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Caitlin Nov 2019
Time passes as
Day seeps into night seeps into day
The seasons change as
Fall seeps into winter seeps into spring
I grow older as
24 seeps into 25 seeps into 26
My mind wavers as
1 bottle seeps into 2 seeps into 3
Everything fades as
Time passes, the seasons change, I grow older and the bottle seeps into me
Caitlin Oct 2019
I can hear their words
But they sound so far
The world seems distant
Everything is muffled and blurred
Like sensations under water
As I drown in my thoughts
Caitlin Sep 2019
What did the world take from you
And what did it leave behind
Caitlin Aug 2019
Count your blessings
Cut your losses
Don’t **** yourself
Caitlin Aug 2019
The world is unbeknownst
To the self I hide in my head
My thoughts betray their impressions
No one lives in the reality where I reside
Caitlin Aug 2019
I want to know if hope still exists
Once it’s left the recesses of our minds
I want to know if chances await
Once we feel that we’ve got none
I want to know if things can get better
Once we realize that they won’t
Caitlin Aug 2019
In the end it won’t matter
In the end nothing will
For in the end there will be no more
Everything will be over
For that is the end
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