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Nikkita Mar 27
From ice to fire
To land from sea
The deepest desire
Stands carefree
Before the endless
Rides of night and day
Two siblings happy to say
They see him, sorrowful raven, mess
Not a haven in his mind
To appease the lost divine
Yet a stirred soul lies behind
This truth bound by a whine

In chase still alive
A little they smile
No haste given
No sadness forgiven
Left now with the empty sky
Of fully woven worlds
"With our dull ****** swords
We fight to try and lose high
But what of a stray ****
In a forest of boreal trees
Funeral only awaits my plead
To forever cease"
Nikkita Feb 22
Today the birds chose to sleep.
Today the sun began to cool.
Today I didn't feel the need to live.
And today my soldier came back.

There wasn't a single tear from the skies.
Silence. Second silence. Third silence.
But no silence could ever heal my heart.
So I cried for an eternity. Then two. Then three.

Waiting for him to calm me.
Waiting for someone to calm me.
Waiting for sleep to calm me.
Waiting in silence for an eternity.
Nikkita Feb 16
Little bell, shining gold.
Let me tell you of my accord.
Let me sing you by my chord.
What my life has made me hold.

Little bell, sunrise child.
My love for you was never mild.
My love for you was always wild.
For you, my only, I´ve always smiled.

Little bell, tender dream.
Render my lips only yours.
Render my life your open doors.
I kiss you evermore it would seem.

Little bell, happy times.
When by you, my body lies.
When by you, my mind dies.
I'll still see the twinkle in your eyes.
Nikkita Jan 26
In every ray
of sun, I pray
to bask in your glory
to hum my story.
My petty little story...

With every breath
I welcome death
your cold hug
your final tug.
With my petty little body...

Cover my eyes
to see the final sunrise
underneath the mass
that you let pass
above my petty little bed...
Nikkita Jan 25
From ground
Silent and bound
To heaven
Wishful and haven

Cradle of everything
That's left to think
Unscathed by time
Still reeks of thyme

There the gods reside
To be saved from thunder
There the gods abide
To be saved from plunder

Catching life
Of lonely beings
One big hive
Full of meanings
Nikkita Jan 25

In the ray of my light
Here stay into my sight
Laid in your almighty throne
Wine over your toga we will mourn

Have you decided?
To be left unguided?
No matter what
I won't miss the cut
Dedicated for you only
Now sleep soundly
Maybe not tonight
Only I made to be right
Still remain
Above you
Nikkita Jan 24
Unheard my scream
dances in the air.
Forseen my actions were,
cruel to you, my people, seems

the portrait I have painted.

Unseen my creation lies
in the rubble with the earth destroyed.
My heart to dread toyed
with my mind. Stare dies

at the portrait I have painted.

Unloved, sitting by the window
I await further notice.
Reflection that malice
has beaten to sow

the sadness into the portrait I have painted.

— The End —