The universe cry out for us to align
Like the stars in the sky.
But you are too busy being ordinary to hear this uncommon assignment.
I can no longer sleep soundly,
My heart is in pain because
Time is not on our side.
She is reckless

She is clumsy

She is blissful

She’s my happy drunk

She’s my reckless ride

Hands tied

Eyes covered

We’re going down baby

Swaying frayed and freee

She’s my beautiful.
How can he be so cruel yet gentle?
How can he be so **** yet beautiful?
How do I know this love is true?
I wondered, if it was possible for couples to be like us,
So close yet far apart,
A love without break or understanding.
Wanting to live apart, but long for each other more and more.
Maybe it’s our genuine affection that no matter how much we push, the Earths gravity pull us back together.
 Jan 7 Äŧül
Once when I was drunk
I held my hand to a flame
And it didn’t hurt
Ohhh it burns so bad but I pretend I don’t feel it
Every day she goes out
Putting on her red coat
She gets her things together
Heads outside and starts her day

Woman in the red coat

She visits her favorite café
Slowly sipping her coffee
Thinking about her day

Woman in the red coat

As she finishes her coffee
She gets ready to leave
Putting her coat on
Packing up her things

Woman in the red coat

She has had the coat for years
It came with her to a new land
When she wears it it feels like an old friend
Red is a favorite color of her
In a way the coat helps define her

Woman in the red coat
 Jan 5 Äŧül
Pitch Hiker
The rain felt beautiful.
I grass stuck to my body itched
But I secretly miss that feeling
On any sunny day
I feel meaning in the way the field slants
Its always done that
The white paint has faded away
I love it when it stains my fingertips
Every shot leaves a tail of water
And the rippling sound of the ball sliding down the net
The way that the rain falls on me
Feels beautiful
Literally washing away my worries
As I never feel truly tired
As if every drop was distracting me
From my physical state
This makes me feel strong
 Jan 5 Äŧül
Pitch Hiker
I won't feel like this tomorrow
I'll be happier
I won't feel this empty sting when I wake up in the morning
I will just feel tired
But in another week or so
Maybe in just a few days
It will be back
And I will have to hide away
Like dreams you can't remember
There is no record of my pain
except in my journals
But they to will never be found
 Jan 5 Äŧül
Pitch Hiker
When do you realize
You are all alone
When you have to keep your distance
From your friends
When you have to smile even though
You want to throw a fit and yell
And scream
When you put distance between
Everyone else and yourself
To protect everything you are
Everything I am
I now realize
That I am alone
 Dec 2018 Äŧül
colors of you
 Dec 2018 Äŧül
sing me your inspiration,
so that words may blossom
through the rings of the tree
in my paper.

gift me your passions,
so that pathways may carve
through inked rivers
and graphite daydreams.

paint me your love,
so that I may palette
your rainbow
and color my canvas

with my favorite colors of you.

the soft pink
of the inside of your lips,
and the offset grey
haloed through your eyelashes.

tiger lily freckles framed
by sweet peach
and wallflower blushes.

rainfall wrists
and dutch cocoa silk.

all my canvas needs
are the colors of you.
acrylic affirmations and watercolor whispers
I'm stuck in two different realities,
It's crazy what a blind eye can see,
Time froze on that path of new beginnings,
A whole new life.

Haven't had the time to write, I'm learning how to make time for the things I love, which is poetry.
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