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Industrial Death Jul 2017
Among the cool dew of black finitude,
Of deaths perpetual Being,
Stands Time beyond the cycle of life
Amidst the womb of mind.

Time, in life ever lived,
Flowed foundries of punctured flesh.
Atop thine headless stump sprung blood of bygone days.
Tis crimson life of Times design.

Thick, its breast, beyond the chisel of man
Of bronze it emits, by heaven’s design.
Below its supple *****, slick,
Its slender core, chiseled through watered sands
Of oceans shore.

Of its bow, betwixt thine thighs of withered age, its furry tongue
Of one, a youth day.
Below, it swings, a shriveled worm
Shooting blood, that once was *****.

Withered, its ‘**** in rot,
By impulsive defecation.
Down its dry shank of ruptured lobes,
Green slime it spurts through oozing sores.

Of Time in hand, now slipping away,
Beyond the flesh of warmth,
Now ****** and cold.
Brittle its skull below thy legs.
Lying alone, among the land,
Where worms now feast along the dirt.

Of anatomies time
Tis now to cease.

Where once a joy,
In perfection it was.
In reflection below, the crippling of man.
Now under thine feet it,
In agony it died.
The crown of man, now rot by life.

So, is the anatomy of Time.
Industrial Death Jul 2018
I am black and spineless, cruel as can be
Flesh like diamonds, smile of spades
The devil is I, inside of me
Masquerading in light, of many shades

Ill **** you in and you swallow whole
A hole in the web of humanity
Faced with a choice, let the dice roll
Remain calm as you collapse in insanity

Throwing off the past
With a mass off men
I knew would never last
Knowing they would never win.

Feel between my thighs
You think of me all the time
Even with feelings I buried in lies
I saw your side, concocted in rhyme.
Industrial Death Jul 2017
Awakened by light, and naked in shame
Slipping, scion of ****, from skin oh slippery and thick
Away from sight, with no luster or name
In corridors of flesh, pierced by thy kick, whilst in
Phantasms do dwell in minds murky swamp
Gliding in air, through life’s cosmic sea
In queer reflections, of youth’s insipid romp,
Ignorant to malady that life harkens to thee.

Of the feeble mind, demons slumber
In wait for gestures of youthful pride
In caves do inhabit, where sperms of hell may ‘bound in number
In carnal filth, thy river of life ‘came rot by lies
Slow in decay, both despaired in heart and feeble in mind
“Come unto me,” he sayeth to thee
Leeching from wounds of flesh confined
From cradle to corpse, by thine malignance of HE
Of young, tender flesh it is time is to feed
Mindless in thoughts, how willful thy bleed,
By host,
Of demonic seed.
Industrial Death Dec 2017
Lost in a cosmos, cold and aimless…
“Amid in starry glee! A guide I lament forth- a time
Ín struggle and need!” With a goddess such as thee-
Saved from the womb of distress, in such godless infinity.
Industrial Death Apr 2018
In a home of truth ne’er told,
Trod upon in days of old,
Lye in aura cold
Of the walls perspiring dew.
Known of it's dwelling by a latter few.

Forever passed
From man-to-man-
But never known,
The true owner
Of the Land.
"Once there is a death in a home, it can never be bought or sold again."
- I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House
Industrial Death Jul 2017
Amidst the waning winter air
Wax chilling throws of great despair.
Lingering on by dreadful night
Oh how sweet deaths twin delight.

In hollow grave I write alone
Watching ink were lights reflect.
Musing death, wilt I atone
Of unknown time, thy fate elect.

Beauty, my twin doth fancy,
Gleaming dark through tombs of peace.
On islands shore, I flee to dancing
Among peaceful nights, ne’er to cease.

By horizons yawn tis rot by light.
In spangled streets ye cast aside.
Yet Poe doeth come in the night
To strike in pen thy noble lies.

In arch of heavens crimson gate
Where spangled stars exude thy hate.
Whilst peace I dwell on such a night,
Watching (in hollow caves), thee stir a fright.
Oh how sweet deaths twin delight.
Industrial Death Jul 2017
I call to the air, a solemn symphony
In my fitful wake of nocturnal despair
Hear me here, you spirit of dolor grey
A fearsome foe: succubus of somber souls.

The reaper of my sorrow,
Sung the eulogy of my affair:

“Despair? Think not.
Thoughtless, ye agony in rot.
Though a soul of yours
Well worn and fought,
But thy foe I am not!”

Faithless of life, led forever to die.
Why? Birthed a ******* lie?
Left in the void to wait my time?
What purport to yoke, rendered in rhyme?

Quick he sowed a sickly seed,
Of a sudden repose to rap in my head:

“Death is I.
Of such agony, I too ask why?
For what is life,
But a phantasm of death.
A summoned sphere of God’s fetid breath.”

Fetid indeed, a sphere such as this
Why render holy, a hell of heavens design?
Help me here, Harold of Hope.
Slash thy sickle at the chains of Time
And fate shall rest with these hands of mine.

“Yes, the foe you now see.
Hold my hand in recant of
The life you now leave.”
Industrial Death Jun 2018
As Soft and silky
As she could be
Crushed by the cut
Of a fifty ton
Boulder of fate
Fallen in a rut
To late to run
On top of me the diamond
I thought I won.
Industrial Death Jul 2018
Born from a womb.
By and By, a minute passes-
Hours at a time.
Having with me nothing-
Not a thing, but the death
That is mine.
Industrial Death Jun 2018
Amid the sky of covered crimson plane
The stormy night begets its wonted reign
And down the sails of battered ships
The golden light of sol doeth set.
Far below the wooden hulls lies
O’ oceans crypt, unknown in depth.
Below the base of beaten ships and
Amid the anglers glow
The luminal aura of Isis shows.  
Crystal Night, immaculate sight
Waxing strong her sultry form
Oh how bright her soothing light
A beckon of hope amid the perilous storm.
The captive witness cannot cease
Its ponderous delight of beauties scene.
Of the godless night, in waves
Of tumult and titanic might
Of hellish forces the setians reign.
The sacred goddess of Lucifer’s seed
Rests tall for all to see.
Industrial Death Jul 2017
Beneath my skin composed in shackles of death
Rot quickens the final sequence of life.
The love we held, lost its final kiss upon my dying breath
With every twist of fates rusty knife.
Of my final conscious thoughts, the flame,
Atop the golden stick of life,
Smoldered the glory days of what we could have been.
Oh So! In truth it twas only a bitter wonted romance of trife.
Where maggots crawl in my lifeless corpse- now,
The cold caress of the casket suppresses me from you.
From the tree roots of stable boughs,
To green grassy knolls,
The crumbled dirt you clinch and sow
Will be the final gift OF me to you.

Between life and death,
Your love lurks over the edge of time,
To the dark depths of my untimed demise.
Divergent from the buoyant dreams of temporal nights
The defiant cycle of earth’s seasons
Bid no recant
To past moments you may regret.

Love was lost
And fate was found-death.
Decayed in the skin, sowed under ancient earth,
Of the warm body you once caressed.
Forever gone, the moments of young, unsought love
You still hold within your beautiful mind.
Forever lost, the life you once held.
Love forever lost, the feelings you will never find.
Industrial Death Apr 2018
The way of God forsaken
Fallen from heaven to summon a
Hell, of which I shall awaken.
A wanderer waning from the light
Looking for a cavernous darkness to procure
Outside of mans feeble sight.

Upon a rocky hill
Aside where dwell the willow weep
Glowed a pair of eyes, peering through
A bleak mildew cave of hybrid sleep.
Caught by the encroaching light.
With a star from the east set to rise,
A voice from the midst of the yielding night
Called me into the cave indivisible by sight.

Into the dark I went-
The plane of light ascended
Brought to my feeble sight,
A beast on all four.
With a symmetry and figure
Only seen in ancient lore.

In the shadow light, the
Sun exposed a body,
With skin of black and brown adorn.
Grown and withered by the hand of age,
An accolade of flesh worn as
Garments of an elder sage.

The twilight seclusion of night
Smoldered by the light of Lucifer’s reign.
Stepping back did he out of sight
With no manner of might did he appear to

Steeping back, evermore
Of Infinite turns
To reach a plane of void
Never conceived.
The light reached my path once more.

The figure again
Appearing inane
Industrial Death Apr 2018
Last night I ****** her well,
Before sending her soul straight to hell.
Slicing off her head with a shard of shattered glass
I plunged my member up her ***.

“Open wide,” she looked affright,
Eyes bright blue, but dead as night.
Opened jaw, her tongue slid out.
I stuck it in without a doubt.

Off with her arms and legs to her thighs.
Out with her swollen sickly eyes.
Choice cuts for a creamy stew,
The broth brewed from her menstrual dew.

Momma said to never waste,
So her torso was left for the taste.
Tore her stomach with a rusty blade.
Her sour innards thick, I was not dismayed.

Stirring bits of boiled blood in a silver ***
With corpulent cuts of gangrenous rot.
Industrial Death Jun 2018
From the eternal reach of sky flung stars eclipsing
The multiverse afar,
To the deepest depths of oceans unseen sights
No man may venture to seek a beauty
Like that of a women so divine.
Defined by the product of genetic perfection,
The picturesque quality of evolutionary design:
Of the moons gibbous glow,
The inner aura of your fluttering eyes
Bring me comfort on a cold winters night.
With skin, soft as silk
Tanned by the suns golden light,
Your flesh melts me back to life.
Like the lapping waves and wisping winds
Along the sands of an islands ocean shore
Your soothing tone of foreign tongue
Caresses my aching skull.

Beyond the chisel of mans mortal hands,
No surgeon may sculpt the flesh with so tedious a design:
An anatomical hourglass
Of Immaculate form,
Unseen among the flaws of humanities mistaken design.
Industrial Death Dec 2017
Born in a casket
From a festered womb
Now rotten to the gore
Festered and maggot consumed.

Blind by darkness
In the crypt of a motherless *****
Encased by putrid rot
To be remembered no more.
Industrial Death Apr 2018
The embers fall-
To the worm trodden earth,
From infinity afar.
Calling me home.

A wicked one,
From a voice beyond
Both sea
And starry scape above.
Purring perpetually
Words of peace from
Inferno’s eternity.
Industrial Death Mar 2018
Along the path of blood and bone
The wrath of war had there been shown.
Thick the jungles perilous sway
Where moans of perishing souls guide the way.
The corpses of a 1,000 sing their final breath
Before descending unto death.
Darkened woods amid the silent wind
The vultures sing to every thumping chest.
As friend and foe lye beneath trees shaky bend
A ray of light now lingers from the west.
Brighter than a raging fire
Casting hope in eyes of despair.
Beneath the whisping leaves illumined the ****** mire An oceanic melody begets among the midnight air.
“Afar this light from a goddess a beauty gleam?”
Speaks a man in bitter glee against a rotten bow.
Though wonted silence dispute his sight and sound as a dead mans dream.
The thickened air grips his lungs and hope returns to woe.
Broken legs and a shattered wrist
Writhing away with a punctured chest.
Death... his fate he kissed.
The silver veil of the moon he did attest.
A bright blue aura thickened and grew, charming to the sight.
“Child, do not crown thy head with thorns of death.”
A voice void of body spoke soft from the radian light.
Quick he welled to draw a final breath: “Yemanya?”
“Hither to me, so I may kiss the suns wedded twin
And caress me with thy luminal skin.”
Silence sounded yet again.
As every moan subsided slowly
The blue haze descended from the light.
“How may a being arrive to a sight so unholy.”
Then a manifest angelic force spoke in her precious might.
“Do not fret, it is thy goddess, Yemanya.”
With a hand from the silken misted skin
Caressing his wounds so from death he may be free.
Full in form manifest, beauty of body and sight, that hath not yet been.
With her warm embrace
She kissed his face.
Free now from his deadly ill
Guided to the ocean by the aura, through his newfound will.
Saved from the ravaged land
He closed his eyes and clutched the wetted sand.
The angelic sight did now leave
But in remembrance
The moon held bright, in light of Yemanya.
Industrial Death Dec 2017
Peeling scabs from skin
Feel the agony from within.
From the cradle-
To this hell I call life:
Known to well, the edge of a knife.
Opening self-inflicted wounds to
Feel the solemn woe!
Something I will never know.
Focus on the misery.
Cutting deeper than before.
Plagued to perish,
With open wounds
That will heal no more.
Industrial Death Dec 2017
My gapping holes- numb
From a form, unseen in this
Decrepit cavern of earth.
Birthed from above,
Lured by sirens of mortal man.
Bound by the essence of beauty-
Feminine divine.
Forsaken to a pit
Unseen by human eyes
Willed without control
To wander the night-
Meeting a lowly, stark demise.
Against a wall.
Bound in darkness.
Dead I am inside,
But forever alive.

To be a slave:
***** by a ghost
In chains of ice.
#Ice #horror #depressing #**** #death
Industrial Death Dec 2017
The blood moon beckons a bitter hue
Rising above the frothy winter dew.
In the night- luminated a single room.
My only solace in the suppressive city gloom.

(Staring in the nocturnal vacuity:
A grey hazy mirror passing in my soul.)

Blades of silver steel
Puncture my mind, with
Seething desire I long to wield.

Withholding the bitter sorrow
I take the blade in hand,
To cleanse me from the ‘morrow.

Slitting of flesh ensue,
The ****** begins.
Skinning to the bone to make me anew.

From head to toe,
Cut to shreds.
No one will feel the pleasure I know.

Squirting from my anatomy.
The warm gush of fluid.
The spermatozoa-blood spewing over me.

For the final incision-
Off with my ****** “member.”
Pressure relieved.

****** achieved.

                                                  THE END…
Industrial Death Jun 2018
A past forgotten.
A time when the rain,
Never clashed
Against the Pane.
A time stretched so far.
A past so torn,
Stitched with a thread
To hide the scorn.

I never thought Time would come,
To meet me at the end.
Just to say farewell,
Leaving me behind
Where infinity shall begin.
Industrial Death Jul 2017
Torment passing under the suns allotted gloom
Eclipsed by the dirge of the funeral moon
Falling over man, the tide of infernal doom
The mortal victim falls to insanities eternal swoon.

Humanity deceased, falls to its four
The beast lives, a monstrosity alive
A naked form scratches at the door
With eyes, dead as night, hunting to survive.

The elders rot (on the pyre) away
Child cadavers pile by the day
Mortal lust succeeds the moralist decay
Under the sun of sanity eclipsed.
Industrial Death Dec 2017
In a crypt where suffering knows no bounds.
Breaking minds to splinter to insanity
For all who enter such a torturous device,
Ye shall know the vice of

Drugged to will your damnation
To the bowels of Satan's secret lair.
The underbelly of earth where hydra's dwell.
Drug from heavens realm:
No man lives to tell.

In queue of many delirious fed,
From pots of boiled flesh.
A fermented smell of acid seers their lungs.
Cut from sight, taste, and smell,
Drunk from the searing taste on their tongues.

Beyond sight, in the grey mist ahead.
The decapited from sense, sojourn into
The nocturn abyss.
Within. Squelched screams of millions
Mask the air.
A final moment for living souls.
Drowned in utter woe and despair.

Involuntary suicide as
Satan mocks the scorn of millions.
A massive acid bath ****
Of melting flesh
Awaits them on the other side.

To be passed into pots, for the stomachs Of the next batch
Of a beguiled mass of man.
Industrial Death Apr 2018
With every lash, I relinquish despair.
Lapping with my tongue,
The blood from my slit skin.
While concluding the lullaby
Of my concocted self-destruction.

Lying back,
Between the sheets,
The sore remedy of misery
Scab the wounds of bitter moments.
Reflecting on the remedy of life.

No Romeo.
No Juliet.
In my mind, only suicide.
My only hope, my only solution.
A ****** of the shaking spear in my side.

Do it again,
I cannot sleep.
Only will I weep.
Do it now.

With a frown
I grab the blade.
Blind in the night.
Slitting my wrists.
To calm the spirits of fright.

Slashing myself to sleep.
My clock ticks two
Then at six, my hell will resume.
Industrial Death Jul 2018
Sitting here, somber of the past.
It came and went
A heaven sent
I knew she'd never last.

Burning bright, seductive flame of white.
Scorched by the sun
I knew I should've run
Blinded from what is wrong and right.

Now I'm sitting here,
With thoughts I hoard that burn and sere.
Wondering what I would have done
If I chose-
To turn and run.
Industrial Death Jun 2018
Living on the road,
Journey from town to town…
Watching- all the faces with a frown.

Far and wide I travel,
No man wonders where I go…
Not even I- care to know.

With a black bag, sitting on the street.
Level with the rich mans
Holy Feet.

Forever he will strive to
Live for money
He knows not why.
To pursue a lie,
Just to live and die.

He passed me in a quick
Flash of black and white.
To much of a hurry,
To Live his own life.

Not much do I miss,
Unlike all the rest.
But I swear I saw…
A brown stain on his lips.

I may not have very much…
My clothes filled with dust.
Mementos from the times-
I ran, on a bust.

Even though I’ve never had
What the world says I need.
I’ll never miss,
The unfulfilled pleasures of
Unending greed.
Like a silver toilet,
Just to take a ****.

Well now…
At least I have no ***-
Industrial Death Jul 2017
The feeble breeze of a winter forest
Piercing the fabric of darkness and death
Feared by man- the Night of eternal rest
The air is itself a final breath.

A weary woodland of spirits soar
Beneath sauntered limbs of low rapport.
Rapping at the dead blue moon
The black void, a lifeless cocoon.

(Beneath the dirt long forgot,
Their bones festooned.)

In its damp soil sowed the dead
Decayed by a pessimist fate
And atop, blood of fresh flesh covered red
The pale winter pyre of a cold cynic’s hate.

A forest of somber spirits
Wed by death, succumb to a stately shadow.
Unknown to the glee of sheer mortal man
Left by Death in a nameless land.
Industrial Death Aug 2017
A subtle strum of chords ill tuned
In the narrow alley gloom of rats festooned.

The fevered tone of a sickly rage
Tempered by the hand of withered age.

Unseen, the face of a time forgot
Between the towers that time has rot.
Industrial Death May 2018
A waste of every second you live.
A million time incarnation
Nothing of “will” to give.
A product of mental castration.
Swallowed by the void
Of mass incarceration.

Elapsing the days.
Indifferent to life
As your body decays.
Living for another,
Ego denied.
Longing to survive with
A devoted persistence.
Succumb to a useless existence.

— The End —