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Caitlin May 10
I want to scream
I want to run
I want for everything to be undone

I want to go back
I want to move forward
I want it all to be reverted

I want to restart
I want to vanish

I want, I want

I barely manage
Caitlin Apr 24
Clinging to tethers
At the end of a rope
Your hands clasp together
Grasping at hope
Caitlin Apr 24
I bounce between feelings
As I smother my beliefs
Pretending to be happy
When I’m utterly displeased
I lie to myself about motives
My desires and my dreams
Because that’s easier than accepting
That I always concede
Caitlin Apr 23
In the chaos
I found beauty
In the unknown
I found fear
Forever bound together
They hold all that is dear
Caitlin Feb 9
I never thought myself a poet
Not by format nor by soul

As I never understood
What constitutes a sonnet
Or what’s considered prose

I’ve heard of free verse
Of stanzas and of odes

But never thought myself a poet
Never knowing what makes one so

I’ve appreciated poetry
From a young age to my own
Admiring the ways
A poets words can bare their soul

So even if I don’t know
What makes a poem a poem
Or what makes a poet so

I think I might be a poet
Because I want to share my own
Caitlin Feb 1
Putting pen to paper
My thoughts begin to flow

From a quarry of memories
I know longer wish to hold

They blossom into flowers
Once trampled by my soul

Now nourished by a feeling
I never thought I’d know
Caitlin Feb 1
Theres exists a place within me
Where my memories intertwine

Dancing and embracing
They entrance my wayward mind

Their soft whispers of nostalgia
****** my long lost soul

As they barricade the memories
That fuel my sorrow so
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