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 Oct 2020 Kashish
Eshwara Prasad
Why humans need rules?

Because we are more impulsive

than wild animals !
 Oct 2020 Kashish
David P Carroll
In my arms you'll be
Falling in love with me
Watching the stars shine
Bright she's in my arms every night
A passionate kiss under the moonlight
We fall in love tonight
It's so beautiful and bright
We'll remember this night
Forever in our hearts
The night we fell in love under the moonlight.
True Love ❤️
 Oct 2020 Kashish
Eshwara Prasad
Is poetry a waste of time?


if you don't read it.
 Oct 2020 Kashish
jeffrey conyers
So behind pride, you hide.
Instead of being tough enough to apologize.
While watching love walk away.

What a big price to pay?
Letting someone you love and enjoy walk away.

So like a fool, you're trying to be cool.
Not following wise advice offered to you...
While watching love walk away.

Realize, in life and love mistakes will be made.
What a big price to pay?

Just because you see certain folks smiling.
When they are together?
Sometimes it's mainly for show.

So behind prise, you hide.
When all they asked?
That you apologize?

What a big price to pay?
Let your true love walk out the door.
 Oct 2020 Kashish
Kafka Joint
are you sure,
it's already October,
are you sure of that?
In my infancy
  I still believed.
  Nuns taught me truth.
  Jesus died for our sins.
  Drink His blood and
  eat his body in wonder
  of what? I'm old and wise.
  Jesus is my gardener now.
5 am we're in the cage.
It takes us a mile below
to grab the coal from Earth's
stubborn hold. We wage war
and explode it loose and gather
it in buckets like we do love.
We end the days in bars. We
drink our fill and sleep with
her, the reason we do it all.
She endures me like the mines.
 Oct 2020 Kashish
David P Carroll
I no my life isn't perfect
And I try my best every day
But the day you came
Into my life was the best
Day of my life because
You become my beautiful wife.
A Love Letter By💕
David P Carroll.
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