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Dec 2017
Kiss me like
I am your savior
Rescuing you
From deep
Dark water

Kiss me like
I am a feast
And you are
Starving, hungry
For me

Kiss me like
We are to lose
All sense of time
Lost in this one kiss

Kiss me like
You are leaving
And saying goodbye
But never really leave

Kiss me like
I mean the stars
And the moon
The oceans and
Mountains and
Everything in between
To you

Kiss me like
I am your
First kiss and
You are shy

Kiss me like
You are a wildfire
And I am
Only dry tinder
To be consumed by your flames

Kiss me like
I am the last
Breath of air
On a dying planet

Kiss me like
This is everything
You want
And nothing
You want to leave

Kiss me like
You are kissing away
The sadness in
My soul

Kiss me like
You think
I should be kissed

In the end
I just want you
To kiss me
Written by
Jay  F
         larissa, Santita, Neha Srivastava, Kelsey Chupp, ryn and 27 others
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