Yes **** is real, I have lived in for a while. The cartoon creatures of my torment live all around me. They have many forms, but all are there to steal my joy. Some are no more than floating heads I see on a video screen. They chatter on day and night with out every making a point. Others are shiny and bright but they are hollow inside. They glisten like a polished gem but when they open their gaping mouths, they **** in every good thing and leave you nothing in return. There are still others that are mumbling faceless creatures, buried in a black swamp that has on bottom. They lurk around waiting to see if you need something so that they can make you wait out the eternity. Yes there is a **** and it is called a bureaucracy.
Jonathan Campbell  1d
I was wondering if you would be interested in this project im starting up. I wanna post spoken word poetry audio on sound cloud and youube. non profit just for the artists
Somewhere over the horizon stars collide.
Exploding into pieces of fiery matter
That fall into the atmosphere.
Burning the grass it caresses.
Watching in the distance
The two of us lay blown away
By the array of flaming gun powder
Spinning as a tornado would,
as it floats on the winds fingertips.
Our attention broke from this display of grace,
With the sounds of gunshots.
We look into each other’s eyes,
long enough for our lips to connect.
The sparks that were in the sky grounded.
The moment we touch.
So I will be trying to publish a book of all my poems soon. Thank you
I wanna be great.
The same way that everyone does.
I wanna share my art with the world.
The same way that everyone does.
I like to help people.
The same way that everyone does.
So I will share your art.
Not like everyone does.
There is so much out there.
A lot of it under appreciated.
I will share your art.
If you are willing to speak it.
I am starting a project.
I hope you are interested.
As much as I am for this.
Please leave me a message
I will get back to you quick.
I wanna Share your work. This is real. Speak your poetry to the masses. Touch people emotionally. Message me please!
I am starting a project, where I will be uploading
spoken word to soundcloud\ or Youtube.
To help Everyone share the art.
I will be doing this completely free.
Because I love seeing artist grow.
If you are interested please please
I really think this Is a great Way to have the community grow.
I love Everyone I've had the plessure to talk with on this website.
I see so much potential in so many peeple.
Again Please Messsage Me If You are Interested.
I can't keep my eyelids open.
Im so tired.
My mouth wont open, words unspoken.
I'm so tired.
I need a day off, I need a break.
I'm so tired.
The days blend together, no changing of weather.
I'm so tired.
Im not sure I can do this anymore.
Fugazi inspires me. Also I need a nap
Every time I seem to stand again
I get pushed back down
It seems like lately
My best friend is the ground
I feel like a goner.
Go ahead and feed me to the hounds.
My body feels *******
My Mind beaten and bound
Is this my time?
If so let me down.
Sometime life gets hard. So I write about it. That doesn't mean anything is wrong. That is just how I process things.
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