want everything to be just perfectly right
I'm constantly fighting that idealistic
but don't even see I'm being unrealistic
so I need you to hug me 'cause I don't know
what I should do, or where I should go
My ADHD causes oddness in me
It's something I think everybody can see
when I don't know what to do, I run away
but all I really wanted was a reason to stay
Apr 2020 · 58
The Fence
Fearless Apr 2020
I sat on a fence for a while
I did it with quite a big smile
but then in the end
left without a friend
I suddenly felt I'm on trial

I stood at a fork in the trail
so terrified I might fail
and choose the wrong way
then I'd have to pay
left alone with no one to post bail

I wavered between two decisions
thoughts hitting my brain like collisions
didn't know what to do
so I thought I'd ask You
and sat down to wait for some visions

Life is just full of hard choices
listening to so many voices
but you have to pick
because time will tick
and you'll want to be one who rejoices

Jesus is coming again
yes, we're drawing near to the end
so get off the wall
and stop your long stall
and accept Him as your loving friend
Mar 2020 · 52
The Last Day
Fearless Mar 2020
the world is topsy turvy like a wobbly spinning top
which is just what they do, when they're about to stop
when fertility is low, and the world is overcrowded
it's not a big mystery that's dark and somehow shrouded

the oceans filled with plastic and earthquakes everywhere
but still we all just carry on, like we have not a care
pestilence in Africa is just one of many signs
that maybe this is taking place because of great designs

the love of humans has grown cold
no respect for those grown old
divorce and hate are commonplace
for this careless, selfish human race

some fighting just to save the world like it's a living soul
disregarding the purpose of our existence very goal
the fight for love, to prove it's real, that's what we're all here for
that's it, there's no big mystery, just love, there isn't more

but love is complicated, you can see that all around
hate and fear are easier, that's why they both abound
now the devil's having fun as he forces isolation
he knows his time is ending, it's our only consolation

everyone's now suspicious
the toll on the world is vicious
for some no food is on the table
there is nothing left that's stable

Wars and rumors of wars, will come from far and close
really pay attention to the things that matter most
watch out for the false prophets, who will come and tell us lies
the sun and moon will darken, stars falling from the skies

If you think the world will bounce back and it will just be fine
then you need to open up your eyes and see this grand design
the world was never meant to last just look at the decay
though we try to save the earth, it WILL have it's last day
Mar 2020 · 75
No Worries in Nature
Fearless Mar 2020
A dog jumps in the lake and splashes all around
my heart it thrills a bit at the joyous little sound
not a care he has as he runs about with ease
he's not a bit afraid of this rampant new disease
a bird calls up above, calling to it's mate
not a bit of fear, regret, or holding on to hate
a child laughs with glee at the butterflies around
she has no regulator on the loudness of her sound
the bright and golden sun dips down in a low bow
the bugs all buzz around, they know what happens now
the wind sounds through the pines a calming melody
all these things go on as normal, in perfect harmony
they don't fear tomorrow, what it brings or if it comes
they go about their business with their little nature hums
the Creator has a plan and they trust Him with their care
they never complain or whine, that life is so unfair
they're job in this world, their purpose is His glory
and that is why they know, that they never have to worry
Mar 2020 · 49
Unending Whys
Fearless Mar 2020
my heart keeps coming back to you
I do not know just what to do
I pushed away to find another
trying to listen to my mother
so many voices telling me to date
a thing I loathe and truly hate
I'd rather stand and give a speech
then put my heart in someone's reach
there must be something wrong with me
relationships have always been scary
when I love someone I'm just all in
but they treat it like a game to win
my heart is not a ball to kick
I'm not standing in a row to pick
when out of options claim my heart
after you already tore it apart
what the hell is wrong with you?
what on earth did I do?
now hurt and bitter, full of fear
I see it when looking in the mirror
I just wanted sweet romance
and someone who'd ask me to dance
who'd lay in the grass and stare at the sky
but now I'm left to wonder why
you just really didn't care
when we could have made a great pair
will I ever get any closure
or am I left to fake my composure?
Fearless Mar 2020
Today is going to be a great day
even if all that they have to say
is complaining and griping all day long
I know that with Jesus I will stay strong
I will not gossip with ladies at work
I won't roll my eyes or curse or smirk
Negative banter is just not for me
it just goes in circles continuously
dwelling on problems they just cant fix
creates all sorts of nervous ticks
at work all day but on their phone
wondering why they feel so alone
arguments between young and old
nobody doing what they are told
nope, I just sit there and work quietly
accomplishing more most diligently
and when I've decided to take my leave
with no tricks or selfishness up my sleeve
they might notice and they might just see
that it was Jesus who was working through me
Mar 2020 · 54
My Little Heart Toy
Fearless Mar 2020
I sat a while and thought of you
it doesn't hurt me so
I'm writing this little poem
'cause I thought that you should know
the pain is gone the racing thoughts
that overwhelmed my brain
I had felt so much despair
would I be normal ever again?
now it's gone and when you chance
to cross over my mind
I find that it's ok now
and the hurt is left behind
I don't yearn, and I don't cry
over things that could have been
or throw a little tantrum
'cause this time I didn't win
I don't try to kid myself
that you're a dream come true
because now I know that's silly
and just not fair to you
you're just a boy with a life
living it the best you can
someday I hope you remember me
when you've become a man
so my advice to all those girls
who fall for a beautiful boy
if he's not ready to grow up
don't let him treat you like a toy
turn your back and walk away
you can't change him though you try
he'll come back around someday
if he is the right guy
Feb 2020 · 50
Soooo Boooorrrreddd
Fearless Feb 2020
I lay upon my bed and stare up at the ceiling
analyzing my thoughts, to figure out this feeling
I'm bored but I'm not, it's hard to explain
it happens a lot, but I don't like to complain
I could read my book, it's sitting by my side
but no, that just won't work. I've already tried
I could play piano, it's right over there
but back up at the ceiling I continue to stare
I think I'm kind of hungry, but I can't really tell
if something yummy from the kitchen made a smell
but getting up to cook it, is just not in my mood
so maybe I'm after something else, and it just isn't food
I could watch tv, this great show has caught my eye
but it just makes me lonely and wish I had a guy
I want to hang with friends, but they're all out of town
and that is why i'm bored, stuck with this stupid frown
I could entertain myself, there's so much I could do
but none of it is any fun when I'd rather be with you.
Jan 2020 · 50
Frozen Iguanas
Fearless Jan 2020
Bright green, big scaly lizards
do not like when there are blizzards
to most of us that's when there's snow
but they can't handle 40 or below
they freeze right up, fall out of trees
when there's a tiny little stiff breeze
their blood grows cold and they get slow
something a lot of people didn't know
so when there's snow storms in other states
there's snowball fights or get out ice skates
or when there's cold rain up in Seattle
and people are used to the umbrella battle
in the desert it's very dry and cold
and yes that can get a little bit old
but when it's 40 degrees in Florida one day
NOBODY wants to go out and play
and everyone's terrified if there's a sneeze
and Iguanas start falling right out of the trees
It doesn't rain cats and dogs here
it's raining lizards from a sky that is clear
and then two days later it's 80 degrees
and that's Florida's just a tease
Jan 2020 · 65
2020 Resolutions
Fearless Jan 2020
I've never seen a year start with quite so many  downs
I've never seen so many of my loved ones wearing frowns
this year's been like no other that I have ever seen
it's only been 2 weeks, since it was 2019
Already hearts are broken, so many broken hearts
people who are struggling, forced into new starts
the gyms are all filled up, with determined chubby souls
those are the lucky ones, chasing normal goals
the rest are all despondent, listless and alone
wondering why they never, feel like they have a home
companies are closing, forcing people from their jobs
bringing those almost at retirement, to heart wrenching sobs
then there are the injured, and there are quite a few
now I get hurt a lot, so for me it's nothing new
friends with wrenched shoulders, broken hand, a broken neck!
bringing me to wonder, 2020! What the heck?!
I had my goals all laid out, as I always do
but when you're making plans, you don't have a clue
what life may throw up in your face or what you'll have to handle
an inferno like Australia? My gripes don't even hold a candle
So now my goals are simple, and my trajectory's altered course
all because I decided to get up on that wild horse
by the end of this year, I hope to turn my neck from side to side
I'd like to watch my little sister, become a beautiful bride
I'd also like to raise my arm, just like I could before
those are my goals for me this year, I dare not ask for more
For my friends I hope for healing of their hearts
and that God will knit together, all their broken body parts
for the world at large, there's too much that I could say
but all those words will come out wrong, so I'll just sit and pray
All of the stories in this poem are true about people close to me. If you're the praying sort, please add us to your list. If you're the positive thinking sort, please send us good vibes. Thanks!
Jan 2020 · 57
Trapped in my Body
Fearless Jan 2020
squished against a bulging disc
the hairy strands of tingly nerves
you never know how much they do
or all the purposes they serve

a hand goes numb and fingers zing
you don't think when things are right
of all the things that could go wrong
till suddenly you have to fight

we grump and complain all day long
when things don't go just our way
never realizing what we've got
until we have to face the day

when we are sick our body fails
all those other things seem so small
till we're stuck in a body that doesn't work
and then we'd sacrifice it all

give all we have to walk again
to see or hear or move our arms
we take so much for granted
yes, you should feel alarmed

negative is an easy place to reach
thankful takes a lot more power
so if you can't seem to remember
just do it every time you're in the shower.

I'm one of the lucky ones
my arm will work again someday
God has spared me yet again
there's just no way I can repay
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