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4.1k · Jun 2015
naila Jun 2015
Im the girl that lisn to soft music
love reading and writing poems
I'm the shy girl who's always quite
You you are the guy that spends
His nights out
Who can get drunk the whole night
Without giving a **** about
The world
The badboy that all the girls wants
But i guess that the reason why
I want you more thn anything
I want you to be mine and only mine
When i'm with you i forget abt
The time and about the world
If only you feel the same about me
But for you i'm just that little goodgirl
1.4k · Jan 2016
Cold nights
naila Jan 2016
Its 12:00am on a cold night i should
Be sleeping but instead im thinking
Of you  ❤️
1.2k · Apr 2015
naila Apr 2015
That night
It was my fault
I shouldnt have told you
How i felt about you
I ******* everything
By saying few words
Im suffering but i'm still able to smile
1.1k · Jun 2015
If only
naila Jun 2015
If only you could look at me
They way i look at you
If only you could love me
The way i love you
If only you feel about me
The way i feel about you
If only i make you happy
The way you make me happy
If only you smile at me
the way i smile at you
If i only you want me
How much i want you
If only you desire me
How much i desire you
If only you were mine
1.0k · Jan 2016
Hello its me
naila Jan 2016
Helloo its me
I was wondering if all this time could pass so fast
To see your face and lisn to ur voice
They say time will pass fast
But i feel hours like years
Hello can you hear me?
Im in the house looking at your room
Remembering your laugh ur scream
I've forgetten how the my days felt before you leave

Theres such a long distance between us and a time difference

Hello from the other continent
I must have cried a thousand timess
Bcuz u left and i have no one but whn i try to forget abt u it never seem to work

Hello from another country
Your my sister my blood how can i forget abt u that fast?

Hello how's ur studies ??
It became so typical of me to talk to my self whn i feel alone
Do u ever miss me the way i do?
And its no secret that we r both far

Hello from ur bedroooom can u see me looking in ur clothes  i've always tried to be like u
Hello from the other country
Can u hear me crying? I miss u so much

Hello how r u?
I've been trying to be u for such a long time but now that i can its so difficult to be as strong as u
Im so bad with u
I never told u but i think i love you
I miss u since u walked out the door.
Dont leave me
I love you
I wrote this bcuz my sis is leaving tomorrow to study in another country and i never stayed away from her i cant stop crying bcuz she's leaving
795 · Apr 2015
naila Apr 2015
I still remember
the night you told me
That you'll do anything for me
The night your eyes were covered by tears
You told me that you loved me
You my dear mother
The inspiration of my life
I dont want you to get hurt
But i still hurt you
I dont want to see you cry
But i still make you cry
I'm sorry for each little tears
that flowed from your eyes
because of me
I wish i could make your life better
By being better
564 · Apr 2015
Its over
naila Apr 2015
I should've told you
How much i loved you
But now its over
And  im crying
Every Night in my dreams
I dream of your face
The taste of your lips
The feel you give me
When you touch me
Now you are with her
And not with me
And the only thing i can do
Is stop thinking of you
503 · Dec 2015
The problem
naila Dec 2015
Cant choose between the good and the bad
Saying its my fault wont solve the problem
Saying its her fault will make it bigger
Blaming her while i should be blaming him i cant say its her fault but she the one who did it she could change
Im so ashamed but still love her as hell
I keep thinking about that
How can i change the time
How can i solve the problem
I cry in the cold nights trying to find out if its mine his or her fault
I cant blame anyone cuz we all contribute in the problem
She's my love but she's also my worst
She could act better
But why did she act like that
I wasnt expecting frm her
I spent days crying alone
In the dark
Cant talk to anyone bcuz im scared of the replies
Oh lord why my life cant be normal
Why do i hve problems everyday
Why do i feel so bad
Shes a human being after all
Sending pictures to another man
Wont make any change
Its his fault he made her like this
But what i dont think of is that im the one who encouraged her
Saying that she needed to live her life
But i wasnt expecting it to get that far
It might be our fault all after all
488 · Apr 2015
You did it
naila Apr 2015
Do u remember?
Do u remember our first kiss?
Do u remember our first hug?
Do u remember our first date?
Do u remember our first laugh?
Do u remember our first words?
No u dont
Cuz u forgot me
But i do
I do lay in my bad
Close my eyes
And try to remember
But when i open my eyes
The only thing i find is
my tears flowing down my cheeks
Cuz u left me
U left me without even looking back
How can u do this to me?
After all what happened this how u treat me?
This is how u stop talking to me?
This how u forget me?
387 · Apr 2015
naila Apr 2015
I dont know how to tell you that
But i miss you i miss you more
Thn anything
I miss seeing you smiling at me
Laughing with me
Playing with me
I miss the taste
that your lips allow
I miss the feel you gave me
when you touch me
I miss sleeping in your arms
I miss talking to you
I miss every single day
Every single hour
Every single minute
Every single second
I had next to you
Now i know how much i loved you
But its too late cuz i lost you
376 · Dec 2015
naila Dec 2015
Heart Colder thn a winter night

Face beautiful like sunrise

Sweet like an angel

Shining like a diamond
356 · May 2015
naila May 2015
She's the second me
We r the same person
With different
She's everything
That i'm not
I wanna be
I love
She's the best part of me
She the one
That i can trust more
Thn anyone
The one that knws me
More than i know my self
She's the one that always
Helps me
The one that i need
For now and forever
She's the other part of me
That i can always see next to me
She's my everything
We always fight thats true
We dont talk much thats true
But i'm always there for her
And shes always there for me
She's not my twin
She's my sister
She's my older sister
She's my other half
323 · Jun 2015
naila Jun 2015
That moment when there's nothing to do except crying that moment when you cant hold your self that moment when you break the moment when you feel that no person in the world understands you when you feel lonely that moment when you feel like your life is gonna be over when you prefer dying than feeling this pain when you dont know what to do because there's nothing to do but stay in the bed cut and cry trying to figure out whats wrong with you why your feeling that bad but then you realize that your just a human you hold your self about everything that happens to you and that all humans have that moment in their life when they break
313 · Apr 2015
naila Apr 2015
My eyes are covered by tears
All i want to do is scream scream
I want someone to look at me
Right in the eyes
Ask me whats wrong
So i can just tell him how i feel
But i cant i cant do anymore
I cant explain my feelings anymore
I want someone to hug
Tell me everything is gonna be fine
I want to tell someone how much
Pain hate and sadness i feel
I want to get drunk just to get
Over my pain
But the only thing i can do is cry
Cry and cry And cry all over again
I want to die
I hate this pain
292 · Apr 2015
naila Apr 2015
Days by days
I grew up
And all what i've lived
Became memories
Its so sad
When you just stay in your place
Remember your past
The things you used to have
You used to do
You used to love
Its like a movie
And every day of your life
Is a scene
Of that movie
All what you do and what you've done
Will become memories
One day you'll die and
All your memories
Will be lost
267 · Dec 2015
Lord please
naila Dec 2015
Dear lord
Why life can be so hard?
Why are we living this miserable life  
We say its our destiny to commit this faults
But we got brains!!
We can think
We can change
We can understand
But all we use our brains for is judging others forgetting our selfs
Life is a mirror and we are the reflection  we decide how to look like in this huge mirrors that we call destiny
Life might be hard
Life is a *****
But we are the real problem
But dont knw her to act
We let any problem
Hurt us
Thn we say its human
To commit mistakes
Yes it is but u got a think what to do before u do it
256 · Apr 2015
naila Apr 2015
You were the perfect stranger

the kiss was sudden

I could've been filled with rage

Instead, I'm in love with those lips
236 · Apr 2015
naila Apr 2015
i was looking at the sky
Like i do every night
But this time it was different
There was a new star in that dark sky
Shining up there more thn any other star
You are the new star of the night
The one that light up my night
Now i look at you everytime
When the sun comes down
May your soul reset in peace my dear

— The End —