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  Sep 2018 larissa
b e mccomb
at 4 in the
morning the sun
is never up
but i usually am

i worry
about things
that are out of
my control
even more about
things that are

get up early
when i work
and earlier
when i don’t
the older i get the
more i learn
sometimes you
need to cry it out

at night
into your pillow
the blankets
wrapped all
around you

sometimes you
need to cry
and cry
and cry

until the morning
sun falls across
the tears dried
under your lashes

and the lump
in your throat has
dissolved so you can
breathe with ease

you need to get up
let hot water
wash it away
let the steam rising
from your mug soften
any sorrow left around
your morning eyes
take a deep breath
don’t mention it
to anyone


i will
copyright 9/7/18 b. e. mccomb
larissa Sep 2018
once in a while
ill look up at the stars
and wonder
where you might be
just in case
that maybe
they’ll look down
and see me
from way way above
from beyond all the galaxies
and throw a shooting star
that’ll grant me my wish
and bring you to my arms
we’ll see..
  Sep 2018 larissa
your eyes
          so explosively
                    i feel like i
   float in space
                 every time
      your blue
                          my green
    creating a new earth.
i wish you felt the same
  Sep 2018 larissa
Kiss me like
I am your savior
Rescuing you
From deep
Dark water

Kiss me like
I am a feast
And you are
Starving, hungry
For me

Kiss me like
We are to lose
All sense of time
Lost in this one kiss

Kiss me like
You are leaving
And saying goodbye
But never really leave

Kiss me like
I mean the stars
And the moon
The oceans and
Mountains and
Everything in between
To you

Kiss me like
I am your
First kiss and
You are shy

Kiss me like
You are a wildfire
And I am
Only dry tinder
To be consumed by your flames

Kiss me like
I am the last
Breath of air
On a dying planet

Kiss me like
This is everything
You want
And nothing
You want to leave

Kiss me like
You are kissing away
The sadness in
My soul

Kiss me like
You think
I should be kissed

In the end
I just want you
To kiss me
  Sep 2018 larissa
helena alexis
i imagine you
kissing me but
i know you’re
out there kissing
someone else and
it kills me
  Sep 2018 larissa
the worst thing you ever did to me
was give me hope again,

only to take it back
when you were not bored anymore
so hahahhahahahah *******
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