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Ezra Oct 2016
I sit and think about all the things you've said to me,
Sweet nothings, the time you asked me to go on a date with you
I was almost but we stopped because you were too nervous.
So cute, so sweet, so independent.
Lately there hasn't been anything more though.
You don't talk to me anymore.
When you do its always,
"Give me an hour." "I'll be there soon." "Some other time."
No follow through though.
I'm waiting.
Always waiting.
"Soon" is never going to come.
I'll always be waiting on you won't I?
Ezra Oct 2016
Happy birthday handsome
I hope you know I'm here.
I know you can get through this.
I want to be here for you.
You never respond with enthusiasm anymore.
You are so alone but you fake a smile.
You are simply waiting for another ball to drop.
Everything will be okay.
You aren't alone as long as I'm around.
Just smile and watch.
Happy birthday handsome
Ezra Nov 2015
Never enough
I'm never enough
I'm trying
That is all that should count
I'm trying so hard it hurts
I dont know what to do
How do I live up to your expectations?
You had so much time to learn!
I'm freshly budded into the world
By myself
Without any help
I'm trying
But I'm never enough
Never enough
Ezra Nov 2015
I've never felt more alone than I do when I'm with you,
You give other girls the attention when I'm here,
I'm you're loyal servant, best friend, and you are my first love,
I'll never know what its like to have all of your love,
I'll be alone as long as I'm with you.
Ezra Nov 2015
I sit here with you
You think about her
I'm all alone
And you're occupied
I try not to cry
You just don't care
Blonde hair
Green eyes
Small figure
The things im not
Guess i'll settle for second best.
Ezra Nov 2015
I never knew
I never saw
While you we're there
Walking tall
You hid it all
From the day
That you were like me
Totally gay
Years of lies
Cover ups too
Now finally you're out
and you're you
Its okay to be out and proud
Don't hide anymore
From the crowd
Maybe now you'll notice me
Instead of waiting
To be happy.
Ezra Nov 2015
The way you play makes my body tremble,
I watch your hands move down the neck of that guitar.
The fingertips you strum with are the ones that pull on my heartstrings,
Play me again you angel.
I've watched from the crowd and also from beside you,
I've been the girl who made the song.
My voice and your hands move perfectly together,
But the way you play makes my body tremble.
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