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Joshua Aug 27
Every time I look at your photos,
Is a time I realize how sh*t
I was for you..

Your smile is my happy pill then,
But now your smile
Is a tear for my soul..
Joshua Aug 26
Why do you have
To compare me with someone
From your past?

Why did you love
Me when your feelings for him
Still lasts?

I'm not him.
And I will never be someone I'm not..
Someone told us that comparison is the worst judgment one can give. I agree.
Joshua Aug 26
Trust me,
Everything that you're dealing with right now
Will be okay.
Maybe it could take long,
But soon,
Everything will be all right.
Just a motivation for those who need it. :)
Joshua Aug 25
They say, drink 8 glasses of water a day.
What if I make it 9 glasses per day?
'Cause I cry a glass of tears,
Joshua Aug 25
Just a mile to our place.
I can see the sadness in her face.
So I pulled the car over.
And all I heard was silence.
Until she asked "Do you love me?"
She did not throw a single stare at me.
Her eyes are about to shed tears.
My mouth's too dry to explain.
Minutes passed.
A beautiful woman is sobbing beside me.
"I love you." I said.
And that made her cried harder.
The pain I felt that day,
Chilled the hell out of me.
I cheated.
I lied.
I pushed her away.
I hurt her everyday.
The woman who only loved me,
Is now the saddest person I see.
What a perfect mess she met,
"I love her."
What a perfect lie I made.
Joshua Aug 25
It's night again
Darkness filled his room
Broken heart of a man
Hoping he'll get well soon
Fan is blowing cold air
While he's under the blanket
Hardly tweaking his hair
Rolling on the bed full of tears
Watching himself drown
He loved her for many years
But she just let him down
He's about to go crazy
While she's sleeping calmly
He's thinking of their memories
Memories that now hurts like a disease
A happy start
And a sad ending
Story that started from a spark
Now within its closing
He lost her.
She lost him.
Maybe now he knew,
That love is about losing..
Why do we always lose the ones we love?
Joshua Aug 25
You're my star.
Brilliant, beautiful, shines above all.
Here I am,
Just looking at you,
'cause I couldn't reach you.
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