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3d · 45
Oh Dolly
Äŧül 3d
A Finn-Dorset clone,
Now not the alone.

Born on 5 July in 1996,
She died on Valentine's Day in 2003.

The celebrity sheep she died at the age of six,
Produced not from the common ovine ***.

Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer created her, read on.

Named after Dolly Parton,
'Coz of her admired *****.

Somatic cells were taken from a sheep's udders,
Extracted not without the sheep's jitters.

This sheep was the donor.

However, these cells were enucleated,
And the enucleated nucleus was handled.

Injected it was into a Finn-Dorset's embryo,
Oh yes, the embryo was without a nucleus.

This sheep was the recipient.

Without a folly, born was Dolly,
Resemble she did the donor.

Not only in its visible phenotype
But also in its invisible genotype.

Differ she did but only in her mitochondrial DNA.

Her birth did open a new portal,
Now pet lovers get their pets cloned.
A poem about something I am probably going to work on for the next three years for my PhD in Animal Biotechnology.

My HP Poem #1777
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül 6d
Even the second one I shall give to you,
Whether to kindle it or to break it,
It depends entirely on you.
My HP Poem #1776
©Atul Kaushal
Sep 27 · 156
Äŧül Sep 27

If beauty is to be a person, it is you.

Looking at you I feel so young,
Over to my lost years I'm taken,
Visit I do my teenage fantasies,
End the ones never would.

Yes, I float in love with you,
Of ethereal foam is my heart,
Up in the cloud nine, you're mine.
My HP Poem #1775
©Atul Kaushal
Sep 27 · 129
The Night Lamp
Äŧül Sep 27
Its oil lit up by tiny sparks,
The night lamp in the corner glows.

Its light fills up this room,
The love flower is waiting to bloom.

The noise is from the loom,
Its expression will mute the gloom.
My HP Poem #1774
©Atul Kaushal
Sep 24 · 74
Left of Right
Äŧül Sep 24
The BJP has impressed me,
Welfare is their priority,
They have improved as a political party.

They used to be the capitalist kind,
Completely rightwinger it used to be,
They used to be crony capitalists.

But they have improved,
Their worth they proved,
India administrated by them will be happy.

They have made sacrifices,
Who can forget Shyama Prasad Mukherjee?
Once they know him - they can't.

Who can forget Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji,
Or the living legend, Lal Krishna Advani ji,
Or the fallen soldiers, Sushma ji or Arun ji?

We have many more leaders,
All distinguished in their spirit of Indianness,
Narendra Damodardas Modi, their scion.

They used to be plain capitalists, yes,
But now they are very different,
They are the Left of Right.
India, as a majority, is very happy and positive.

My HP Poem #1773
©Atul Kaushal
Sep 23 · 333
The Vibrancy In You
Äŧül Sep 23
Oh my love, you are so youthful,
And you are so beautiful.

Oh my love, you are so exotic,
And you are so energetic.

Oh my love, you are so pretty,
And you are such a cutie.

Marrying you will do good,
Let me be finally blessed.
My HP Poem #1772
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Sep 23

Train yourself in the barracks,
Hurry up and become the monster,
Every monstrosity needs a reply.

So they told us in the school,
Only the mission was to bring peace,
Lying to us they were every time,
Daring us to learn armament,
It's so coughing wretched,
Especially weeding out the innocence,
Rising to become what they want us,
Succumbing to the pains we are not.

First, you lock and load,
Edge closer out in the open,
Even the scores with radical Islam,
Low you lie like the predator waiting for its prey.

Targeting the innocent people at times,
Razing their homes to the ground,
Alas, it's a necessary sin we commit,
People we **** are not just terrorists,
Perplexed by the horrors of war,
Even though we get nightmares about it,
Damsels in distress we are not.
Make love, not war.
My HP Poem #1771
©Atul Kaushal
Sep 13 · 162
Mother Genius
Äŧül Sep 13

Just what science required,
Enticed by bioengineering,
Nucleotides it concerned,
Nucleosides it can fix,
Increasing the methods,
For editing genome,
Errors in the genes it fixes,
Righting some wrongs of mother nature.

Decoded by a wonderful lady,
On a day of helplessness,
Utilizing this tool we are now,
Debted by science and technology,
Neat-handed through practice we become,
Always we shall utilize CRISPR-Cas9 for good.

Few people notice that DNA is the suffix of her name.
A poem about something I am working on right now.

Jennifer Anne Doudna and Emmanuelle Marie Charpentier innovated CRISPR-Cas9.

My HP Poem #1770
©Atul Kaushal
Sep 10 · 119
Oh Baby — I Miss You!
Äŧül Sep 10
@Atul's Love
J*** and trance music,
Entertainment of all forms,
Not far away but near,
Naturally from within,
You inspire me too.

On the rocks, you are my beer,
Hug you tight, I am your bear.

Jest and fest moods,
Emanate from your name,
Not that I forgot your name,
Nickname you, I did, honey,
Yes, it's sweet and peppy to call you Jenny.

I love you as I love myself.

Miss, you are the one I miss,
I know we shall continue happily,
Soft love of yours landed here,
Softly on my faithful heart.

You reminded me to be carefree,
On the way to perfection, I need to be,
Untouched by real love I used to be.

Honestly, your love is the truest,
Of course, my parents love me,
Not demeaning them, I am,
Efforts of theirs to keep me alive,
You too will be thankful to them.
My HP Poem #1769
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Sep 7
I shall not lose heart,
I shall never lose hope.

You may be miffed with me,
Not today but someday in future.

You shall not lose love,
You shall never lose romance.

I have my plans, darling,
I plan to make you fall back for me.

You might wonder what it is,
Not that I shall keep it so secret.

You will simply find it hard,
You will not stay angry with me for long.
My HP Poem #1768
©Atul Kaushal
Sep 7 · 147
Our Hearts United
Äŧül Sep 7

Juxtaposed are our hearts now,
Embracing me is your soul,
Near or far from glow,
Inside, like blood you flow,
Far you are yet so near, baby,
Amazed I stand in your precious love.

I want to say this now.

Love, care, or affection,
Oh call it whatever you may,
Very sure I am by the way,
Enjoying I am this infection.

You make your mind,
Only me you marry,
Unless death tears us apart.
My HP Poem #1768
©Atul Kaushal
Sep 7 · 198
Your Love Is My Oasis
Äŧül Sep 7
The world doesn't hate me
It's too indifferent, you see...

Gusts of hot winds of change
They still remain hot and torrid...

It's like I walk alone in a desert
Your love is my oasis...
My HP Poem #1767
©Atul Kaushal
Sep 6 · 158
End September, End
Äŧül Sep 6
We used to invite you,
Come September, Come.

But now we wait for you to end,
As the wounds you gave still bleed.

What we lost in your days is life,
More than life, we lost our love.

We remember New York,
We remember Munich.

So please hear our plea,
End September, End.
My HP Poem #1766
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Aug 31
Lonely I am not anymore,
Obvious was the need of a companion,
Tears used to roll down as if I chop an onion,
Unending is the happiness in this poem,
Sadness, I have forgotten you.

I now manufacture more happiness,
Shying away from smiling is nonsense.

Thoughts of mine finally orient east,
Heavy thoughts morph into light ones,
Estuary of sadness into a sea of gladness.

Becoming one with her, I am,
Expanse of the rising sun beckons me,
Sit we shall with one another,
Thickets of Selection Grass await her.
My HP Poem #1765
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Aug 27
They exploited our traditions,
Divided us on caste lines,
We never wanted those renditions,
They did the dreadful partitions.

The second one was on the map,
Immediate bloodshed had hap,
People woke up from a nap,
They woke up to a gap.

The repercussions’re not eternal,
Time healed the physical wounds,
They somehow got over with it,
Yeah, we moved on over it.

We can’t forget how Sindh was ours,
How the entire Kashmir was ours,
But that was before they came,
Pouring down the mountains like an evil scourge.
My HP Poem #1764
©Atul Kaushal
Aug 24 · 141
Miles Away Yet So Close
Äŧül Aug 24
The easterly breeze softly whispers
Only your sweet name in my ears...

I whisper back your name in the air
Hoping my message to reach you...

One day by your side you will find me
Yes, we're so much happier together...

Oh dear, you are of course my heart
And definitely the heartbeat within...

Come, hold my right hand in your left
Rest your right hand on my shoulder...

I shall hold your left hand in my right
And I shall grip your waist by my left...

Let's meet at a place beyond any light
There you can find your name glowing red on my chest...
My HP Poem #1763
©Atul Kaushal
Aug 24 · 72
She Is Beautiful
Äŧül Aug 24
No poet can aptly verse
How beautiful she is...
Her golden hue mesmerizes
And me it freezes...
The harmonious voice
Now I miss and wanna hear...
She's an expert magician
In psychokinesis she specializes...
So far, yet she moves my heart
It booms inside my chest...
My HP Poem #1762
©Atul Kaushal
Aug 21 · 84
I Am A Good Soul
Äŧül Aug 21
I am a good soul,
Housed in a body that's unluckily alive with some expectations.
I am but as good as a ghoul,
A smile always pasted across my face to mask the sad intonations.
My HP Poem #1761
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Aug 17
The caste-based discrimination,
Warranted by caste-based reservation,
In the Indian nation;

It brings people on the roads so often,
Their feelings refuse to soften,
With blood of men, roads soon glisten;

Few wanting newer reservation,
Some wanting more reservation,
None thinking about deservation;

They all cry reservation aloud,
Getting alms, they feel proud,
Disaster is hidden in a shroud;

Politicians cash in on the issue,
If you're needy, they won't miss you,
Arrange your own teary tissue;

The caste politics they're playing,
Truly careless they're behaving,
Threats they're manufacturing;

Caste-based reservation is like a fire,
These crutches will take none higher,
Remember, remember this lone flyer.
The world needs to worry about the Indian caste-based reservation system, which instead of banishing the misinterpreted Varṇ Vyavastha, further making the caste lines more pronounced.

Read my novel that critiques the Indian system.

My novel is a love story of how a young man protects his fiance and fights with death once again on the flight to Hamburg as (currently only fictional) terrorists attempt to hijack it.

In the novel, "7 Seconds: A Typical Guy, Atypical Life" by Atul Kaushal, 7 July 2017 is the date that Akshant Kautilya takes the flight from New Delhi to Hamburg and is engaged in a struggle against the hijackers who demand repealing of the Indian caste-based reservation system.

If you prefer reading the hard-copy version then you can now read my novel in its hard-copy version apart from its eBook version.

My HP Poem #1760
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Aug 14
A swansong of the Indian Partition...
Kal humaare ghar ke diye bujhe rahenge,
Kal hum kuch rishton ke liye rote rahenge...

Tomorrow the lamps of our home will remain put out,
Tomorrow we shall keep crying for some relations...

Rishte un bantwaara hue kheton se,
Rishte un bhatakte hue jawaanon se...

Relations with those partitioned farmlands,
Relations with those misguided young men...

Rishte us chamakti Multani mitti se,
Rishte us damakti Pakhtunkhwi **** se...

Relations with the glistening soil of Multan,
Relations with the bright snow of Pakhtunkhwa...

Rishte Ganga ke us Bangali muhaane se,
Rishte Sindhu dariya aur samudr ke us mel se...

Relations with the Ganga's Bengali estuary,
Relations with the confluence of Indus and the Sea...

Rishte us Balouchi kapaas se,
Rishte udhde un kapdon se...

Relations with that Balouchi cotton,
Relations with those clothes torn away...

Rishte luti us izzat se,
Rishte mari us bahu se...

Relations with the disrobed honour,
Relations with the slain bride...

Rishte jo sajaaye the mandap mein,
Rishte jo likhaaye the jannat mein...

Relations decorated inside the temple,
Relations written in the paradise...

Tomorrow is the Independence Day of India.
An Independence attained at such high costs.
A nation divided by the illegal British occupiers on communal lines in a hotchpotch.

My HP Poem #1759
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Aug 10
Kashmir is not just beautiful
It was also free of violence,
Not too far back in history,
That did occur just 7 to 8 centuries ago.

Then they poured out of Central Asia,
Hordes getting bigger with each wave,
Eliminate they did the original people.

In 1320, it was Zulju raiding Kashmir,
Then Rinchana, a Tibetan Büđđhïst refugee, he took over.

Rinchana had Shah Mir as his Minister,
Shah Mir persuaded Rinchana to Islam.

After Rinchana, his son was set to be the ruler,
However, Shah Mir killed this lawful successor.

In 1339, Shah Mir became the first Muslim ruler of Kashmiri lands,
Initially, they did not dare harm the original Hïnđū inhabitants.
Then it was just Muslim kings for few centuries and slowly the Hïnđū heaven slipped into Muslim hands.

Now we know what is the ground reality,
The demography became Islamized over centuries,
All arts and crafts stand dwarfed by violence,
What they aim is an Islamic State, an Islamic Earth.
Islamization in Kashmir took place during 13th to 15th century and led to the eventual decline of the Kashmir Shaivism in Kashmir.

My HP Poem #1758
©Atul Kaushal
Aug 8 · 155
My Heart Is Beating
Äŧül Aug 8
My heart is beating,
My heart is beating,
What is it beating???

Just your name,
Enriched with love,
Warm, sensual, positive.

My heart is weeping,
My heart is weeping,
Why is it weeping???

Just your name,
In your memories,
Young, hopeful, happy.

My heart is smiling,
My heart is smiling,
Why is it smiling???

Just so blissful,
In all your thoughts,
Youthful, peppy, beautiful.

My heart is fearing,
My heart is fearing,
What is it fearing???

Just the distance,
Between both of us,
Gaping, blanking, scaring.

You are my last chance,
I shall never move on,
And you know that...
My HP Poem #1757
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Aug 1
A beautiful saga of love and longing,
Turns now towards its completion,
Ultimately turning into achievement,
Love gets stronger like black coffee.

A melodious voice says my name,
Not fearing the society or religion,
Demanding only love from me.

Jelling deliciously is this pudding,
Excellent is this sweet romance,
Neither shameful nor shameless,
Indians from two different religions,
Few attempt what we plan for us,
Alive for each other and our families.

Living for the good of all life on Earth,
I love her and she loves me back,
Veil of her face is an elegant blue,
Elegant are her eyes from the slit,
Deriving pleasure from my imagination.

How we must get together,
A married couple is by hard work,
People do get old and die together,
People otherwise die in loneliness,
I am so blessed in this togetherness,
Love me you do in an untouched way,
Yet I feel you by my side in my life.

Evening the odds through honesty,
Victory is definite for both of us,
Even for peace, it will be a union,
Reason will only be love, our love.

Actually, I think that we shall do it,
Fatwas will never work against us,
Threats will be there but relax,
Except the Maulvi, none will bother,
Rest of them, our love will smother.

Truthfulness in your kind young face,
Heavenly is the sight to behold,
Earnestly we must get married,
Irate letters we shall then face,
Rising higher in the heavenly eyes.

Marriage is not just a wonderful word,
Also it is a beautiful permanent bond,
Rings in our fingers will mean more,
Rings and a Mangalsootra as well,
In our dreamland, we are together,
Atypical life we shall celebrate,
Gleefully we shall see our babies,
Eternal gifts by this love story of ours.
A romantic acrostic.
Lived happily ever after their marriage.
My HP Poem #1756
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 28 · 117
Äŧül Jul 28
Come, Jenny, let us turn gardeners for life
And let us cultivate love in our garden,
Full & supple and steaming & pure.

Let us shatter the shackles of belief,
Hearts thump aloud if you will listen,
Come, Jenny, come let us unite as one...

Come, Jenny, hold this watering cannister,
Come help my hand already holding it,
It is very light that you would hold...

Filled with love for our kind of horticulture,
We hold it happily as our love will not end,
Yes, the one I just named Heart-i-Culture.

This will give us more happiness and love,
We shall be together through every trough,
Now our chaste love will blossom & bloom.
My HP Poem #1755
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jul 28
I shall do you an injustice
If I steal you out from paradise
I shall do Gods an injustice
If I kidnapped you from heaven
I shall bless my people
When I bring your divinity to my land
My HP Poem #1754
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 27 · 368
I Am So Very Lucky
Äŧül Jul 27
All this cuteness,
I don't really deserve.
All this fondness,
I didn't ever reserve.
All this naughtiness,
I happily observe.
All this womanliness,
I watch with all the nerve.
But all this happiness,
I shall always preserve.
My HP Poem #1753
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 26 · 364
Pink Eyes
Äŧül Jul 26
Here it goes... :-)
So, you descended from those skies,
The moment I saw those pink eyes,
I fell from grace believing those lies,
Bewildered I was seeing your eyes.

Of angels you're a priceless princess,
This is the most real fact in my life.

Unbelievable beauty met my eyes,
Of those herons you're ******,
You are my story's heroine.

Everything about you is so beautiful,
Very trustworthy & honest you are,
Often times you come to my dreams,
Loving this new journey I am to bits.

I am addicted and you are my drug.
My HP Poem #1752
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 13 · 975
In The Bedroom
Äŧül Jul 13
We are getting married one day,
The next night we shall make love,
You will be my dear peahen darling,
And oh! Only I shall be your peacock,
We shall ****** each other lovingly,
Your dam will be breached when,
Steamy love is made standing...

We would take a bath together,
My hands will be on your peaks,
Your hands'll be on my shoulder,
Getting closer we'll just get bolder,
The lovehole'll swallow lovepole,
Our rhythm'll get much harder,
'Oh yes baby!' So we both cry!!!

In the end, both of us attain *******.
I promise to help you to ****** each time we have *** in future.

Related to a largely ignored aspect of equality.

My HP Poem #1751
©Atul Kaushal
Jul 13 · 289
G-Spot & Us
Äŧül Jul 13
Almost one inch inside the love-hole,
Located towards your tummy,
Is the very exciting ******,
Giving a feeling so very yummy,
We both'll love it, you'll love it more.
My HP Poem #1750
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jul 12
Tu aaye, Tu aaye,
You come, whether you come,
Ya na, main jiyunga.
Or do not, I shall survive.
Haan main jiyunga...
Yes I shall survive.

Chaahe kaisi ** doorie,
However long be the distance,
Na ** koi majboorie,
Just there be no compulsion.
Tu mujhse hi judi,
You are connected to me,
Main tujh mein hi samaaya.
Only I possess your heart.

Zindagi mein kya ** maza,
What fun in life is there,
Bin tere jo bitaunga,
If I spend it without you,
Wo jeena kya jeena,
Oh what fun is such a life,
Har pal ** jab sazaa...
When each moment is a torment...

Tu aaye, Tu aaja,
You come, you should come,
Tu aaye, Ab tu aaja,
You come, now you should come,
Phir main jiyunga,
Then I shall blossom,
Haan main jiyunga,
Yes I shall blossom.
Main phir jiyunga,
I shall live again,
Haan main...Jiyungaaaaa...**
Yes, I shall thrive...

This is the last song I composed before my rebirth after that gravely serious accident. But the song in itself was the tombstone of my first relationship. I composed the song in high sorrow and with all the anger I could manage to veil my tears. A song to disport myself from my first-ever break-up I would term that.

I cursed her as badly as I could and at the same time I said the words that I could say earlier to avoid the break-up. Its basic theme meaning is depicted in the opening line meaning 'Whether you come or don't, I'm gonna live.'

But the lyrics can be misleading as this song is made not only to give vent to the ire my first girlfriend invited but also it hopes that some ideal girl of my dreams (only imaginary) would come and love me in a way which I desire to be loved.

Everybody needs love.
I'm currently happy with the love and care I get from my parents.
Though their care creeps to my nerves at times, they prove to be right most at of the instances.

So, I need my lover to love me better.

My HP Poem #1748
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jun 24
On every terrorist incident,
Leave they not a stone unturned,
And scream it without fail.

Why do they think of 7th heaven,
Heaven after killing so many,
Of the innocent people?

Undertakers of Ola they are,
******* commit dastardly acts,
Ever will they be able to gaze,
Right into their own eyes in a mirror?
Ola Who Uber is their warcry

Secondary acrostic.

My HP Poem #1747
©Atul Kaushal
Jun 20 · 2.2k
Long Time – No Read!
Äŧül Jun 20
I bellowed into the mountainous valley, "LONG TIME – NO READ!"

Not expecting a reply, I turned away...

But it did echo faintly from f a r behind, "Long time – no write!"
A double-meaning poem if you have a naughty mind.
My HP Poem #1746
©Atul Kaushal
Jun 19 · 273
Äŧül Jun 19
Kindly avoid going to any hill station,
While planning so, bear some hesitation.

You are so very hot,
But the hills are not.

What if you go there when,
All that area starts boiling then.
My HP Poem #1745
©Atul Kaushal
Jun 11 · 288
Cryptic Love
Äŧül Jun 11
9 25.15.21

My love, this love for you in my heart,
It is the real truth of my life.
Whatever may come in this way or ours,
You must become my wife.
Our religions may just be poles apart,
But our hearts play the romantic fife.

Always remember it, 9 25.15.21.
My HP Poem #1744
©Atul Kaushal
May 28 · 546
Ecclesiastical Ecdysiast
Äŧül May 28
The Hindu girl was very poor.
Christianity offered her a better life.

The church bribed her to Christianity.
All she had to do was very simple.

She was very beautiful and slim.
All clergy wanted her to be their exclusive Ecclesiastical Ecdysiast.
Christianity faces a lot of criticism in India for blackmailing Hïnđū Đhärm followers into Christianity by using mainly a religious shaming tactic.

My HP Poem #1743
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül May 26
I dislike referring to it as my accident,
'Cause of so many reasons and losses,
I just can't stop resenting the accident.

I lost my memory & I'm still fighting,
'Cause I first had to relearn speaking,
I retrain my legs – train for balancing.

The brain injuries even made me forget how to swim,
I miss swimming elegantly for long time stretches,
It's not something anyone would usually forget.
My HP Poem #1742
©Atul Kaushal
May 25 · 2.7k
Efforts Paid Off
Äŧül May 25
I am a voluntary propagandist.
Run I did a strong campaign.
An enduring campaign for NaMo.
My Facebook pages are successful.
And I feel like a shadow warrior.
I don't need any prize for my efforts.
Mōđī Jī remaining in charge of India's golden future.
My HP Poem #1741
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Apr 6
Harry was the best friend of Henrietta.
Harry cared about Henrietta,
So much so that he loved her.
One day Harry prepared to propose her,
Before he did, Henrietta told him something.
She told him that she loves Henry,
However, Henry was seeing Lisa.

Harry was determined to get Henry for Henrietta.
Harry wanted happiness for Henrietta,
As if she's his daughter, his alter ego.
One day Harry charmed Lisa & lured her into a room,
And all this while, he made a video of them making love together.
Lisa was not aware of the video he made,
Harry beamed the video to Henry.

When Henry ditched Lisa,
He accused her being a cheater.
Yet with Henrietta he did not indulge,
And Lisa tried to woo him back.
Lisa apologized and felt it too,
Bad for Henrietta, Henry forgave Lisa.
This left Harry helpless & hapless.

Finally he loudly spoke up an ode to her,
Harry to Henrietta that be,
"Can't you tell that I love you,
Oh how much I love you?"
I slept with Lisa to make sure Henry,
The guy you want so badly,
Broke up with her.
She apologized and he accepted her back,
Their love is flexible and true.
Yet you don't see me seething with resentment and pain,
How I wish for you to see that I love you so much!"

Henrietta's eyes brimmed with tears,
Tears of realization and happiness.
Harry & Henrietta stared at each other,
In a moment that was so pregnant,
All the ambience was so stagnant.

Then both Harry and Henrietta lunged for dear life,
And they jumped towards each other to let the lips lock.
They kissed each other and caressed the partner's neck,
As if life is forever here to stay and they can play the leisurely fife.
Stupid Cupid Indulgence.
A short poetic romance young adult fiction work. Do tell in comments what part of this story you like the most.

My HP Poem #1740
©Atul Kaushal
Mar 26 · 170
Do Not Disturb
Äŧül Mar 26
In the warm calm of this dark night,
I prepare for my next fight,
It's not an option, I won't take the flight.

In this soliloquy, I am not so lonely,
I'm with myself right now,
It's not just a trial, I meditate and how.

In this ordeal, I am out of my body,
I need to focus consciously,
It's a fight – it's a war – with great spoils.
My HP Poem #1739
©Atul Kaushal
Mar 16 · 2.1k
I Visited The Same Beach
Äŧül Mar 16
I visited the same beach,
The beach of our sobriety,
It's there in my memories.

I touched & felt there the sands of time,
The time that we spent in togetherness,
It's a time in that recycle bin of the past.

I shall forget you forever, soon,
This tide of time will help me,
It's going to immerse that sand castle.

I let my ship find her angel,
The angel of my dreams,
It's not long before I touch her.

I see myself visiting her lands,
The lands of beauty and Bihu,
It's just that I realized ships must sail on.
My HP Poem #1738
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Mar 16
This is my first one for you,
Yes, the first among uncountable to come.
You should be ready, yes you,
Your life will change with my romance.
I am ready for you, yes, me too,
My life is scented by your unparalleled youth.
Let us make life happen - me and you!

I don't just want to live with you,
Yes, only when I'm with you, I want death to come.
You might get scared, but you shouldn't be,
Your apprehensions are resolvable with patience.
I know you are ready for me, yes, you are too,
My life is scented for you by my own set of experiences.
Let yourself fall in love with me - I'll catch you!

I shall come to your land and take your hand,
Yes, I shall propose you and your family, just let me come.
You be patient too, just like me, yes, you should be,
Your three spatial dimensions will expand and evolve.
I am a magician of the written word, yes, you know,
My life is scented by my own words that I now write to you.
Let me and my words seep deep into your sweetest heart!
My HP Poem #1737
©Atul Kaushal
Mar 10 · 202
The Veterinary Paradox
Äŧül Mar 10
If it is a BullDog;
Will the female be:
A HeiferBitch?
My HP Poem #1736
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Mar 10
Beneath the crescendo,
There are a few notes,
Softer but no less mellow.
My HP Poem #1735
©Atul Kaushal
Mar 2 · 253
Evanescent Dreams
Äŧül Mar 2
All the times I loved in the past,
They now seem ephemeral,
Moving on always seemed impossible,
However, the word impossible,
Itself says, I'm possible!
My failures were evanescent dreams,
Were they not?
My HP Poem #1734
©Atul Kaushal
Feb 23 · 217
All The Best Deepu!
Äŧül Feb 23
May your coming wedding be smooth,
There's nothing left for you to prove,
You're a gem for your parents,
A cousin brother for me,
Younger you're an inspiration,
I shall never forget how you played,
The smoky lorry seems like yesterday.
My HP Poem #1733
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Feb 16
I looked at you, babe,
Only to dream about it,
Oh! I experienced it.

In the dream that I was having,
I was happily skiing,
Skiing down the valley.

Down the smooth bathykolpian valley,
I dreamt that I was falling freely.
I went around the navel to *** down under.
My HP Poem #1732
©Atul Kaushal
Feb 9 · 637
I Love You Truly
Äŧül Feb 9
You impressed me effortlessly,
I love you truly and crazily.

You looked at me beautifully,
I fell further in love for you deeply.

You have goodness truthfully,
I shall never lose my faith crazily.

You give me patience truly,
I am not saying this flirtatiously.

You stand these testing times strongly,
I get pulled towards you simply.

You may take your time pondering carefully,
I stand here, waiting for you eternally.

You know that you live gracefully,
I shall make you realize that you live gorgeously.
My HP Poem #1732
©Atul Kaushal
Feb 8 · 715
Apostrophe Apocalypse
Äŧül Feb 8
You can experience it
Coming from most of
The writers around the
Block of Writers Block
Only to be saved by the
Bunch of Writers from
The Writers' Block.

They can call you names,
Ranging from A ******
To A Grammar ****.
But don't be put off,
Don't be put out,
Just hold on.
Hold your ground.

You might have OCD,
The Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,
Don't worry - just channel it well.
Channel it well and play your tunes,
Don't worry about the runes,
They will be all covered with ink.
Yes, the electronic ink.

For all eternity, they say,
You can never achieve perfection,
And it should not concern you.
Just remember your wordlust,
Coin new and better words,
Just play your sweet lute.
Yes, you are so cute.

"What's so cataclysmic about the apostrophe?"
You asked me,
And legitimately so.
It's the difference 'tween us,
Perfection and poets,
Godliness and humaneness.
Divinity and profanity.

"Yes, perfection is sacrilege,"
I say, "Perfection is an ambition,"
"Of humanity and nature."
I take a deep breath before saying,
"In the knowledge available,"
"It's just a figment."
You ask me, "Where is it located?"

I say:
Find it 'fore some letters,
You can find it afta' some letters,
Lockin'n'poppin words together,
The apostrophe is so savoury & flexible
I just hope that I never become,
A Grammar Apostate -
I'll rather be ill instead.
My HP Poem #1732
©Atul Kaushal
Feb 8 · 307
Your Deceiving Eyes
Äŧül Feb 8
I looked into your eyes,
Hoping these to be true,
What I didn't see were lies.

I dreamt about you, please,
Holy Love of mine were you,
Who new loves you better than me?

Innocent they look as pure as ice,
Hopping without any rue,
When did I not see the lies?

I hoped for it to sustain long,
Hell, I didn't know they'd rust,
Where should I sing my swansong?

I trusted your romantic promise,
How you broke my trust,
Why these deceiving eyes?

I now suspect that you lie,
Hey, you can't cheat on me,
Whom new did you learn to love?
My HP Poem #1731
©Atul Kaushal
Feb 2 · 330
Äŧül Feb 2
To my mother's culinary blessings,
I'm an addict.

To my father's careful protection,
I'm an addict.

To my good habit of staying happy,
I'm an addict.
My HP Poem #1730
©Atul Kaushal
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