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Apr 2019
The moment I said it I knew.
Us and We.
Not you and me.
The words that slipped out of my mouth
like a banana peel from Mario kart.
Oddly I didn't regret it.
Strangely enough I was confident.
Tonight has been a breathtaking trip.
It's been a real adventure,
and you were the only one that I needed to be there.
You picked me up from the park.
The one I was probably to inebriated to walk to.
You drove around for hours just for me.
While I stuck my head out of the window,
Screaming Misfits lyrics, and flipping off the heavens.
This was the night I had lost my mind.
The night I was fully alive.
The night I put together the pieces.
The night I found something to believe in.
We smiled and laughed, threw glass bottles into the street.
We sang punk rock songs until our lungs couldn't breathe.
Never have I felt more free.
Never have we both been this complete.
I know you could see
it too.
A feeling nothing could ever compare to.
A fire that’s cold enough to stop a beating heart
right in its tracks.
Emotions that took over me that I still cannot define.

I have never looked back.
If you love me like I love you we will be together for all eternities
Written by
Jonathan Campbell  22/M/Mississippi
       Anonymistress, Makayla Jane and Fawn
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