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Dec 2015
Cant choose between the good and the bad
Saying its my fault wont solve the problem
Saying its her fault will make it bigger
Blaming her while i should be blaming him i cant say its her fault but she the one who did it she could change
Im so ashamed but still love her as hell
I keep thinking about that
How can i change the time
How can i solve the problem
I cry in the cold nights trying to find out if its mine his or her fault
I cant blame anyone cuz we all contribute in the problem
She's my love but she's also my worst
She could act better
But why did she act like that
I wasnt expecting frm her
I spent days crying alone
In the dark
Cant talk to anyone bcuz im scared of the replies
Oh lord why my life cant be normal
Why do i hve problems everyday
Why do i feel so bad
Shes a human being after all
Sending pictures to another man
Wont make any change
Its his fault he made her like this
But what i dont think of is that im the one who encouraged her
Saying that she needed to live her life
But i wasnt expecting it to get that far
It might be our fault all after all
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