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SaWal May 2018
इस उम्र को ओढ़ कर न जाने कहाँ निकल गए हैं हम,

क्या यही बनना था जो बन गए हैं हम,
क्या जीत गई हैं पहेलियाँ और मनसूबे हो गए हैं ख़त्म,

इस उम्र को ओढ़ कर न जाने कहाँ निकल गए हैं हम..

पल-पल 'पल' ही होते जा रहे हैं कम,
कहाँ पहुंचना है इतनी तेज़ी से चल कर, की रस्ते भी पड़ गए हैं नम,

इस उम्र को ओढ़ कर न जाने कहाँ निकल गए हैं हम..

हटाते रहते हैं की कहीं ख्वाबों पे न जाए धूल जम,
फिलहाल एक हाथ से दूसरा हाथ थम लेते हैं, शायद थोड़े बिखरे हुए हैं हम,

इस उम्र को ओढ़ कर न जाने कहाँ निकल गए हैं हम..

कुछ तो बात थी तेरे साथ की, युहीं नहीं वक़्त जाता था थम,
खुशी तो आज भी सस्ती है, जब वो हंसती है, महंगे होते जा रहें हैं गम,

इस उम्र को ओढ़ कर न जाने कहाँ निकल गए हैं हम..

काफी कुछ करना है अभी तो, यही चिंगारी रखती इस लौ को गरम,
वरना क्या बताएं रूह तक को ठंडा कर दे ज़िन्दगी तो इतना लगा रही है दम,

इस उम्र को ओढ़ कर न जाने कहाँ निकल गए हैं हम..

रुके हैं, चले हैं, गिरे हैं, गिरकर उठे हैं, मगर हार गए हैं ये नही मानेंगे हम,
लड़ना है उसके लिए जो 'लड़ रहा है मेरे लिए', शायद यही वजह है कि तमाम मुश्क़िलों के बावजूद बढ़ते जा रहे हैं कदम..

वरना इस उम्र को ओढ़ कर न जाने निकल गए हैं हम।।
SaWal May 2018

Momma, you are-

The one who always evens my odds
In life's thundering skies, my lightning rod

My superhero, my alpha squad
My knight, my armour, my invincible sword

My lady, my lord
My queen, my God.

Your presence defines my existence, will do so all along,
I promise to keep you happy, healthy and whenever needed I'll be there to sing you them songs.

Happy Mother's Day.
Long and merry live all the super-heroic Mothers:)
SaWal Apr 2018
इज़्ज़त की बात वो न करें जिन्हे शर्म का ही अता पता नहीं..
धर्म की बात वो न करें जिन्हे कर्म का ही अता पता नहीं..
इंसाफ तो 'उनका' तब होगा जब 'हम में' बदलाव होगा
ज़ख्म की बात उनसे क्या करें जिन्हे मरहम का ही अता पता नहीं |
Justice for Aruna Shanbaug, Jyoti, Asifa, Unnao, Shakti Mills.. my heart aches for the fact that the list is infinte.
We need to treat our women exceptionally.
We need to make them feel safe and respected.
Constitutional rights of both Men and Women need to be revisited and women must be given certain special privileges over men unconditionally.
On an individual level, Change in mindset of men is the remedy in the long term.

Humanity is a bird and if 'he' is one of the wings.. 'she' is the other one and the bird cannot fly without both its wings.
SaWal Apr 2018
Oh yes I talk about trying, don't pardon me
Innocence has nothing to fear, this is what hardened me

Just quit man, give up, be the pawn in world chess these thought never cordon me
Rise for you may not reign, but rise for you may be right.. this is the lesson that gardened me

I was in the zone too, I still feel low at times, but I fought and will fight everytime, atleast now I know what my stardom is
Never counted much on anyone, because sometimes when did I got to know what the word phantom means

And trust me I do have dreadful nightmares, but i don't let them warden me
Because what's much bigger and brighter is my dream and the ones I want to live it with, that is what that heartens me

Over expectations, just like over exposure to light, gives you darkened s(K)in
Same people, same situation but different faces, learnt allotropes are not found in carbon only

Was down and low and in pieces, survived, now I am coming thundering for the win
Dream, travel, love, express, experience so the world knows you not just some iron molding

Everyone's at war, some fighting for glory, some voicing their story.. latter is how I unburden me
Miseries in abundance, it's HOPE that forms the basis of my ardent leap.
SaWal Apr 2018
Walk into my shoes
To get some clues
About my blues
And my hues
Its so easy to boo
Without knowing who's Who

Me and You
We all belong to the same zoo
And I am even ready to pay your dues too
In return all I want is you to stay True
Oh did that sound like Deja-Vu
Still it is, was or will never be about me, but what 'WE' have been through

Put others before yourself, that has been my finding till now and I would
Because that is something I rarely see others doing while they easily could
A little bit of caring, a little bit of sharing can do wonders, ain't that what Stephen Hawking proved
I want to be better, I want to be ahead, ambitious, opportunist these are the words we now a days rely onto
But then why cannot we think that we can walk together and can still make it through
And oh! What an ineffable sight that be, when unconditionally you count one me and I count on you

We boast we brag about 'all mighty' things we do
Yet we don't realize we are missing 'Almighty's cue
There is plenty for all of us, given our 'Needs' we choose
We might win over each other, but nature oh that is where even humans need to look for Truce
What good are the nukes doing or billions being spent on them from decades leaves me amused
Why not divert it to education, nutrition, sustainability, short term long term what so ever that will do more good

Walk into my shoes
To get some clues
I will take care of my blues
I will share with you my hues
But please next time before you boo
Just know who is who.
SaWal Mar 2018

My heart
is quite strong
but about my mind
that is one learning curve

I try
I loose, I learn
I try again, I count
on hope- my alma matter
I grow!

A cinquain consists of 5 unrhymed lines, each line having a set number of syllables.
SaWal Mar 2018
And 'it' must go on <------------------------------------------------------------
My ride is fast but my road is slow                                                      
I am going through dark, but i promise to glow                                  |
I am the right arrow, using the wrong bow                                          |
Enough seeing through the wrong window, now time to
walk out of the right door                                                                        |

I explored me, you and us when I hit the very low                            
'Et tu brute' Man I never thought you too would join the ** ** **
Stuff me with all that you got and more                                              
I will take it all and I will still roar                                                         |
When my feet's cold and life seems to take a toll                                |
I still feel blessed as I have my words -they are a WRITER'S Gold  
They say I am not what they see I can be, I say the same but I vow
That there will be a day when you will be reading columns
and I will be moving up the rows                                                            
I trust this struggle, that is my ladder to glory because I know        
If I give up today, I don't deserve no tomorrow                                  |
I try, I loose, I learn, I try harder, you wish but won't see me go      |
Because this is my war, my ground, my dreams,
my screams,my shoes, my stage, MY SHOW<-----------------------------
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