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  Feb 2019 larissa
your name
rolls off
the tip of my tongue
so easily
I think
I was born to say it
over and over and over
larissa Feb 2019
little boy
with a mind full of magic
don’t float off too far
it might just be tragic

the stars tonight
will light up for you
but little boy be careful
you might just float through

if you happen to wander
deep into space
gravity would miss you
but it’d hope you’d find grace

there in the universe
little boy you would be
dancing on the stars
it couldn’t feel more free

but little boy
whom I so love
please come home to me
from way way above
larissa Feb 2019
i would like
to schedule an appointment
with you
any time of the day
while the sky
is still blue
as long as you’re honest
subtle and true
and don’t slap on words
in replacement of glue
but don’t be mistaken
for i don’t have the flu
but rather cracks in my heart
maybe one or a few
so do what you must
with your bolts and
your screws
for who else may i trust
to give me a heart
this brand new
and the clock ticks heartbreak
larissa Sep 2018
there’s a moment
that waits for me
each and every day
at the corner of anxiety
and fears i’ll never display
it holds a bouquet
of dead crippled flowers
in hopes that i would possibly stay
to pull
and latch
plunge and scratch
itself deep
into my veins
to take everything i love
and collapse me
so that when i’d wake
i would shed my hope
and wish to fall
away to a world
where i’d finally be gone
  Sep 2018 larissa
either i am very bad
at being human
or i am far
too good at it.
sad and lonely lonely lonely
larissa Sep 2018
there are times
when i want to hold you
here in my arms
close to my heart
and then there are times
when i dream about us
and you
mainly just you
but the ways i want you
and in that time
you also hold someone else
in your arms
close to your heart
and i realize
that is the only time
i couldn’t feel
more broken
knowing you
will never be mine
to love
i’ve grown weak because of it..
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