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 Feb 1 Calliope
Kora Sani
every time i close my eyes,
you find me

i run

my brain is reminding me
to fear you
to hate you
to despise you

i run

i've been a stranger
to myself

i run

i hate what i've become
and it's because of you

i keep running

i run away

i run and i run and i run

catch up
 Feb 1 Calliope
If they don’t believe you
they don’t deserve to
be apart of your story.

You shouldn’t have to explain
 Jan 7 Calliope
you scare me sometimes
i don't think you would ever intentionally hurt me
but you have my heart in your hands
i fall down with every word you say
my hands are bruised
my knees are ******
you would never intentionally hurt me

but my love for you
is ruining me
 Dec 2018 Calliope
I don't want you anymore
Closure from you seems invain
What if you stay till I go crazy
What if I go crazy till you stay?

Could we go back? Simpler times
Nothing means anything anymore
And my drugs are caring less
Your skin is so vibrant and I love it’s silky touch
Your eyes are more brilliant and I could never stare too much
Your neck is perfect in every single way
Your broad shoulders tempt me every single day
Your muscular chest makes me want to melt
Your body is perfection, appreciate the cards you’re dealt
Your waist is nice to hold and wrap my arms around
I could hold your hands forever or until I’m six feet underground
Your arms are like my armor when they hold my ribs so tight
Your legs are strong steel and ready to take flight
Your calves are pure perfection and admittedly I stare at them
The way your body’s molded makes me wonder then
About how you were made and why you are so great
I love each thing about you and can’t name a thing I hate
From head to toes you ******* away
I hope you see my love for you and decide you want to stay
I swear it’s not all physical but I wanted to say this
I want to compliment you but most opportunities I miss
So please know now that you are the complete package and spectacular
Right in my strike zone and every other vernacular
I can’t believe that you somehow chose me
You’ll never stop making me happy
If I concentrate hard enough I can imagine your scent
And when it disappears I wonder where it went
You make me feel safe and I understand I’m repetitive
But it’s primarily because this topic is quite sensitive
I don’t know how to say that I love you even more
I’d take a bullet for you and countries would go to war
It’s the little things in life that matter the most
The simple pleasures that don’t require you to boast
You remind me of the gentle whistle of the wind
Or the loose fall leaves that have ever so slightly thinned
You are the world and the sky and the land
I love you more than the ocean loves the granular sand
The way you wash your hands makes me wish I was between them
I don’t profess to know the future but for it you’re my stem
My bed seems empty unless it contains your light
And when I sleep with you I’m sure I will forget the night
The words you speak are unlike others and I know they’re always true
In the end no matter what it will always be me and you
I only feel alive when I see you in my view
But when you’re not around then my thoughts will have to do
 Dec 2018 Calliope
MaKenzie Unser
“no” repeatedly rolled off my
but all you seemed to hear was
 Dec 2018 Calliope
MaKenzie Unser
“come over”
you ask at 2am
understanding that, with you,
“no” is not within my vocabulary
 Dec 2018 Calliope
MaKenzie Unser
you broke me into so many
so damaged
even he can’t fix them
 Dec 2018 Calliope
 Dec 2018 Calliope
I took the crown off my head
To make myself more approachable
To you
And in doing so
Forgot that I ever owned one
Never lower your standards for anyone
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