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Useless Stardust Mar 2018
blanket of blue
wrapped around me
some time long ago

it can get hot and muggy
but i don't really mind
it's the color of blue
something new
it's mine

oh blanket of blue
how true of you
to finally let me in

i'll let you grab and tangle me
so long as you don't cave in
you wrap yourself around my neck
and linger there a few

soft and heavy breathing
as tears begin to spew

blanket of blue
how cruel of you
to leave me here like this

your soft touch
captured my sense
as i cry here for you

you wrap yourself a little tighter
dashing away my hope
you sure love turning my lips
to your shade of blue
Useless Stardust Jan 2018
Callused fingers run along the strings of the chord
A riveting hum echos through the wood
A note or two before it starts
The riveting beat of your own heart
Useless Stardust Dec 2017
i can feel your arms wrap around me like a big soft blanket
your smooth fingers graze my head gently
the darkness of your cloak is so soothing as if the colors itself could envelope me
you smell of nothing only a soft scent of something fresh yet old
you whispher sweet nothings in my ear telling me to not let go
my eyes droop into the warmth
tired and exausted
but then i sense the scent of something sweet
my body awakens as something walks nearer
the warmth of a light drives away the comfort of the cloak
i feel bare yet warm
my eyes open again revealing a child who wears a yellow dress
barely reaching above their knees
it smiles at me
such happiness pours into me
i crack a smile
it holds a hand for me to take
i give it a finger its tiny hands grasp around it
pulling me somewhere
we begin to walk my eyes widening
i rip my finger from its grasp
it looks confused but i only shake a head my body trembles
i run back to the cloak
for its arms to devour me again
the familiar warmth kisses me as the process starts over again
the cloak whispers sweet nothings to me
like a mother comforting her child
she says
theres nothing for you but me
Useless Stardust Dec 2017
The sun shone bright
against the clear blue sky
The waves pushed to and fro
making paste from the sand

Seagulls cried to the others ashore
as their shadows shaded my eyes
A cool ocean breeze passed through
oh it feels so grand

I lift my eyes up to the sky as
skin stretches into a smile
I wish to shout but I like it
how I could be here forever

All I can hear is someting that
stands from a mile
A being, no, somebody, no, either way
something kept calling never

It only lingers in my head but
soon I was walking to the body
The water was cold and warm
as it gently licked at my feet

The water was like a friend
inviting me in like I was cloddy
Yet as my toes dug slowly in the sand
my feet walking deeper beneathe

This is very much a situation
I find the ocean to be very funny
And so I laugh
I laugh until my sides hurt

The water is now up to my neck
my body slowly turning gummy
I just stand there
salt clings onto my shirt

The ocean gently rocks me
as it takes me away from the pain
And which I call to life
I will be alright
Useless Stardust Dec 2017
day by day i realize
everything i miss about you
was never there in the first place

-the person i fell in love with was a mirage
From the book, "the sun and her flowers" by Rupi Kaur
Useless Stardust Dec 2017
i have always wondered why i wrote from a boys perspective. is it easier. i dont know. i make sentences about boys who find love in girls. weird. i cant say. its not that i too am attracted to girls. its more or less that i write these boys to love these girls because thats how i want a boy to feel and think about me. i suppose so. but i believe other girls deserve these boys then me. for i dont believe these words are ment for me. i create these boys through sewn words for the girls who have wanted someone to look at them like they want boys to. to talk to them like they want boys to. to feel like they want that special someone to. ah. what even is this. maybe i write nothing and have bad rythme. who knows. its hard to opinionize myself. but i guess this will suffice.
Useless Stardust Dec 2017
there is us in the world and the world is us

we create this world to be safe and helpless

we create this world where I can freely touch you

but theres a sadness to you

i know you are just a creation of what i want you to be

of who i want to you be
to do
to say

why are you here
you are just a creation

you are the comfort to my pain
and yet you cannot even leave my mind

its not physically possible to

i wish for you to touch me
to hold me
to tell me its gonna be okay

why must you be imaginary

cant you just be real
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