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Let’s love hard and reckless.
Like the sounds of madness,
That mutter insults into our ears.
We are perfect as long as we don’t think,
but that is what we are programmed to do
We’ve done it for so long;
Engrained into our flesh.
We can’t be pleased.
Stuck in a cyclone.
A Vortex.
Endless if we can’t find our way out.
Two souls
to find
their happiness.
When it was right
In front of them
All along.
Love is a Vortex.
Somewhere over the horizon stars collide.
Exploding into pieces of fiery matter
that fall into the atmosphere.
Burning the grass it caresses.
Watching in the distance
The two of us lay blown away
By the array of flaming gun powder
Spinning as a tornado would,
as it floats on the winds fingertips.
Our attention broke from this display of grace,
With the sounds of gunshots.
We look into each other’s eyes,
long enough for our lips to connect.
The sparks that were in the sky grounded.
The moment we touch.
Love poems. I am in love.
The moment I said it I knew.
Us and We.
Not you and me.
The words that slipped out of my mouth
like a banana peel from Mario kart.
Oddly I didn't regret it.
Strangely enough I was confident.
Tonight has been a breathtaking trip.
It's been a real adventure,
and you were the only one that I needed to be there.
You picked me up from the park.
The one I was probably to inebriated to walk to.
You drove around for hours just for me.
While I stuck my head out of the window,
Screaming Misfits lyrics, and flipping off the heavens.
This was the night I had lost my mind.
The night I was fully alive.
The night I put together the pieces.
The night I found something to believe in.
We smiled and laughed, threw glass bottles into the street.
We sang punk rock songs until our lungs couldn't breathe.
Never have I felt more free.
Never have we both been this complete.
I know you could see
it too.
A feeling nothing could ever compare to.
A fire that’s cold enough to stop a beating heart
right in its tracks.
Emotions that took over me that I still cannot define.

I have never looked back.
If you love me like I love you we will be together for all eternities
My life was all smoke and mirrors
trying to disguise the pieces that were broke.
Smoke filled lungs made my head feel clearer,
but parts of me were still disappearing.
As I forgot about my motivations,
and was stressed to make end meet.
Waking up with mental lacerations.
I had a lot of plates, but no food to eat.
There was a lot in my life that seemed to go wrong,
but I kept moving forward to the next day.
Delivering pizza my car breaks down.
What can I do to get paid?
Dropped out of college to make more money.
Now how does that even make cents?
One day you were just at my apartment.
This was the first time we met.
Slowly you showed me who I could become.
It's something I can never forget.
One day exactly I remember fully falling in love,
and two years later that feeling still exists.
Growing more with the days, hours and minutes.
You have changed my life more than I can perceive.
How did you survive? Let me know.
When every word in my view is tangled together.
I’m tripping, stumbling over the thoughts I want to write out.
They all loop around my feet.
I feel stuck in place
Lost in this empty space.
The void.
The one place I want to avoid
Where the evil creeps in, dragging me down.
Six feet seems far.
Not as far apart as I feel from you right now
So Six Feet feels more real than anything
And if you can’t tell I’m at the edge.
If you can’t tell, I have to beg
Forgiveness isn’t easy, I understand.
I just want the chance to love you again.
When you said that name.
It got branded onto my heart.
I know this is all my fault.
I just want you back
I can’t stop thinking about you with someone else now.
I would rather finish myself off than to see that.
Love is a crazy feeling.
Our love cascades down from the heavens
strong and resilient.
Just like the two of us.
Rushing out of our hearts like a wild fire.
Forging a pathway, the future
that is only for us.
Unique, separate from the ordinary
a direction only we can travel together
I’m asking you to take my hand.
I got a feeling like everything is possible
I don’t want you to follow me.
I want to walk hand in hand
as one entity, as one team.
Because together anything can be done
I want to learn with you.
I want to explore with you.
I want to learn with you.
I want to grow with you.
More than anything
I can ensure you darling
that nothing can stop us.
That everything will be okay
Love is strong,
but my feelings are stronger
Hey, How are you feeling today? I hope I can talk to everyone who reads this
Victim of Introspection.

The dose of smoke I consume to lighten my soul, exits the lungs.
Feelings of sadness, regret. I am left unhappy from my decisions.
I am left opened up bleeding out, staining the concrete.
All I have is this negative introspection,
An “Idea” of self-hate.
I want your soft sweet love.
I want my best friend back.
The ideas of our future playback endlessly, a constant buzzing ringing in my ears.
I focus on my darkest moment. I am forced to reflect on the pain I’ve caused the both of us.
******* I would give anything to talk. I would give my life to be with you again.

Everything reminds me of you.
You’re in my music, in my writing, in my food, in my stories.
I’m losing all my emotions to “The Size of The Moon”.
We should forget these setbacks and get back moving again.
Because I know what I am afraid of;
I know that I am absolutely and utterly terrified of this being the end of the road.

That we reached the two paths in that yellow wood.
That I forced us to take separate roads of travel. I finally have learned, one decision makes all the difference.

Both roads are less traveled when we walk the alone.
first poem on here. I hope you all like

— The End —