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Joshua Feb 2020
We talk about the things we shouldn't talk about.
And we didn't talk about the things we should've talked about.
Word jumbling for now
Joshua Feb 2020
Why do we feel secure,
when we're not
facing our insecurities?
Joshua Jan 2020
My nights are getting colder,
Since the time I saw you kissed each other..
Joshua Nov 2019
Aren't we crazy for loving
those who didn't love us back?
While there is someone
who loves us with all their heart.
I admit.
I am crazy.
Crazy falling in love with someone I can't have.
Joshua Nov 2019
I'm tired waiting for weeks
Just for you to reply to me.
I know you're not that busy.
I think you just, don't want me.

I mean nothing to you,
As I treat you my everything.
Let's be fair.
I am nothing to you,
And you mean nothing to me.
Joshua Nov 2019
Does he cheer you up when you're down?
Does he join you to your favorite places in town?
Does he wipe away your tears?
Does he love you the way I did?

I know he don't.
'Cause he's just the guy you cheated with,
When all I did was care for you.
He will never be the man I am
when I am still inlove with you.
Joshua Nov 2019
One shot for one memory forgotten.
Two shots for two heartbroken people.
Three shots for three words I used to believe in.
And one last shot to get drunk.

Because I know, tomorrow,
I'm still gonna say I love you.
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