larissa Feb 21
I can't breathe anymore
darling you were the air
my air
and you left me
my lungs
my everything
and now I'm dying
I'm fucking dying.
So leave and don't you dare return.
Let me die
so when I fall and hit the ground
I can scream out your name as the pain disintegrates the last piece of my broken heart.

I will collapse.

My soul will escape and my flesh will die.

I shall let my spirit mend
and be born again.
But this time I will breathe
through the grace of God.
leaving hell
It's like getting suffocated.
Hands around your neck,
squeezing harder,
and harder.
Yet it's not hands.
It's words.
Words you say.
Things you call me,
either straight to my face,
or behind my back.
Those are the words,
that suffocate.

  Jan 29 larissa
Lexi Guffey
I am a writer by nature.
I feel everything too deeply,
I take too much to heart.
I am not always logical,
rational -
I feel first, think second;
my life synonymous with poetry.
My mind refuses to stop whirring
There are worlds in my head,
but I am hesitant in my own.
My trust comes slow,
as people are less predictable than the pen.
But when I do let someone in,
I love completely
for living without passion is not living at all.
Too often I get hurt,
but I prefer feeling pain
to nothing at all.
I am forgetful,
but I remember everything.
I won’t remember the laundry
or where I put my keys,
but I know what you wore
and how you smelled the first time we met,
and I have memorized the constellations in your eyes,
I remember every story you’ve ever told me.
I may forget to purchase bread
and the title of the movies we watch,
but I won’t forget how to make you laugh,
and all the little nuances that make you you.
You might think I’m insane -
I think too much and say too little,
but I am a writer
and it’s part of the game.
  Jan 29 larissa
That ache in my heart
It was cause by you
That bullet through my skull
It was caused by me
But sometimes I forget the difference

  Jan 29 larissa
I used to look to the stars and think of you.
Now when I look at them, I think of myself.

It's time to learn
How to be
Ex lovers and ex friends ex anything. To all the people who I chose to put before myself and who took advantage of it.
  Jan 28 larissa
Misty Eyed
I still look for you
at the grocery store.
I still search the cars
at gas stations.
I still hope that we will
bump into each other
at the movies
or in a restaurant.  

I hope,
and I wish,
and I imagine.
I play it over
and over,
again and

But every time
I make it back to my car,
I realize you are still
so far away,
and I will just have to
visit you
in my dreams.

larissa Jan 19
we came together like a dying star
a single second that sparked a universe
chasing stardust through galaxies
i connect the freckles on your skin
to constellations
base elements forming life
in copper and green and deep wide black
i feel the expanse of skin on skin
like honey dripping from my fingertips
as i touch the side of your cheek
a supernova of emotion
a collapse of everything that i am
and was and will be
forming existence in my own combustion
birthing oxygen in my stifled lungs
you smile up at me
raising your hands in invitation
i struggle for breath against the weight
of the universe at home in my chest
suns dying and being born
in the sparks behind my eyelids
when i feel the press of lips
and the twitch of anxious fingers
and the ragged sound of ruin in a dark room
you kneel at my feet and stare up at me
move your lips soundlessly
eyes wide and wild as the universe
until the stars die out
and little by little
piece by piece
atom by atom
we became
to him~
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