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Industrial Death Jul 2018
Sitting here, somber of the past.
It came and went
A heaven sent
I knew she'd never last.

Burning bright, seductive flame of white.
Scorched by the sun
I knew I should've run
Blinded from what is wrong and right.

Now I'm sitting here,
With thoughts I hoard that burn and sere.
Wondering what I would have done
If I chose-
To turn and run.
Industrial Death Jul 2018
Born from a womb.
By and By, a minute passes-
Hours at a time.
Having with me nothing-
Not a thing, but the death
That is mine.
Industrial Death Jul 2018
I am black and spineless, cruel as can be
Flesh like diamonds, smile of spades
The devil is I, inside of me
Masquerading in light, of many shades

Ill **** you in and you swallow whole
A hole in the web of humanity
Faced with a choice, let the dice roll
Remain calm as you collapse in insanity

Throwing off the past
With a mass off men
I knew would never last
Knowing they would never win.

Feel between my thighs
You think of me all the time
Even with feelings I buried in lies
I saw your side, concocted in rhyme.
Industrial Death Jun 2018
From the eternal reach of sky flung stars eclipsing
The multiverse afar,
To the deepest depths of oceans unseen sights
No man may venture to seek a beauty
Like that of a women so divine.
Defined by the product of genetic perfection,
The picturesque quality of evolutionary design:
Of the moons gibbous glow,
The inner aura of your fluttering eyes
Bring me comfort on a cold winters night.
With skin, soft as silk
Tanned by the suns golden light,
Your flesh melts me back to life.
Like the lapping waves and wisping winds
Along the sands of an islands ocean shore
Your soothing tone of foreign tongue
Caresses my aching skull.

Beyond the chisel of mans mortal hands,
No surgeon may sculpt the flesh with so tedious a design:
An anatomical hourglass
Of Immaculate form,
Unseen among the flaws of humanities mistaken design.
Industrial Death Jun 2018
Amid the sky of covered crimson plane
The stormy night begets its wonted reign
And down the sails of battered ships
The golden light of sol doeth set.
Far below the wooden hulls lies
O’ oceans crypt, unknown in depth.
Below the base of beaten ships and
Amid the anglers glow
The luminal aura of Isis shows.  
Crystal Night, immaculate sight
Waxing strong her sultry form
Oh how bright her soothing light
A beckon of hope amid the perilous storm.
The captive witness cannot cease
Its ponderous delight of beauties scene.
Of the godless night, in waves
Of tumult and titanic might
Of hellish forces the setians reign.
The sacred goddess of Lucifer’s seed
Rests tall for all to see.
Industrial Death Jun 2018
As Soft and silky
As she could be
Crushed by the cut
Of a fifty ton
Boulder of fate
Fallen in a rut
To late to run
On top of me the diamond
I thought I won.
Industrial Death Jun 2018
A past forgotten.
A time when the rain,
Never clashed
Against the Pane.
A time stretched so far.
A past so torn,
Stitched with a thread
To hide the scorn.

I never thought Time would come,
To meet me at the end.
Just to say farewell,
Leaving me behind
Where infinity shall begin.
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