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Fearless Nov 2019
I made up this thing after I read the first
and thought I would add my own little verse
10 ways a husband can add value to his life
and make sure he takes good care of his wife
the first is respect, yes it goes both ways
if you respect her, you'll have much happier days
the second is listen to her when she speaks
even when it seems like she'll go on for weeks
if you listened the very first time around
maybe you could avoid having to hear the sound
of her rambling on about it again and again
driving you to want to commit some bad sin
create a safe place so she won't feel judged
or you may start hearing a "truth" that is fudged
be honest with her in all that you do
because women can sniff out any clue
if you think you have pulled the wool over her eyes
sorry, but trust me, you haven't, guys
the fifth one is lead, and do it with care
don't be a tyrant or cruel or unfair
our first boss is God, and if you're not in line
you can see our obedience start to decline
so lead by example and lead from love
and you will have God's help with us from above
Serve is for both a husband and wife
this will create a happier, love-filled life
both of you share in the cooking and cleaning
always be helpful and never demeaning
husbands are called to be joyful too
nobody can handle someone always blue
it drains on your soul and drags you both down
then your married to a face that's stuck in a frown
pray for her, she needs God's help too
after all, she is married to you!
surely I jest, but all jokes aside
ask God to help your beautiful bride
Nine is one I don't need to tell men
but just to utter it once again
having *** with your wife isn't just for you
make sure she gets something out of it too
*** is a love sacrifice and not just a gift
and it's great for repairing a marriage rift
affirm the good things that you see in your wife
it's true what they say, happy wife happy life
positivity is important for all
and all those things add up, big or small
trying to do this on our little strength
will only cause stress and worry at length
now that you know how God wants you to love
ask for help with all this from above
Fearless Nov 2019
I read this thing about your man
that you should do these things, if you can
to have a happy loving marriage
so both of you will not disparage
The first one said to give respect
and if you do, you can expect
that he will love and honor you
because you showed him that you do
the second, listen when he speaks
and into his heart you'll get little peaks
the third one, creating a safe place
so he can be vulnerable, his fears erase
be honest with him in all you do
so he knows he can trust you too
the fifth may be the hardest one
and it may make you want to run
but submit yourself to your man
and do the very best you can
give him a chance to grow and lead
and watch him blossom and succeed
six to serve with love and care
to do kind things and love and share
Seventh to have joy even in rain
not seeking him out just to complain
eight shows a huge amount of love
to ask God to help him from above
praying for another opens us wide
pulls out all of the bad things we try to hide
Nine is easy in the beginning
'cause *** within marriage isn't sinning
it's fun, and exciting and easy to do
sometimes later, you just don't want to
it's important to keep it going though
temptation to stray, lurks as we know
The last to affirm the good that you see
and not circle the drain of negativity
always focusing on the positive
all of this is good advice to live
Your marriage will be filled with love
and you can thank a good God up above
Fearless Jan 2020
I've never seen a year start with quite so many  downs
I've never seen so many of my loved ones wearing frowns
this year's been like no other that I have ever seen
it's only been 2 weeks, since it was 2019
Already hearts are broken, so many broken hearts
people who are struggling, forced into new starts
the gyms are all filled up, with determined chubby souls
those are the lucky ones, chasing normal goals
the rest are all despondent, listless and alone
wondering why they never, feel like they have a home
companies are closing, forcing people from their jobs
bringing those almost at retirement, to heart wrenching sobs
then there are the injured, and there are quite a few
now I get hurt a lot, so for me it's nothing new
friends with wrenched shoulders, broken hand, a broken neck!
bringing me to wonder, 2020! What the heck?!
I had my goals all laid out, as I always do
but when you're making plans, you don't have a clue
what life may throw up in your face or what you'll have to handle
an inferno like Australia? My gripes don't even hold a candle
So now my goals are simple, and my trajectory's altered course
all because I decided to get up on that wild horse
by the end of this year, I hope to turn my neck from side to side
I'd like to watch my little sister, become a beautiful bride
I'd also like to raise my arm, just like I could before
those are my goals for me this year, I dare not ask for more
For my friends I hope for healing of their hearts
and that God will knit together, all their broken body parts
for the world at large, there's too much that I could say
but all those words will come out wrong, so I'll just sit and pray
All of the stories in this poem are true about people close to me. If you're the praying sort, please add us to your list. If you're the positive thinking sort, please send us good vibes. Thanks!
Fearless Sep 2020
2 years gone by, since I sat here with the dead
back then, I could not get you outta my head
drove by the Battery where I used to run
when I was depressed, while you had your fun
you liked that girl, but it's all just the same
you want their attention, it's just a dumb game
I'm over you, and you don't even know
because you're in a cycle and you'll never grow
you're like the dead that are locked in these graves
you don't know Him, the only one who saves
you try to rescue these girls from themself
by hoarding up money and using your wealth
then you complain that they're after your money
well, what do you expect with that attitude Honey?
but you can't change them or save them from fear
because you're not God's gift to women my dear.
I will say this though, I pray for you each night
I hope you escape from your endless fight
I hope you come to understand what is love
it's a gift filled with joy and it comes from above
Fearless Mar 2019
Love is the most important thing in the whole world
Over anything it can triumph
Violence, apathy, shame, guilt, fear
Everything is possible with love

Hope keeps us going even when things seem impossible
Open your eyes to see the beauty in everything
Patience is usually required, but just wait
Empty your heart of selfishness and resentment

Faith in the things you hope for turns wishes into goals
Accept your struggles with grace and prayer
Inspire hope, faith, and love in others
Thankfulness is the key to happiness
Help others in need to minimize your pain

God is the foundation
Only He knows your future
Delight yourself in Him, He will give you the desires of your heart.
Fearless Mar 2019
Spinning circles in my head
I never have been on the meds
I hear they're great and fix some stuff
but I just want to be enough
I don't want to be zombified
that just makes me mortified
so I will argue for our right
to just be different, that's our fight
so we have too much energy
and are lacking synchronicity
people can't keep up with us
some with Tourettes often cuss
wild ideas spinning out
enthusiastic scream and shout
and they just want to structure me
to fit me in their society
this is how it's supposed to be
well sorry dude, that just ain't me
I just want creativity
and redefining normalcy
that box just will not fit us all
sorry but it's just too small
we were made so limitless
it's time for us to be fearless
breaking out to be our own
we discover the unknown
Fearless Nov 2019
Having a rollercoaster brain
always pushing through the pain
there is nothing that I can do
I wish that I would have a clue
what will make my emotions stable
I'm laying it all out on the table
My ADHD slowly killing me
making me unable to see
my self-worth from day to day
I'm up and giggly, want to play
then I'm down and can't come out
and all I can do is cry and pout
I know it is not circumstantial
though at times it seems financial
but I'll be up for seven days
and then it all just goes sideways
and then I'm trying to make the climb
wondering why I have no spine
my courage it is failing me
all I want is for you to see
that if you love me patiently
not get scared and off you flee
then we an have a special love
and we can fit just like a glove
Jesus please hear my sad prayer
please answer my with special care
I love you God, you hold me tight
even when I push and fight
try to do things on my own
to convince people that I'm full grown
You care for me through everything
under Your protective wing
Fearless Aug 2019
Polkadots of leaves above
belie the tangles of Your love
below the vines stretch all around
and thick wet grasses fill the ground
a flower there, dew catches light
a fluttering bird takes it's flight
the river constant in it's flow
the soft sunlight a warming glow
nature is a living hug
sent to us from God above
Fearless Mar 2019
I thought i'd drown in sufferings
but you lifted me up and gave me wings
when I was broke, you gave me work
when I thought I needed a man
you gave me a ****
so I would know to rely fully on you
that nothing else would certainly do
you fill up your life with a good job and more
you've got it together, controlled to the core
then off like a hurricane everything's gone
you're left to wonder why it all went wrong
you had the house, the man, the career
you had the respect of all of your peers
now you're alone, afraid, and flat broke
all that you had just went up in smoke
it says right there on that green paper
"In God We Trust" 'cause it can vanish like vapor
when you come kneel at the foot of the throne
that's the moment when you know you have won
the battle you've been in was not for the money
stashing cash for rainy days while it's sunny
you've been at war for your very soul
having it all together was never the goal
now nothing is left that you thought that you need
but all of that was only driven by greed
now you have everything and so much more
and you can feel it right down to your very core
and once you have given it all up for God
then He gives it all back to you, isn't that odd?
He knows the plans that He has for you
plans to prosper not harm, to His word He'll be true.
Fearless Mar 2019
Silence beckons deep hearts reaching crying love
but the chatter is deafening inescapable
screaming aloud in a crowd with no ears
sitting in a sea of techno twerking scramble
laughing and touching, eyes like grasping hands
clawing and fighting trying to catch a breath
eyes closed tight fighting, overwhelming
blood leaking from heart through bleeding ears
drowning in noise not loud enough to drown out the pain
the hardest of things to enjoy but the most satisfying
the master, take silence from the noise and push
inverted blast, silent atomic energy expanding
envelops all it touches, louder in its silence than all else
falling away, fading into the background as it passes
lonely despair in the twisting, grinding, raucous, sinful sea
escaping running, faster fading, slowing quietly awaiting
forest of silence, glowing inside brilliantly shining peace. Alone.
Fearless Oct 2019
I sneak up behind and follow you near
my footsteps you will never even hear
I smell your scent and touch your hair
it's wild and tossed without a care
I've tracked you through this lonely night
thought once or twice to give you a fright
I laugh to myself at my own cleverness
but you're enticing me with your nearness
I have the power, I'm strong and fast
but somehow on me a spell you've cast
so now in your shadow I follow behind
trying to wrangle my nature to be kind
You're so delicious I cannot wait
as you stand next to the cemetery gate
so I step from the shadows and try not to smile
so maybe we can talk for a while
if I were to smile then you will just run
and for me that won't be any fun
I like to toy with my food 'fore I eat
not to treat you like you are just meat
After we've conversed for a little bit
and lured you down to talk and just sit
then I brush my hand across your slim neck
just one little bite, aw what the heck
the place where it beats, your heart in my hand
I pull myself back and I start to stand
then I see a strange look in your eye
and **** in an instant you take off and fly!
My night is all ruined, my hunting is done
turns out you were the one having fun
But then you fly back and you land in my arms
and again, I'm at the mercy of your many charms
Fearless Nov 2019
We have been playing tug of war
and I'm tired and I want it no more
You're excited to see me but then
you act stupid, like big tough men
I know you're afraid you'll lose me
so in circles we go, repeatedly
I leave and you miss me and call
and I feel more love and start to fall
then I open up and let you in
and you just run away again
so I run away and then you come back
and show me your facade has a crack
but then those walls close right back in
and we start this thing all over again!
push and pull, pull and push away
is there ever going to come a day
when neither will run and we can connect
what will it take for that to take affect
I never want to give up on you
because I love you, and hope you do to
but I may have to put it out there
to see if this will go anywhere
You don't want to see me with another guy
but you won't give me a reason why
one of these days you will have to choose
or I'm afraid it is me you will lose
I'll be your friend and that is forever
our bond is strong and will not sever
but romance has an expiration date
I'm sorry my love, but it's biology's fate
Fearless Sep 2019
Apathy a human compass
others follow willingly
it's easier to shut ones eyes
than open them and see

a few pills there a giant bill
with the right diagnosis
you'll be just like the rest
suffering from psychosis

Guilt has become a hard-won odyssey
a heart that dares to feel something
is terrifying to most of us
but it's way more interesting

Some part of me is craving
a sacrosanct life trajectory
in the language of an angel
a haunting sacred melody
Fearless Mar 2019
Well, I rode into town with a stiff wooden knee
on my ship that was falling apart on the sea
an eye patch of black and beard to my knees
I laid down and stared up at the green palm trees

my crew was all mad and the food was all gone
but what can I say? I'm no Captain Ron
they chased me on deck until we ran aground
then I lied and said there was treasure to be found

I'm selfish and soiled, a pirate I be
I'm smarter and hotter than old Mr. Smee
now my crew's all drunk and they're eating some fish
staring up at the stars I am making a wish

I scratch at my eye patch and pull out my pen
trying to ignore the farting stinking men
they don't know I'm a girl and for me that works great
because if they knew then I would fear my fate

but I have a plan and they'll all fall in line
or they will be stranded 'cause that ship is mine
I'm meaner than them and I'm great with a sword
it's why they all hang on my every word

when tomorrow starts up a hangover morning
I will get their attention and give them a warning
If they chase me around the deck ever again
they will lose their reason to call themselves men!

But I realize I'm angry and that's just not fair
'cause when push comes to shove, well they all do their share
when there's towns to be pillaged and ships to attack
well these dog ***** scoundrels they all have my back

the creak of the ship and the waves on the sand
I really don't like it when I'm stuck on land
I'm Captain Fearless, and now that we've met
I know it is something you'll never forget.
Fearless Dec 2019
His name was Mort
he had a hideous wart
when he got into port
all the wenches would snort
but he waltzed up to the fort
and attended the court
where he drank some fine port
and had a nice chocolate torte
he had eyes on a consort
a tryst with her, he'd had to abort
his mission, her father did thwart
so he drank *** by the quart
and fought men for sport
the rich he'd extort
for he was that sort
for this fair escort
he would not resort
to actually court
her image of him, he dare not distort
and that is why, he'll always fall short
but he got a passport
and got on a transport
and learned to support
himself in Freeport
and that my dear friends, is all I have to report
Fearless Aug 2020
I'm sad I had to leave you
I hope you understand
I loved you oh so much
your wish was my command
I know you're sad I'm gone now
but you don't have to be
because I know a secret
and I want you to see
there's this place called Heaven
and that's where doggies go
with endless parks and milk bones
I thought that you should know
there also is this big guy
His name is kind of odd
because it's my name backwards
and so we call him God
now you know I'm safe here
where dogs go when they die
I hope you get a new friend
'cause I don't want you to cry
Fearless Apr 2019
crashing down a building on fire
running screaming mud soaked mire
the blood in the streets trickled like rain
girl in the street face twisted in pain
streaks run from black soot on her face
takes her hand tries to help her keep pace
his arm is missing from the elbow down
she stumbles on somebody's leg on the ground
his single hand holds her and lifts her along
where did everything start to go wrong?
booms cause the rubble cascading about
she watches his lips as he starts to shout
nodding along though she can't hear a thing
she buckles in pain at another sharp sting
gasping for air her lungs filling with smoke
he wraps her up in his tattered green cloak
he touches her face as he looks in her eyes
she's afraid that he is saying goodbye
she lifts up her hand and sees all the blood
suddenly fear comes at her like a flood
but the she looks in his eyes and there a strong gleam
he won't leave her, because they are a team
so they wrap their arms round and move ahead
there's no stopping them, not until they are dead
he picks up a sword and starts hacking away
he and his love, well they are here to stay
she throws a hatchet as hard as she can
killing a monster disguised as a man
they stumble and fight till they're finally free
and they lay down and gasp at the base of a tree
the moonlight is shining like nothing's amiss
the young man rolls over and plants a strong kiss
he takes her hand as he lays down by her side
if he'd met her before, he'd have made her his bride
now he could feel that her hand's growing cold
he tried not to imagine their life, growing old
her beautiful face, eyes stared up at the sky
he knew from the start that she was doomed to die
for beauty and innocence don't belong in this land
he'd set out to save her yes that was his plan
he hadn't even gotten to know her sweet name
she'd been such a badass in life's cruel little game
his tears streamed down as his breath left his chest
and then he gave in to that peaceful death rest
Fearless Oct 2019
Be in this moment
this moment right now
don't think of the future
or stress about how
you'll get where you're going
not because you know
this life never tells you
exactly where to go
so live right this second
take a deep breath
you cannot control
the moment of your death
there is no formula
to repeat the past
can you not see
you're going too fast?
right now is the time
it is all you've got
spend it wisely
and realize it's a lot
you'll pass up your life
focused behind or ahead
don't you know yet
we all end up dead
It's the only life
that some ever get
I see why you're stressed
'cause you don't know yet
that God can take care
of all your petty needs
if you will go out
and plant His love seeds
so worry no more
'cause there is a life after
stress free and fun
and full of bright laughter
Fearless Mar 2019
Happy hopeful little words
like twitterpated little birds
skipping like a flattened stone
dripping like an ice cream cone
bubbles floating on the breeze
sparkling like the deep blue seas
fluffy soft with wagging tail
silent green of wooded trail
through the clouds in rays of sun
unsteady legs of life begun
windswept snowy mountain tops
spit of sand with palm tree copse
rushing river with rocky sides
holding tight on sand dune rides
soaring high on feathered wing
angels voices start to sing
beauty in things great and small
relief when I surrender all
Fearless Dec 2019
on a green hill with sun up high
you plopped down next to me with a sigh
we laid in the grass and talked for a bit
and I was charmed by your sharp wit
you reached out and took my hand
a gentle touch, made me feel grand
a breeze caught your hair as you looked at me
and I wanted to tell you what I see
your blue eyes with flecks of gold
your chiming laugh that never grows old
a hope for love is in your eyes
though you try hard to disguise
before I can stop it, my hand reaches out
my mind is racing, all my fears shout
I ignore them as I touch your face
then you pull me in, to your embrace
your features smooth a smile there
you look like you have not a care
I know God's smiling down at me
and now I can clearly see
how He has listened when I pray
and gave us this beautiful, sunny day.
Fearless Sep 2019
The bias in your heart creates an elusive lens
Complete and utter impartiality never to attain
You love somebody so, that you never can be friends
No matter how hard you try, it always is a strain

Regret is the flawed scourge that causes you the pain
And makes it impossible for you to let it go
So you dwell in what ifs and try and try again
But I will tell you something, that you may not know

Isolation is a stingy experiment, robbing you of hope
The scourge you beat yourself with and the bias in your heart
Are the devil's way of making it very difficult to cope
If you lock your heart away then you'll be torn apart

Open it up wide with the ability to love all mankind
It sounds emotionally exhausting but this is what you do
If you only try to please God, and love Him, you will find
That you suddenly have the energy to love everyone else too

To forgive the ******* that broke you and thought they got away
To love those who ridiculed you, when you were just a child
To open your heart in friendship and love each and every day
And even to forgive yourself for all the years that you were wild
Fearless Feb 2019
Bitter feelings tears are falling
But you have to listen to that calling
When you leave the one you love
because you felt lead from above
sometimes He will take and hide you
when you don't know just what to do
the easy life is not the one
a heavy heart can weigh a ton
God will always make a way
if you will just get down and pray
when you find that all you're chasing
with the time that you've been wasting
didn't turn out how you hoped for
and left you always wanting more
you were looking in wrong places
putting hope in pretty faces
security isn't money in the bank
and you forget it's God to thank
when you feel safe because you're married
and you don't realize you've been carried
the perfect house with the big yard
you forget again to thank the Lord
Emptiness is always haunting
every day starts to seem daunting
Fix your eyes on what's ahead
that Jesus rose up from the dead
if you will just put hope in him
and let go of all the dragging sin
impossible becomes obsolete
then life starts to be really sweet
Fearless Jun 2020
Wheat bread has your fiber, to move things right along
Then the egg for protein, to make my muscles strong
the berries for antioxidants, to keep cancer at bay
bananas for potassium to wash the salt away
a little almond milk, fortified with vitamin D
then put in some OJ, for your immunity
add a little yogurt, for your digestive tract
healthy breakfast is important, yes, that is a fact
wrote this in my head while I was eating on my patio, and thought I'd write it down haha
Fearless Feb 2021
I first went out to dinner to have a little chat
I went out with my friend who has a little cat
then came the weekend and camping was the theme
my friend that I went with, we made a decent team
after that was Monday, I worked as best I could
trying to be an adult, as I know I should
days are kind of dragging; season's kind of slow
and the sunlight outside beckons with its warming glow
but Wednesday we went dancing all in one straight line
and now I am determined to make that new dance mine
then another weekend, and I could not sit still
didn't seem to have direction, or a strength of will
but went out in the wilderness to catch a little break
and every time I do that, it's never a mistake
I talked to God and told Him all the things that bother me
and tried to put it in His hands, 'cause the future, I can't see
Then I paced around the house, doing random stuff
but I ate too much sugar so the restlessness was rough
then I got invited out with the boys to shoot
and I could tell that one of them thought I was really cute
I've had a few fun weeks, and busy ones for sure
but missing you's what ails me, but for that there is one cure
I know you're missing me as well because you told me so
but do you want to BE with me? that's what I want to know...
Fearless Dec 2019
I've been a bit prickly these past few weeks
and out of my eyes I've sprung a few leaks
bump into me, watch out for my sharp poke
'cause I've just been that sort of a bloke
sharp as a needle the thoughts in my head
I want to unleash them but keep quiet instead
your mind should be sharp, but with aloe-like words
and let yourself grow, and be friend to the birds
Fearless Jul 2019
sweetly singing high pitched notes
transcending high above the distant tree tops
dancing on a wind, feathers spread
swirling up, cascading down, diving deep
thin lines blur the vision of the sky beyond
all, just out of reach, watching as others pass
pure and reserved, beautiful and delicate
Fearless Mar 2019
Hills of emeralds strewn about
the end of hell's torturous drought
calm and peaceful starry sky
storm clouds struggling slowly die
coyotes sound their distant calls
the deepest rumbling waterfalls
waves lap up on flattened sand
the tempest stilled at His command
earth shaking instability
peace and soft tranquility
raging fire hot and starving
flashing floods are canyon carving
mist rising from a morning pond
breeze blowing through a palm tree frond
peace and chaos intertwined
woven deep within our mind
Fearless Jun 2019
I dished up plates as he walked by
greasy stringy dyed red streaks
guitars hanging on all sides
the smells of unwashed body reeks
tattooed fingers and a lip ring
soft smooth tenor from his soul
man can that pirate guy sing
but his street life takes it's toll
never smiles, furtive eyes
scared of those that steal for drugs
this pirate garb is his disguise
but offers homeless friends his hugs
he saunters off to write some songs
this strange man caught my writer's eye
making money to right some wrongs
I was compelled to write about this guy
the life of the homeless is a mystery
the tales they could tell us, wild
about their sordid history
I'm sure that it would not be mild
and now I pray that they can sleep
Jesus loves these poor souls too
and for their sins, He did weep
they're the same to Him as me and you
Fearless Oct 2019
Bouncing happy can't contain
this beauty born from struggle and pain
I know I annoy those still in the dark
who eye me like a hungry shark

It's not that I am actually annoying
it's just that their misery is so cloying
it's needy and saps all of their strength
they go on and on about it at length

I want to hand them a bottled cure
but there's one thing that I'm very sure
that if they looked for help from God
they would not feel like dirt that trod

everybody trying to use them for stuff
taking and taking, it's never enough
nice to everyone so they won't be hated
but never feeling their appetites sated

So now I go on my merry way
and for these souls, I often pray
I sometimes see them start to change
but there's only so much in my range

So turn from your misery, turn to hope
the self-help obsessively saying don't mope!
Like, oh, well I'll just be happy then
this is not within the ability of men

You cannot do this all your own power
to sit at the top of some imaginary tower
You were built to rely on a loving Creator
Make that decision now! There may not be a later
Fearless Dec 2019
I refuse to be negative, I will not give in
I will rise above, I did come to win
I won't give in to the fear and the hate
caused by everyone fighting their mate
I won't give up on love or on hope
I won't let myself just sit here and mope
I won't read sad poems that just drag me down
I won't look at things that cause me to frown
I'll fill my head up with positive things
and let all my worries up and sprout wings
I won't be afraid and I won't let go
there's something else I think you should know
if you don't give up and you don't give in
and you don't become a slave to your sin
if you will lift your head and follow your heart
and don't let this dark world tear you apart
then you will give witness to miraculous stuff
and you will soon realize that you are enough.
Make a wish. It's 11:11
Now thank God for hearing your prayer.
Fearless Aug 2019
Chips and salsa crunchity crunch
On these things I like to munch
no nutrition in this food
but it puts me in a happy mood
popcorn and a great show
are also married, don't you know
peanut butter jelly time
a quality pairing in this rhyme
I am in a silly mood
and so I'm playing with my food
Fearless Dec 2019
Sometimes there is no action, that will not cause a rift
through lots of dumb scenarios, we sift and sift and sift
if I do this then that, all these effect and cause
makes us unable to act, we only can give pause
but to do nothing is an action too so what are we to do?
this round and round about is what leaves us feeling blue
the reason for this is, we're afraid of what others think
someone's always hurt or mad, it makes our stomach sink
we cannot see the future, but God is in control
constantly trying to predict, is what is taking toll
if you think about it with a positive spin
God can take whatever you do, and He can help you win
All things work together for good for those who love the Lord
so you don't have to fret about consequences you can't afford
now, that being said, that only means if you are doing right
because if not, you will end up in one big heartbreaking fight
So pray and pray and ask Him for His guidance on this day
then the consequences won't be too high for you to pay
Fearless Mar 2019
old and gnarled like a little white oak
bending shifting creating some smoke
clad in plaid like an old country dad
before mom gets home, cleans up a tad
the wood catches fire, a beautiful blaze
he stands there proud as it catches his gaze
simply enjoying little things in life
peaceful right now but then in walks the wife
Like fire she's spirited, uncontrolled and wild
but not nearly as much as their firstborn child
he tinkers around on his little back porch
watching the wood burn as it starts to scorch
fire is burning all heated around
but he stands like an oak on his spot of ground
Fearless Mar 2019
I love it when you rock side to side
like a weeble wobble dance
when you're cooking in the kitchen
making recipes from France

you're silly goofy laugh
and the way you always mock
I can't tell if you are being mean
or if that's just how you talk

you splash me with the water
when you're using the hose
and I hope that you are flirting
that's not hard to suppose

when I lay awake at night
and you are snoring in your bed
I have silly little thoughts
that I am running through your head
Fearless Dec 2019
Like dandelions in the wind
I scattered all my fears
I wished upon the shooting stars
and let sunshine dry my tears

The cool clear water bathes my feet
the wind is in my hair
a dragonfly is buzzing by
and I have not a care
Fearless Dec 2019
Day one I cried until I was numb
Day two all I thought about what you
Day three all I could think about was me
Day four I knew there had to be more
Day five I started feeling so alive
Day six I realized there's no quick fix
Day seven started focusing thoughts on Heaven...

Then a couple more weeks went past
they actually went by kind of fast
a month of not knowing what I'd ever do
But I got over you, by day thirty two
Fearless May 2020
Smooth and hard with vacant eyes
staring back from this disguise
you'll never even recognize
a being long after it dies

the lies they told to reach a goal
the innocence they may have stole
the stress that took it's deathly toll
we're made of the same stuff as coal

all the money you have made
all those bills you somehow paid
getting rich just to get laid
work to the bone 'cause you're afraid

have to prove that you are tough
but never feeling good enough
always needing some more stuff
life can be a little rough

worry will get you no place
while putting wrinkles on your face
running in this sad rat race
until you're gone, without a trace

but eternity is yours to take
it is real, it is not fake
the choice is only yours to make
choose wisely now, before your wake!
Fearless Aug 2019
Dear God, why are you so far away?
I'm a tiny speck in a sea of fear
can't you help me out today
or will I always be stuck here

Dear God, when will it all make sense
nothing seems to work out for me
I'm anxious always and so tense
I feel invisible don't you see?

Dear God, I'm still crying out
are you deaf I'm in so much pain
my voice is hoarse I scream and shout
I feel like I am going insane

Dear God, giving up is all I can do
because you just aren't listening
are you even real? give me a clue
my faith needs some conditioning

Dear God, I'm back, I couldn't do it
I wanted to give up but I know you're there
I went out to the forest just to sit
and I saw your handiwork everywhere

Dear God, it's me I surrender to you
I tried to figure it out all on my own
I was petulant and angry this is true
maybe I needed to change my tone

Dear God, thank you for all you have done
I don't know if I'll have victory here
but I know that with Your love I have won
to me that's been made very clear

Dear God, I feel your love's embrace
I know that you are listening to me
I trust in You and rest my case
I know that someday I'll see clearly


Dear Child, I'm happy for your trust
I only want what's best for you
I give you the answer that I must
If you could see everything that I do

He is always there for us, always listening, and loves us no matter how we act or what we do. He does reward faith, and He also rewards persistence. Trust in His love, and ask things according to His will, and He will give you the very best. Even better than anything you could have asked for. This is my 100th Poem, and it's dedicated to the love of my life, God.
Fearless Aug 2019
Just a republican girl
living in a liberal world
took the 4Runner going anywhere
Just a democrat boy
living in a conservative world
took the white Prius going anywhere

A singer in a smokey room
the marijuana's like perfume
for a puff they can share the night
it goes on and on and on and on

Strangers waiting
the traffic on the 5's insane
the endless cars stretch through the night
streetlights, people
there's no escaping anywhere
hide me somewhere in the night

too many beards and beer
there are "rainbows" everywhere
politics are in your face
all the time
some will win, some will lose
there are only reds or blues
the fighting never ends
it goes on and on and on and on

Strangers, waiting
the traffic on the 5's insane
the endless cars stretch through the night
streetlights, people
there's no escaping anywhere
hide me somewhere in the night

don't stop believing
that you can escape the city
street lights, people
don't care at allllll

don't stop believing
that you can escape the city
street lights, people
don't care at allllll

don't stop believing
that you can escape the city
street lights, people
don't care at allllll
Fearless Jun 2019
Decisions are an interesting thing
you can sit and wait and wait
but nothing seems to be happening
while you hope for something great
but decisions are not wishes
a fanciful thing in your head
a full sea we'd have if wishes were fishes
they'll sit in your mind until you are dead
decisions are not easy to make
but once you do that's when it ignites
and that path you're on, ain't easy to break
and failures become all out fights
to get where you're going, that is your aim
and God will bring you the things you need
as you trust His path to win this game
if you believe in His love and timing and speed
once that decision has clicked in your brain
everything works to push you that way
if you fall you get up again and again
because you know you will get there someday
Fearless Oct 2019
Every time we speak, I feel like you are judging me
so I spout off without a care, nonsense to regret later
I don't know how you do it, but you make act defensively
when with everyone else, I'm a lover not a hater

I just want to talk to you the way I talk to others
but with you I cannot be myself, I don't know why
anyone else, can be instantly like sisters and brothers
but after you and I talk, I always want to cry

You make me so frustrated because I can't just be
and I don't know if it's you that's making this so tough
or if all this difficulty exists inside of me
All I know is that it never gets better it's always rough

You interrogate and fluster me and make me feel dumb
do you do it on purpose? Or is that just my perception?
then I leave our conversations feeling glum
It was so easy to talk to you at the relationship's conception

I think the best defense against this defensiveness
is to have a good offense of humility
I will stop trying with the impressiveness
and hopefully this will cause more tranquility

Your constant need for adoration is exhausting
but that is not my fault nor my job to fix
but if my own arrogance is part of it's causing
then I shall take that one ingredient from this awful mix

I don't know what problems are you in you
but I can do a lot to change the things inside of me
for some reason, I'm stuck on you like glue
I just wish that you could relax and be happy
Fearless Mar 2019
true love's kiss a wishful thing
like the delicateness of a butterfly wing
you make me weak in my stupid knees
'cause you scare me as much as a horde of bees
my love for you is purest white
but when you draw near, I take flight
I timidly tried to give you my heart
but you sat and laughed as you tore it apart
the lesson I hope you all learn from my mess
Be brave! Have courage! True love is fearless!
Fearless Dec 2019
A pool of glistening tears, spreads beneath my knees
I hear the wind rustling, as it's blowing through the trees
I feel like I am broken, abandoned and alone
searching the whole world, to try to find a home
I used to be the loudest one, laughing in the room
now I'm in this empty place, quiet as a tomb
I drank till I blacked out, my head down on the bar
ashamed to say I've gotten, behind the wheel of a car
now my heart is broken, he ripped it into shreds
and I've never felt so horrible, as on my heart he treads
and yet I wonder now, as the gloomy lifts away
was I more broken then, than I really am today?
My head was full of thoughts of getting what I wanted
and all of God's great gifts, I ever freely flaunted
and now my heart is filled with sorrow and with prayers
but now I feel His touch, and I know He really cares
so I've come to the conclusion, though I thought I was fine
that all that self-assurance, was never really mine
that confidence I thought was running through my veins
was really just the devil, pulling on my reins
now I'm breaking free, and though it hurts at first
I know that had I stayed like that, it would have been much worse
so I've come to the conclusion, there's a purpose for the pain
and if you can push through it, you have so much to gain
Where once I was a shattered glass, the pieces strewn apart
now I am just dealing with a normal broken heart
It's been taped back together, but its not fully well
I'm afraid that everyone who looks at me, call always really tell
Those cracks across my surface are letting the light out
but they also let the love in, and that's what it's all about
Fearless Nov 2018
I sat right down upon the stool
Ignoring the eyes of the nearby fool
The bartender nodded and I ordered a drink
He had it to me quick as a blink
The the arrogant *******
Decided I was the one to scratch his itch
He came right over cool as can be
His clothes were screaming 'I have money'
He laid down his line, something about water
Didn't seem to matter I could be his daughter
Gave me the up-down look, I could see his mind
Normally to my elders I am quite kind
The sad thing is, he thinks it's fine
because the other girls do fall for that line
I wonder if he's ever thought
Is his daughter out there to be bought?
Since he decided not to use his mind
I decided to give him a piece of mine
But my Ferrari's just outside
Does he think I don't have any pride?
It's clear his brain is in his pants
And no thanks, not even just one dance
I look at a sad divorcee
And wonder if that'll be me someday
Watching a man my own age
Hitting on a ******* a different page
When I would love to take him to my room
And make him into my happy groom
I'd probably know a thing or two
That that young thing didn't know to do
But men will want what they can't have
And hit on girls when they could be her dad
But must we sit and suffer through
Their attempts to just ***** you?
For me I think that I will not
And though I get hit on quite a lot
I've got some things I'd like to share
With old men that get that stare
When they come for me they will find
An intelligent woman who speaks her mind
It's an uphill battle but it's gotta be fought
So Skeezers know we can't be bought!
Fearless Nov 2018
something something little lamb
all these poems are so sad
Mary probably ate that lamb
'cause she probly had no dad
and Old Yeller up and died
at least that's what i've heard is said
but i've never seen the movie
its so old now, he's probably dead
the little mermaid got divorced
because she missed her family
Mulan's life was totally forced
had to be a man just to be free
Eric must have drowned
tryin to get his wifey back
and once a queen is crowned
her main job is in the sack
poems are like country songs
they only talk of what is sad
a long long list of all the wrongs
they're focusing on all the bad
and if you read them backwards
do you think it all is happy things
all positive and happy words
rainbows, butterflies and birdies sing
laughter was my honest goal
but now I'm done with rambling
negativity can take a toll
but I feel for all those suffering
Just went through and read some poetry and it all seemed very down, so I thought i'd try to be a little funny.
Fearless Jul 2020
Do you wanna build a treehouse?
I just wanna play
we've no friends anymore
I feel it to my core
'cause we're all at home to stay

we used to be so social
and now we're not
only ******* reasons why

so do you wanna build a treehouse?
it doesn't have to be a treehouse

(Put on a mask!
Ok, bye...)

Do you wanna build a treehouse?
ride our bikes just where we choose
I know some social life is overdue
I'm so done listening to
the stupid freakin news!

(hang in there folks!)

It gets a tad bit lonely
with a covered face
watching our lives pass by...

Hey...I know you're out there.
we all probly feel the same
they say stay home stay safe
but see, I have this faith
and it's too big to tame

We all should help each other
there is always hope
so what are we gonna do?

Do you wanna build a treehouse?
sing to the tune of "Do you wanna build a snowman"
Fearless Mar 2019
the lake like a mirror nestled between emerald mountains
frosting sits on the top of grandfather peaks
watching wise and ancient bearded in pines and hemlock
hopeless romantics gliding through peaceful waters
talking quietly to each other as mist rises with the sun
Fearless Sep 2020
Drive down the dirt road
In my lifted grey truck
I steady my shot gun
and aim for that duck
big pond on my left
and a field on my right
black eye a bit sore
from my big fight last night
pullin the trigger
I laugh at my luck
as down she falls
that beautiful duck
Pirate the dog
jumps out of the back
he's off like a shot
put my gun on the rack
duck in his mouth
he comes back with joy
and I pat his head
cuz he's such a good boy
back in the truck
and we ramble on
there's no tellin' at all
how long we'll be gone...
Fearless Nov 2018
Deep as the sea and oh so blue
When you speak I don't know what to do
I try to concentrate and listen hard
But I probably look like a ******
'cause all I can think of is kissing those lips
and feeling your hands gripping my hips
your laugh is the cutest thing I've ever heard
you sound like some sort of **** man bird
if I ever have the guts to show you this rhyme
you'll probably think I was nuts for a time
but that doesn't matter 'cause you don't know
that I love you 'cause I haven't told you so
Fearless Jun 2020
I just don't freaking understand
what it takes to make a man
they're insecure and needy too
but if you are, then they hate you
what they can't have, they always want
tease and flirt and sometimes taunt
but they don't really have a clue
whether or not they like you
want your attention and your touch
if you want more, then that's too much
when it's safe, chase after an ex
but it's always just for ***
been there before, so good to go
why are they so afraid to grow?
to be a man and make a choice
to find their *****, and their voice
to want the thing that's right for them
I don't understand these stupid men!
Attention ****** they always chase
roll my eyes it's such a waste....
they just want to conquer them
these people that we're calling "men"
Men should be courageous, not afraid
not putting their faith in what they're paid
men should be strong, helpful, kind
not run away when you speak your mind
men should value their own bodies more
not just always looking to score
I don't want to go on, no, I just can't
so I am done with this dumb rant
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