Mahalia Sobhani
Mahalia Sobhani
Oct 7, 2013

(I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.)
I swallow it
and the words you deserved to be served I
choked them down like
penicillin punishments
Maybe they will make me better.
But the better part of me was mixed bitter in so many sermons I so easily spit at others.
No dice.
I’ll save you from my presumption.
Prescription: hold your peace.

Practice what you preach, and show us you're not afraid.
Madeline Kennedy
Madeline Kennedy
May 21, 2012

Dig that fucking razor DEEPER into your wrists.
Practice what you preach, and show us you're not afraid.
Don't just scratch with a pin and claim to slash them.
Practice what you preach. Practice what you preach.

uwihadkd I don't know.

Listen deeply...
teach love,
touch gently,
breathe justice,
express gratitude,
live peace,
practice mercy...
be compassion.

Sep 30, 2013

I don't think I'll fall asleep tonight
because I know you are all preaching for someone to do something
somebody do something,
it's too late,
and even after we all know it did happen,
we were never around when it was happening

Half of you posting statuses on your smartphones now, saying,
"Seriously, it's never cool to bully"
were bullying me yesterday.

I'm sorry no one here helped enough
I'm sorry you never asked all of us.

rest easy, bud.
We are here to preach the dream,
Noah Kernan
Noah Kernan
Nov 14, 2013

We are here to preach the dream,
to share the good word
of passionate fantasy
and the desire for happiness.

We are messengers,
of the things that help us
reach the moon and back.

We are slaves to art,
and the emotions that inspire it.

We live to create
and destroy that
which hinders us.

We are here to preach the dream.
The dream to be
who we want to be;
the lust for satisfaction
with ourselves.

We breathe to make others

We are the apostles of innovation,
rising from dust
where light once shown
to shine light forth
into obsidian hearts and ashen souls.

We are bandages for the bleeding,
braille for the blind,
and cotton blankets
for the faint of heart.

We are for those who need us,
and for those who don't know
what they need.

We are poets,

And with our pencils and pens,
brushes and hands,
guitars and hearts,

we will call to arms
all of those who
have ever felt something
move like we have.

We are a romantic tragedy,
an exuberant atrophy.
We are anonymously outspoken.

Hear us,

An ode to artists everywhere.
I hate to preach but
Shashank Virkud
Shashank Virkud
Mar 24, 2011

I hate to preach but

tomorrow could be calm,
and led like a lamb.


tomorrow could be cunning,
and teach us to

breathe like we mean it.

Jason Meuse
Nov 13, 2013      Nov 15, 2013

I was the small animal, shivering in the cave,
Scarcely breathing, trapped, pushed in.
My beating heart revved like a motor engine,
Like adrenaline in fierce hostilities.
Though I could not see it,
I was too busy trying to frolic among the alpha-males,
As though that was the only way to live,
Sharpening my claws when I could have been sharpening my cunning,
Because here we live not understanding,
That not everyone is gonna flaunt themselves as the big dog.

I’m out now,
I grew opposable thumbs and was able to turn the key,
And say “Do svedanya”
To what I realized was just,
A pile of males competing to be on top.

If people wish to take a stand,
Against something they cannot truly feel,
Then I implore you,
Do my lungs not breathe the same air as you do?
Does my heart not beat just as yours does?
Do my eyes not perceive the same wonders as you do?

For those of you who enjoy
Distinguishing right and wrong,
Look at the animal to your left and
Watch if he tries to steal from your plate
Instead of letting your eyes burn
With that overwhelming rage.
Those claws can’t scratch the surface
On understanding that the same blood
Flows within our veins.

I get it
I got it
and everything's good
what is now was
including could, should and would
the hope that we had is now the in the past
the past became now, undoubtedly fast
the backlash i have, thats
facing me now
is blatantly shitty with all shades of brown
first date was just great
a nice night on the town
up next is the exit
slammed door and I'm out
pissed over petty
but the petty never mattered
its deeper like the fact that you kept all my laughter
all the times i was happy
im now even sadder
so i gotta leave you hanging
best believe I'm keeping the ladder
so what even mattered?
the small chitter chatter?
that led to the sex?
that led to the pattern?
i knew the whole time
that we would grow fine
but the gears that we grind found a way to rewind
then they came to a halt
what used to be love has now become fault
what used to be rage is now our default
i used to be tame and now I'm about
speaking my mind
while you sit in your house
and you sit and you pout
with all your self doubt
doubting yourself without a result
sucking me down
with the weight of a vault
never am i slipping
and i will not fall
the decisions not yours i know its my call
and you’ve wasted my minutes
so i blatantly spill this
until you fix you
the truth is you couldn't fix this
i should have know better to to fool and just mix with
depression a lesson i wish i learned with swift quickness
but it took a damn year and now I'm in the clear
as good as it was, i leave with no fear

Breakups man...
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Amber Lynn
Amber Lynn
Aug 31, 2013

You own the world don't you?
And you let it rest on your middle finger
Because you have to prove to the people
That you don't give a shit about them.
We Can't Stop is your summer anthem
And you follow it like it's the Bible
But the Bible never did much for you
Did it?
God never whispered in your ear and told you which way is up?
Well then i guess you'e just like the rest of us
Aren't you?
Out of everything you've done
Is that the hardest thing for you to admit?
Forging your life to follow in the footsteps
Of a fictional character
Is no way to go through life
But I guess no one ever told you that
And even if they had
I bet you wouldn't listen
Because you spend your time trying to convince everyone
That you're happy with what you have become.
The saddest part is
Your sweetness isn't a mask
It's just hidden by one.

Practice what you preach; don’t preach your malpractices
Apr 14

Believe in Allaah; grasp Athaari ‘aqeedah
Kill the kalaam of al-ash’aariyyah wa’l-maturidiyyah
Allaah is known through texts, not esoteric attainment
There are no secrets; just hard truths, & falsehood

Religion has no place for the compulsive
Lying about The Prophet* for the sake of da’wah is hypocrisy; fear Allaah!
The All-Knowing, All-Seeing is watching you; stop looking for loopholes
The Haqq doesn’t need sugarcoating, nor revision

The hippies hide their venom under a thin layer of honey
& the brotherhood have nothing in their wallets
There isn’t any knowledge worth knowing that wasn’t known by The Salaf
Stick to scholars of the past; most contemporaries are sellouts

Don’t get too attached to personalities
Dissociative identity disorder distorts all realities
Fantasy is distraction, philosophy is destruction
Democracy is a mockery of Allaah, & His doctrine

The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception
Diseased hearts perceive not context, nor condition
Unconditional love is but excessive optimism
Be balanced; the bird with one wing flies in circles

The lion gets despised by the turtle
Be careful; run away from controversies, & matters that don’t concern you
Learn from their mistakes; don’t claim to love Islaam
If you love what Allaah hates, & hate what Allaah loves

Kaffirs aren’t your brothers
Uncle Tom would rather be a puppet in a lizard hole than pigeonholed by master
Hold fast to the rope of Allaah; unite only on The Haqq
If there’s khilaaf on every issue, the fatwaa was issued by your nafs

Submit to Al-Ahad; don’t be in one of the seventy-two
Out of every one-hundred, ninety-nine are gonna be fuel for the Hellfire
Always do the five; never doubt the six
Meet the two if you want your deeds to be accepted

The methodology of the first three is protection
Diamonds are forever; why do they want cubic zirconia?
If it ain’t broke, don’t fitnah
Don’t form an opinion before informing yourself of former opinions

If a man repents, & disowns his previous thought
Is it appropriate to persist in promoting his deviant books?
The people of detachment are too attached to crooks
Wolves in sheep’s clothing always talking about wool

If you get pushed, then pull back until they fall backwards
Follow up bad with good actions
Practice what you preach; don’t preach your malpractices
Sacrifice black sheep systematically

Tie your camel ASAP; stop travelling beyond bounds
Fear Allaah; He knows you better than you know your own self
Exercise your demons before you demonize the leaders
Level every grave, & deface every picture...

To Allaah we belong, & unto Him we shall return
Produce your proof if you’re truthful, or perish in your rage!
We hear, & obey; they say “we believe”
The deaf, dumb & blind return not to the Right Path.

* sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam (may Allaah’s peace be upon him).
© + ® afjh, 2011-12.
My magnum opus (& I know it).
Written specifically for my kids, or for anyone in general.
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