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Jan 2016
Helloo its me
I was wondering if all this time could pass so fast
To see your face and lisn to ur voice
They say time will pass fast
But i feel hours like years
Hello can you hear me?
Im in the house looking at your room
Remembering your laugh ur scream
I've forgetten how the my days felt before you leave

Theres such a long distance between us and a time difference

Hello from the other continent
I must have cried a thousand timess
Bcuz u left and i have no one but whn i try to forget abt u it never seem to work

Hello from another country
Your my sister my blood how can i forget abt u that fast?

Hello how's ur studies ??
It became so typical of me to talk to my self whn i feel alone
Do u ever miss me the way i do?
And its no secret that we r both far

Hello from ur bedroooom can u see me looking in ur clothes  i've always tried to be like u
Hello from the other country
Can u hear me crying? I miss u so much

Hello how r u?
I've been trying to be u for such a long time but now that i can its so difficult to be as strong as u
Im so bad with u
I never told u but i think i love you
I miss u since u walked out the door.
Dont leave me
I love you
I wrote this bcuz my sis is leaving tomorrow to study in another country and i never stayed away from her i cant stop crying bcuz she's leaving
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