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Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
Eyes tired, mind exhausted
8-4 or 9-5
Put in the time
Count down the days
Wake up and repeat
Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
Sleep well little one
Don’t be afraid
The sun will be back
And take the darkness away

The sky is lit
The moon is out
Shining bright
With the stars

Hold your breath
Make a wish
And shut it down

Sleep well little one
I will see you
When you awake
Until then sweet dreams

I love you
Every morning
Noon &
Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
Lov-ing Support
Teach-ing of Life
Help-ing Understand
Grow-ing as a Whole
Develop-ing as a Person

Laugh-ing as a Pair
Cry-ing with the Bad
Smil-ing with the Good
Comfort-ing when Frightened
Sooth-ing when Hurt

Nurtur-ing Love
Cherish-ing Memories
Create-ing a Bond
that is
As a new mom this is my view on the ING of parenting
Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
Into the night my soul dances
Alone in the wild
With the moon and stars
Stillness and quiet all around

The ground is cool
The air is warm
Spinning in circles
Serenity and calmness

Happiness in the ****
A wide open field
Glory in the beholder
Of this gorgeous planet
Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
Physically strong and healthy, mentally lost and confused
Prideful and independent, but can no longer live in your home
Trying to remember your past, mixing up the memories
Scared and befuddled, please know we are here

To feel alone and in the dark, in someone else’s space
Thinking the people on film you have met on the street
Certain you are in the town of where you were raised
Never realizing you are not really in that place

I wish I could make this ugly disease disappear
The pills are a preventative they are no cure
I wish you could come back to us and have no fear
This disease takes a toll and it is unfair

You are a great person who was always there
You nurtured and encouraged for all of whom you cared
The tables have turned its time to not resist
The ones who love you will care for you best

Sitting in wonderment awaiting your fate
Repeating your words time and time again
Not remembering certain persons places or things
In your own universe so distant, slowly fading away

To see the decline and the empty look on your face
It has gotten the best of you and what you held dear
It is more than unbearable; it's a true heart break
I'm so sorry that this will be the end to your story

Forget me not, Grandma
Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
Never moved forward
We just stayed still
Did u stop loving me?

Did you forget about me?
Did you leave me behind?
In this world of madness

I thought our love was madness
Turns out that was just me
Alone in self-contempt & pity
Krystle OBrien Apr 2019
Is this it; is this all there is
Is this it; is this all we have
I feel there should be more
If one door closes and another one opens

Why are all my doors are closed
There are no windows
I can’t see, I can't hear, I can’t breathe
I need air, I need air

To touch to feel to know
To be felt, touched and known
Pull me out of the water
Stop me from drowning

I need air
I need air
So I can see things clear
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