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Elizabeth Jan 2021
What beauty, he had
become my muse overnight
What can I not love?
Elizabeth Jan 2021
Years end, the
world weeps while our
children play dead.
Elizabeth Sep 2020
I live in a dream within a dream,
hearing the sirens of silence,
a human is a being of deciding,
letting go of the morrow...
Elizabeth Jun 2020
My love.
Remember to remember. But
don't find me in what you can't remember.
This is all I can give.
My sweet teeth, keep
my fingers clean.
Elizabeth May 2020
A succession of
bodies stiffly multiplied,
the blindmen, madmen!
Elizabeth May 2020
Dust to dust,
the wheel does stop, oh
the wheel does stop!
—eyes rattling the sky.

Trotting along the outlines,
a duel of stirring clouds,
falsifying sheaves of nostalgia,
rebuking its dreary demeanor.

A comedy of the flesh
procured us to falter.

Dust to dust,
growling in between frolics,
inflicting a strange quiver,
death, ruthless as any lover!.

Love me when I awake,
I pledge to duplicate,
sprawling about unclothed,
ceasing our funereal prose.

A ceremony of the flesh,
procured us to transfigure.

Dust to dust,
the wheel does stop, oh
the wheel does stop!,
—your eyes rattling my sky.

Irritating the stars,
incinerating Sirius,
remorseless to its demise,
heart’s hitherto delirious.

Setting the flesh aflame,
procured an eternal inferno.

Dust to dust,
lying under your eyes,
heed to my hearts desire,
love me when you awake, my fire. . .
Elizabeth May 2020
I’m reacquainted with one of my many isolated world’s,
only this time I’m not scurrying to flee to another.
Consequently, intermingling them all together.
The natural phenomena of everyday have always escaped me.
It’s almost a betrayal that I’ve only come to know recently what was amiss.
I daresay, I’ve never felt more at home.
I’ve never felt more awash in hope.
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