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Jan 20 · 53
Elizabeth Jan 20
What beauty, he had
become my muse overnight
What can I not love?
Jan 1 · 110
Elizabeth Jan 1
Years end, the
world weeps while our
children play dead.
Sep 2020 · 121
Elizabeth Sep 2020
Your silence is too loud.
I am never a fool, once
again I hear you speak of shame.
Don’t let nostalgia bemuse you, once
again I find you prey.
Do you still see yourself, once
again and again and again.
I love thee.
Sep 2020 · 87
Elizabeth Sep 2020
I live in a dream within a dream,
hearing the sirens of silence,
a human is a being of deciding,
letting go of the morrow...
Jun 2020 · 329
a letter
Elizabeth Jun 2020
My love.
Remember to remember. But
don't find me in what you can't remember.
This is all that I can give.
My sweet teeth, eat
my fingers clean.
May 2020 · 338
Elizabeth May 2020
A succession of
bodies stiffly multiplied,
the blindmen, madmen!
May 2020 · 156
strange merriment
Elizabeth May 2020
Dust to dust,
the wheel does stop, oh
the wheel does stop!
—eyes rattling the sky.

Trotting along the outlines,
a duel of stirring clouds,
falsifying sheaves of nostalgia,
rebuking its dreary demeanor.

A comedy of the flesh
procured us to falter.

Dust to dust,
growling in between frolics,
inflicting a strange quiver,
death, ruthless as any lover!.

Love me when I awake,
I pledge to duplicate,
sprawling about unclothed,
ceasing our funereal prose.

A ceremony of the flesh,
procured us to transfigure.

Dust to dust,
the wheel does stop, oh
the wheel does stop!,
—your eyes rattling my sky.

Irritating the stars,
incinerating Sirius,
remorseless to its demise,
heart’s hitherto delirious.

Setting the flesh aflame,
procured an eternal inferno.

Dust to dust,
lying under your eyes,
heed to my hearts desire,
love me when you awake, my fire. . .
May 2020 · 367
Cosmic View
Elizabeth May 2020
I’m reacquainted with one of my many isolated world’s,
only this time I’m not scurrying to flee to another.
Consequently, intermingling them all together.
The natural phenomena of everyday have always escaped me.
It’s almost a betrayal that I’ve only come to know recently what was amiss.
I daresay, I’ve never felt more at home.
I’ve never felt more awash in hope.
Apr 2020 · 100
Bird’s eye
Elizabeth Apr 2020
Flying around all the time has its natural implications. Shielded from trifle’s and indignities that could make one ennui. Now, I’m on ground and my stance seem unstable, positively pleading not to turn skyward.
I’m meant to endure or perhaps embrace it all from both vantage point. The ground seems frantic, distressing, deafening, and I’ve avoided it neatly for so long—
the firework’s and funeral’s. . .
I’ve always felt early on that wherever I am, amidst chaos, calamities, God and I will always have this strange privacy. A delirious quality that has kept me geared for battle.
Today, I am terrified— interestingly,
a great show of cordiality.
A sense of newness quietly furnishing my immediate sphere.

Avoidance, elusiveness, does not heed to my soul’s manner of being. I must love forcefully through hysterics, endure or perhaps surrender to hurricane’s when I can no longer prosper, even if my heart reside’s in decrepitude, alas, I must tread carefully, banishing all fear or perhaps in spite of it— whilst also embracing the despairity of it all, for it’s in the knowing that one is without the other.
My life’s duality is an imagined reality I have constructed to feel invisible, thus I have become invisible to the world and my ambitions. A color-blind chameleon.

In fear of what?

No one is trying to fright me but my own chatter, this morose prattle teetering from one interlocutor to the other, as if I’m running away from something only to find—-I’m singularly trying to decipher my mind’s meander.

Sit me alongside a tree, on a bench, swallowing the noiseless repetitive air of a shy afternoon— I’d be joyous.
I don’t need much and perhaps this dire needlessness has kept me restless.
Always searching for something grand to arouse my spirit ‘cause if not this relentless truth that surfaces frankly, violently, everyday that life is indeed blissfully pointless—
will be quite persistent in its attempt to build a cathedral within the halls of my mind. Provoking a cacophony of musings through courtship.
So I nest. I refuse to surrender the attributes of the wind.
Apr 2020 · 117
Elizabeth Apr 2020
The joy of awaking in the same bed everyday,
doing the same things over and over again
can be as thrilling as making love
clothed in a room denied of curtains.
I recollect your shame with my fingers,
maliciously sweet from piecing you back together.

I unfold my eyes before the sun,
outwitting your assault at
the break of dawn,
every time I reach for the rosary,
I cant seem to construct vocabulary.

exuding words out of me,
ratifying the subtlety
of love and fire,
how it violently appear’s
out of nowhere.

I surmise the beauty of chaos,
uncertainty and what it teaches,
persecute all the churches
and all their preaching.

I surrender my thirst for warfare,
your lust atoned for my despair,
planting carnation’s in my soul,
watering the patch where
I became betrothed.

Now, my days are distressingly peaceful,
using oxymoron to describe how I feel about Jesus, and yet it has never felt more insufficient.

We can finally make love all morning.
Feb 2020 · 273
on a branch
Elizabeth Feb 2020
my heart alighted—
years have passed, I finally
mourn my three angels
Jan 2020 · 213
Elizabeth Jan 2020
I am most tender early in the morning,
when no one is around to see,
I wait for the sun to penetrate me,
—struggling to keep my hands in prayer.
Jan 2020 · 209
Elizabeth Jan 2020
Baby, I hear you,
especially when you can’t speak,
—-you are most naked.
Dec 2019 · 134
Elizabeth Dec 2019
I used to have plenty wishes.
Tirelessly praying day and night, remembering a time when I was five, knelt down infront of a reflection, a projection of my mom’s addiction, mercilessly wishing for a miracle.

Unbeknownst to the fact that I am the only one listening, and even I find my words inaudible. Flooding my mouth with tears, catapulting down tired ducts, circumventing those delinquent eyes that have seen enough.

I now lay in a bed of flowers, they have found a home in my skin, roots sprouting, making ground, making love to the sound.
Gardening my soul with delectable cries only I could hear, but this time my words are unforgivingly clear.

Flames arousing, fire stirring in my *****, the pleasure of sculpting my own home, a concrete built on fantasy, a reflection, a projection of my mom’s addiction, mercilessly wishing for an escape.

That child remembers.

I carry that day’s scent on my fingers.
Spewing pangs of pain and joy with every recall. I remember relief.
Relief that finally, I am not the only one burning, ashes zigzag their way to the earth, spectators mildly immersed.
I no longer need to pretend that I am blind just to allow myself to see.
A star witness to my own memory.

God help a family on fire.

My father has burned our home way before mama did. A reflection, a projection of truth has ferociously emerged into a play for our very own eyes to feast- we would have never survived our own characters.

Now, I often find myself oddly silent, ransacking my cerebellum, almost an assault to this new found pendulum, prosecuting myself for not wanting more-
for I no longer fear.

That child remember’s it clear.

And for the first time in my life, in numerous occasions, I am no longer afraid to face my reflection, and the very thought that I am a nobody is monstrously enough in a world where everyone is religiously pleading to be handcuffed.

I spread my legs wide like a canvass, waiting for someone to play with, I am still a child whose hands need blessing.

This flower is finally blossoming, delineating pain and joy, emanating an unfamiliar yet familiar fragrance. It’s no longer a reflection nor a projection of mom’s addiction-
I now pray in providence,
making love out in the open.
Sealing all the vocabularies of life, the decibel of truth has finally found its tune in my very own coming.

I have enough.

God help a woman in love,
God help a woman brave enough to touch herself.
Dec 2019 · 192
Elizabeth Dec 2019
Best to stay gone, so I’m always in love- or perhaps, maybe just maybe, I eventually will be.
Stay gone my lover and hear the whispers of the sun, braiding our souls to the ground.
Trace my steps, close your eyes till I wake, till I come to you, for you.
Until then, wait till the heavens weep, dance on the dark side of the moon.
Find me dancing with tree’s as I dream.
My calloused hands will find its way to let you inside my skin.
Best to stay gone till I breathe your name- or perhaps, maybe just maybe,
you’ll eventually learn mine darling.
Sing to me-
Best to stay gone, so we’re always in love.
Lets leave the door open so we’ll always stay.
I have fallen in love with the wind leading me astray.

How beautiful it is to make love with one self.
I finally hear the music.
Jul 2019 · 1.3k
Eating ground
Elizabeth Jul 2019
Lying in the ground, entangled,
lost in a thoughtless trance-
there is no need to hide,  
I shut my eyes.
Seduced by the sight of color,
persuasive in its attempt to bridge us together.

We are lured in,
there are no promises,
no specter of thought.
Remind me its today.

The cold ground beneath,
carrying the weight of my tender heart,
unshackled by the grip of your starving hands; touch me.
Your hand slowly slip under my skirt,
pulling down my sweet intimate.
A sensational rapture,
—loud as the clouds,
a maddening sound.
Envelop the day like a tension film
--desperate to penetrate the savage sun,
Foolish, undoubtedly foolish.
serenade me under the shade, my little fire.

I could hardly breathe.
I suffer sweetly in your hands,
helpless, glued to the ground, frustrated,
annihilated by the movement of your hand,
those fumbling fingers tracing my delicate skin...
I weep your name, my darling !

I hear the world’s lust,
clandestine eyes watching us,  
Ignorant of the world were in.
Ignorant of the world I’m in,
drowning in your gaze-
I witness the world’s miracle-
Its electric than the pinnacle.

my sweet teeth.
what a sentimental thrill to be close to you this way-
gnarling, exposed for the taking.

You go deeper,
reach higher,
my toes curling,
body reluctantly surrender,
hands crawl,
knees start to shudder,
eyes start to water, I cant move.
do you hear me my lover?
I'm begging, whispering,
but this time for more.
blind me again, and again, and again.

I kiss you gently, roughly, then all at once.
The sun boiling at the palm of my hands,
holding me down in prayer,
my screams start to clutter,
body start to simmer,
lights start to flicker,
I keep my eyes shut.

I no longer need reminding.
Keep me alive in this place.
Jun 2019 · 157
Elizabeth Jun 2019
I cant remember,
the day I start loving you—
I think we both knew.
Jun 2019 · 501
Elizabeth Jun 2019
Aren’t we all just strays. Waiting
to be reclaimed. Waiting
to be reminded where we are tender.
Sep 2017 · 356
Elizabeth Sep 2017
I am a falling star who
has always known how to fly.
Yet, kind enough to fool
the world that I am small.
Sep 2017 · 284
Elizabeth Sep 2017
I'm not one to spread myself. But
boy, does it feel good to
be tasted.
Sep 2017 · 323
Elizabeth Sep 2017
These deluded sheets,
Im crawling underneath,
our bodies feeble,
dying in pleasure.

I am breathless

My hands slowly tracing
the oddities of your skin,
violently kissing every inch,
wanting you to devour me.

I'd melt away along with the wind,
along with the scent of our love making,
my body miniscule next to yours,
always afraid and inching away.

But here I am, underneath stale sheets,
I devour every bit of you, prey on every part of you, silently wishing,
This is not a love of the grandiose.

I am breathless, still trying to breathe you

My body and yours,
drowned in utter pleasure,
never afraid and inching away,
wishing you’ll never love me.
Jan 2017 · 984
Flower child
Elizabeth Jan 2017
Eyes water from absorbing the light; allowing us to witness pain and ugly in every form of the sun.
Even the ugly becomes beautiful in the eyes of the one who suffer, in his small world where everything seem to matter.
Jun 2016 · 1.6k
Wishing well
Elizabeth Jun 2016
A leafless tree never needing company.
Yet, always seeking beauty in strangers eyes, staring from a distance, pondering why I’m alone with nothing to boast but empty hopes.

I am a love of yours.
Standing in the cold, wishing for home

My body flourishing,
wanting to be ravished by those curious hands,
never distant, never inconsistent,
I am a love of yours waiting to bloom
amidst the chaos of every days humdrum.

I am just a love of yours.

Our eyes slow dance every time they meet
I carry you in between breaths,
always waiting, our lips suffocate,
our bodies slowly separate,
I find solace in knowing I’m never staying.

Standing in the cold, wishing this is home

The edging dance of night and day,
Always connected, never really intimate,
marveling with my eyes in the sky,
I see an interlude of you and I.

Always waiting for the sun to set,
Staring into nothingness,
Wishing that maybe, just maybe
You'll slowly touch me.

Always waiting for the sun to rise,
I'd lust you in the day,
and loathe you in the night.

A leafless tree waiting for company,
standing in the cold, wishing for home
Wishing that maybe, just maybe

you'll always find me.
Apr 2016 · 576
Elizabeth Apr 2016
frozen paper dolls,
draped in filthy wallpapers,
Eyes ricocheted.
Apr 2016 · 599
The night he proposed
Elizabeth Apr 2016
down on his knees
as sweet as I could bear
all of a sudden the evening was silent
cloaked with rumination
as if whistling, begging
for me to just say something
the moment I opened my mouth

I was alone
Apr 2016 · 3.0k
Elizabeth Apr 2016
those mundane rooftops
kids dangling by one corner
falling, Im falling
Apr 2016 · 509
your insignia
Elizabeth Apr 2016
as fluid as wine
the ebb and flow of your tide
resting on my feet
Apr 2016 · 1.0k
Elizabeth Apr 2016
I wait stark naked
desolate, deluded by
your deft hands promise
Apr 2016 · 586
Elizabeth Apr 2016
I lie by myself,
feeling miniscule next to
a muddy carcass.
Apr 2016 · 1.1k
Elizabeth Apr 2016
pervasive darkness
wind clasping, unadorned tune
God is ecstasy!
Apr 2016 · 1.8k
Elizabeth Apr 2016
hindi lang naitatanong,
saksi ako sa hapunang iyong niluto,
panakot na gamit ay luha ko.
Apr 2016 · 509
Elizabeth Apr 2016
I wait for the bus,
Knowing it'll never come.
Left, left, left, right, left.
Apr 2016 · 432
Elizabeth Apr 2016
swimming inside you
eyes closed, smoking a cigar
move you little ****!
Apr 2016 · 2.6k
Elizabeth Apr 2016
Sabi nila ngayon ay buwan ng mga makata, mga matatalinhagang salita, mga boses na nilikha
Ako ay umaasang batiin mo, sapagkat ang aking mga tula ay bakas ng iyong paglaho


Maraming sulat na pinadala, sa mga taong hindi kilala, nagbabakasakali lamang ako, na magkamaling sulatan ka

Alala ko pa ang mga araw, na ikay pinagmamasdan, sapagkat ika'y isang gantimpala na hindi ko makakamtan

Marahil ako lamang ang naniwala, marahil ako lamang ang saksi, marahil nga'y binuo ka lamang sa aking guni guni

Sabi na nga ba!
Ako ay kulang, tila rosas na binili lamang sa daan, mula sa batang walang mapagbigyan, ako'y napagdiskitahan

lilipas ang araw
matutulog ang gabi

Dahan dahan akong inikot, binuhol nang binuhol, magaantay na lamang sa aking pagsibol
bukas, makalawa
*Ako ngayo'y rosas na sa iba
This poem was inspired by the dried up roses I have in my room. I was amazed on how beautiful and alive they still seem.
Mar 2016 · 2.0k
Kolor blind
Elizabeth Mar 2016
Tuwing manunumbalik sa mundo
Bawat sulok ng kwarto'y nalilito
Mga litratong nakapako, isa isang naglalaho.

Wala man lang makausap na nilalang
Panay mga bulag na anino lamang
Tila natitisod na mga ibon sa lansangan-
Dulot ng sakit sa kalamnan

Nanghihina, naninibago
Napipilitang manatili sa sariling espasyo
Sapagkat dito, kahit ako'y nagiisa
mundo nati'y unti- unting ipinipinta
Jan 2016 · 619
Elizabeth Jan 2016
The ability to see through people can sometimes be exhausting.
Its like knowing their secret before they even become aware of it.

It's the slowest heartbreak.
Dec 2015 · 1.1k
the desert
Elizabeth Dec 2015
Day is passing
Slowly through my finger tips,
I try so hard to tighten my grip,
eyes have gone blind,
I befriend my mind.

seated next to a stranger in a bus-
hoping to hear from someone else that the day is meant for us

Their words have turned me mute,
denigrating my decibel to a minimum,
cultivating a web for all the voices that were dispersed—
I still haven’t decided if silence is a blessing or a curse.

Thing is no one told me that life is long, and that I have to continue the journey no matter how isolated I was.
No one told me how much I should participate in the creation of my existence, that I should perhaps keep going because no one will ever wait for me

There is nobody

treading the grounds alongside
deserted people,
gambling with faith in such a beastly place,
perfumed with slavery and discrimination;
despair and racism,
rubbing off a scent of alienation,
even that becomes a consolation.

I shouldn’t make this place about me,
growing fangs and horns in solidarity,
show me a world where all this don't persist,
How shall I go on looking like this.

There is nobody

My mind is a sanctuary,
They live and die in my memory,
Every single stranger is me.

Where have I arrived today?
I try so hard to disappear from everyone, that I end up even more lost in my own destination.

How did it become this beautiful?
Nov 2015 · 3.0k
Elizabeth Nov 2015
guni- guni lang ba?

mayroon akong sikreto
nakatago sa kuwaderno
nakabaon sa isang pahina
doon ako naglabas ng luha

basahin ang kuwento ko
sa isang eksena sa may puno
nakikinig sa iyong mga pangarap
habang ako'y naninigarilyo

di ko batid kung iyong napansin
panay ang titig ko sa iyong labi
palaisipan sa aking damdamin
kung bakit ba ikay di makatingin

sa tuwing akoy nagsasalita
malayo ang isip mo sinta
nakatulala sa ibang dalaga
ang masdan ka'y impyerno na

ako ba talaga ay buhay pa?
Nov 2015 · 4.8k
tao po? katok!
Elizabeth Nov 2015
marami- rami akong di gusto sa aking sarili. Mga mata ko'y mahapdi, nagmamasid kahit na ba'y nakapupuwing

dumarami ang mga araw,
dumarami ang mga gabi-
dumidilim ang mga panaginip,
mga engkanto'y nananabik,
natututunang sa mundong ito,
marahil ako'y hindi sabik.

mga boses ng tao ay humihina,
palayo nang palayo-
mga mukha ng tao,
palabo nang palabo.
nararamdaman kong sumisikip ang aking isipan, paunti ng paunti ang mg nilalang na nasisilayan.

may mga araw na nais kong mawala na tila hangin,malimit **** maisip, ngunit dama mo ang hagip.

may mga araw na nais kong tumakbo na tila oras, madalas kung habulin, pero ni minsa'y hindi makaiiwas.

sana ay hindi nalang nabuo ang salitang sikreto,baka sakaling ako'y matuwa sa aking anino.

mga alaalang pilit na humihiyaw, matagal nang nagtago-
panay ang katok sa nakabukas kong kuwarto.

*Tao po! Tao po!
Nov 2015 · 1.8k
Elizabeth Nov 2015
minahal mo ako
na parang asong
sabik sa buto.

kahit tira- tira
ng mga taong mahal ko,
kinakagat mo.
Oct 2015 · 868
words from a virgin
Elizabeth Oct 2015
my mind is too loud
but every time you **** me
it moans quietly
Oct 2015 · 511
Elizabeth Oct 2015
slowly coming, ***!
my burnt hands; touching, clasping.
I said no coffee!
Oct 2015 · 4.4k
Jueteng shed
Elizabeth Oct 2015
Araw araw ako'y naglalakbay
Sa jeepney at tryk, nakasakay
Madalas naglalakad sa tulay
Nakasilong sa dahong makukulay

Nang dumilat ang ulap at nagmasid
Aral sa buhay ko'y dumarami
Bilang ng tao at hilaw na kapatid
Ako'y saksi sa kanilang pasanin

Matatandang panot, hayop na pilay
Batang walang saplot, naka-bitay
Babaeng may sanggol na alay
Kumakatok, nanlilimos ng karamay

Binuksan nila ang mga mata ko
Sa katotohanang pilit tinatago
Mga bangungot sa bawat kanto
Nabubulunan sa hiram na piso

Sa bawa't yapak ng aking lakbay
Dama ang kayamanan ng tao
Higit pa sa laman ng aking bulsa
Ang gintong binuo sa katauhan ko

Oct 2015 · 1.2k
Faded; still fading
Elizabeth Oct 2015
Lets talk about making love
Ill dance for you from above
Carve my layers against yours
Let my lips kiss your scars

I always weaken from the depth
Sweet warm skin around your neck
Let me drown you in pleasure
Tasteful than a winter flower

Drifting away, waiting in vain

In this shaded room we created
My mind and yours are fated
Living inside these quiet sheets
Our desperate bodies finally meet

Never shy away from my stare
Breathe me in like toxic air
Slowly weeping, tongues tied
Im on my knees, weak and tired

Lets talk about making love
Then maybe someday-
you'll finally look at me

Drifting away, waiting in vain
Oct 2015 · 9.4k
Sex o'clock
Elizabeth Oct 2015
for the first time, tik!
hip sore, thigh bruised, ***** wet.
for the first time, *tok!
Oct 2015 · 1.6k
bahay- bahayan
Elizabeth Oct 2015
Nasunog ang bahay namin-
noong labing tatlong taon ako.

Kasama roon ang paniniwalang,
bilog ang mundo.

sinunog ito ni Ina.
Oct 2015 · 4.3k
Elizabeth Oct 2015
Kahapon, noong gabi
Noong tulog ang mga ibon
Noong umiiyak ang mga tala
Dama ko ang iyong hiwaga

Ako ay iyong minasahe
Tila binugbog na sibuyas
Mga kamatis na nagdurugo
Palihim mo akong niluto

Dahan dahan ang haplos
Mula apoy hanggang upos
Dala ko ang mga pasa
Ultimo mga halik na basa

Mura lang ang aking binayad
Dumukot sa butas na bulsa
Dinig ko hanggang kusina
Ang tawag ng aking sikmura
Titigilan na kita
Oct 2015 · 2.7k
Elizabeth Oct 2015
Namis ko ang mga panahon,
na naglalakad ako papunta at pauwi mula trabaho
Sumasakay sa jeep, mukhang tanga, nagaabang sa kanto
Sulyap ko si kuya, nangungulangot ng patago
Nakatingala sa langit, ngiti ko'y tila ipinako

Masaya sumabay sa takbo ng mga tao
Kita mo lahat ng ganda at panget sa mundo
Maging avon man o ever bilena ang gamit
May lunes parin na maiiputan ka ng pato.

Namis kong mag tsinelas palabas ng bahay
Ngayon 3inches na ang taas ng yapak ko
Pati din ang jansport na laging nakasabit
Ngayon para akong magtatahong walang buena mano

Madaming nabubunyag sa aking biyahe
Malalagkit na sulyap ni kuya sa pasahero
Ngayon nga'y may pisong nalaglag sa tabi
Dadamputin sana ni ate kaso naunahan ko

Hiwaga sa'kin, saan kaya siya patungo?
Sucat highway (tawid)- Coastal- Baclaran
Oct 2015 · 1.0k
Eucharistic Adoration
Elizabeth Oct 2015
I crave quietly,
living amongst crude shadows,
never tasting you.
Oct 2015 · 2.2k
Komyut patungo edsa
Elizabeth Oct 2015
Magsusulat ako ng tula,
Ilulubog sa balde baldeng tubig,
Tila nalulunod na mga letra,
Sumasayaw sa imahinasyon ng bukas.

Ako'y batang naglalaro sa hangin,
Dala ang pait ng iyong alaala,
Ilalapit sa bukana ng langit,
**matapos lamang kita.
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